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Sakhi: Guru Nanak Dev Ji, The Good Village & Bad Village

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Sakhi: Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the good village & bad village

Once Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj was travelling through Bengal in India. Bhai Bala and Bhai Mardana were also with the Guru. They walked from village to village on foot. They were very hungry and tired. They wanted some food and rest. They could go no further so they went to a village to stay for the night. Near the village they met some people. The Guru stopped and said, "Dear sir, we are travellers. We have been walking for a long time. Now we are hungry and tired. Can you give us some food to eat and a room to sleep for the night?"

"Go away. We don't care for any traveller," replied the people very rudely.

They asked many people but everybody in the village was rude and unkind to them. They had to spend the night outside. They also went to sleep hungry.

They got up early in the morning and sang hymns They prayed to God. After the prayer Guru Nanak said, "May these people stay here in this village for ever."

They set out on their journey once again. Bhai Mardana was very upset. He was very angry with the people of the village. He did not like the Guru's blessing for the bad people. But he did not say anything.

Next day they came to another village. The people of that village were very good. They welcomed everyone who came to their village. They were very kind to Guru Nanak and his friends. They served them good food with loving care. They gave them nice beds to sleep in for the night. Next morning when they got up Guru Nanak said to his friends, "Let us pray." So they prayed to God for the good of all. After the prayer Guru Nanak said, "May the people of this village scatter."

Mardana felt very upset once again. He said to the Guru, "Lord, I cannot understand your wish. You wish the good to scatter away and the unkind to stay happily in one place. You curse the good but you bless the bad."

Guru Nanak said, "Listen to me, dear Mardana, I have not cursed the good people. I wish these good people to scatter and live in other parts of the world. Wherever they go, they will make the people good. If there are more good people, the world will be happier. The bad people of the other village are good-for-nothing. They will make other people rude and unkind wherever they go. It is therefore better if they stay in their own village."

Mardana was not upset now He was happy. The Guru's wish was clear to him. Let us be kind and gentle to other people and please our Lord.

:WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: W A H E G U U R U W A H E G U R U W A H E G U R U W A H E G U R U

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