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Gursikhi Jeevan of Baba Thakur Singh ji & other Taksal Gursikhs

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Giani Bhai Soorat Singh Ji


Bhai Soorat Singh ji was born in thee village of Chanyot, District Jhang (now in Pakistan). Giani ji's fathers name was Ram Chand, who was renamed Bhai Ram Singh ji when initiated into the Sikh nation upon taking Amrit. Bhai Ram Singh ji studied Gurbani from Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh ji and propagated the teachings of Sikhi throughout Jhang. The Rulers minister in the area disliked what Bhai Soorat Singh ji was doing, so along with his family he relocated to Amritsar.

Bhai Soorat Singh ji did spend some time in the sangat of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji and in fact accepted the boon of Amrit from Guru ji. Giani ji was taught about Gurmat by Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh ji and Shaheed Baba Gurbaksh Singh ji. They were highly regarded and respected for being a great scholars in Sikhi. Giani ji had great knowledge of the Farsi, Urdu and Hindi languages. Giani ji spent a lot of time at Amritsar teaching Gurbani Santhia (the correct pronunciations of Gurbani) and doing Katha (Gurbani discourse) daily for the sangat.

Giani ji wrote pothis of the katha they had heard from Bhai Mani Singh ji. They also wrote a sateek (translations into Punjabi) of the Vars of Bhai Gurdas ji. Giani ji were an ocean of knowledge, being a great scholar and a great Gursikh of our history.

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Bhai Gurdas Singh Ji


Bhai Gurdas Singh ji was the eldest son of Giani Soorat Singh ji and were born in 1773. Like his father Bhai Sahib ji was a great scholar. Bhai Sahib ji became the Jathedar of Damdami Taksal after his father and continued the teaching of Gurbani Santhia and performing Katha at Sri Harmandir Sahib.

Bhai Sahib ji's son, Bhai Sher Singh became Shaheed fighting for the Khalsa Panth. Somebody asked them, "What is your emotional state after the Shaheedi of your son?" Bhai Sahib ji replied by quoting from Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji:

jb lgu moh mgn sMig mwie ]

As long as he is intoxicated with attachment to Maya,

qb lgu Drmrwie dyie sjwie ]

the Righteous Judge - Dharam Raja shall punish him.

(Ang 278)

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Giani Bhai Sant Singh Ji


After Bhai Sant Singh ji left the world for Sach Khand, their younger brother Giani Bhai Sant Singh ji was honored with the leadership of Damdami Taksal. Giani ji was the youngest son of Giani Soorat Singh ji.

Giani ji was taught Gurbmat Vidiya by his father and elder brother, previous Jathedars of Damdami Taksal. From 1790 AD Giani ji performed Katha of the daily Hukamnama at Sri Harmandir Sahib. Other Gursikhs would partake in Gurmat Vidiya while Giani ji would be doing katha, as there would be five Maharaj Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji's Saroops parkash (installed).

Giani ji had the honour of teaching the famous Sikh poets Kavi Bhai Santokh Singh ji and Kavi Bhai Megh Singh ji. Giani ji was a great scholar, a true worshiper of Akal Purkh, and an enlightened Gursikh. They had great knowledge of the Sanskrit and Brij languages. Giani ji would perform katha with great splendour and spirit.

One day Maharaja Ranjit Singh after hearing the daily Katha of Giani ji thought of testing him, the Maharaja knew that Giani performed Katha daily and never missed this Seva. He sent two of mesangers requesting the company of Giani ji to meet the Maharaja. Giani ji respectfully sat the two down and served them food. After a while Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent another two messengers, as Giani ji still hadn't arrived. Giani ji treated the second two just as they did the first two. It had come the time to perform Katha at Sri Harmandir Sahib, Giani ji took these four messengers with them to Sri Harimandir Sahib. With Giani ji still not arriving at Maharaja Ranjit Singh's palace, the Maharaja decided to go to Darbar Sahib himself. He was impressed with the discipline of Giani ji that they didn't miss performing the daily Katha just to see him.

Giani ji as well as being the Jathedar of Damdami Taksal was the Head Granthi (Priest) of Sri Harmandir Sahib. They would always make themselves available to talk with and discuss issues with any Gursikh who would come and see them. They would also take part in the seva of cleansing the Parkarma (outer path), picking up the droppings of birds with their own hands. They would also pick up any hair and burn them as per the Rehat Maryada (Code of Conduct) of a Gursikh. Giani ji would do Seva of Sri Guru Ram Das Sahib ji's Darbar (Court) with much passion. They had such great discipline that even when one of their grandsons passed away they still didn't miss any of their daily Seva.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh once fell in battle and was injured. It was Giani ji who picked him up on their back and brought him back to the fort. For the rest of his life, Maharaja Ranjit Singh didn't forget this great deed. Giani ji was the teacher of Shazade Kanwar Naunihal Singh. They also oversaw the Seva of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, when Sri Harmandir Sahib was covered in gold, they ensured that this was completed with the greatest respect for Guru Sahib ji.

Giani ji persuaded Bhai Desa Singh to complete the seva of covering the two Nishan Sahibs at Gurdwara Baba Atal Rai in gold. Giani ji had great discipline and were complete in Seva and Simran (meditation). In the words of Kavi Megh Singh, Giani ji was a great scholar and a strong athletic person. They left the world for Sach Khand in the year 1832 AD. They left three sons: Bhai Deva Singh, Bhai Gurmukh Singh and Bhai Jodh Singh. Bhai Gurmukh Singh became the head granthi at Darbar Sahib after them.

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The gursikh on the right is Bhai Sant Singh Ji, Jathedar of Damdami Taksal and Head Granthi at Sri Darbaar Sahib Ji, next to him is Akali Phoola Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, and Maharaja Dalip Singh


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    • Thanks This summoned it up pretty well. I know relatives from the UK who have married back home and have now divorced having brought the girl over. I don’t want to end up in a similar situation or in an unhappy marriage for the rest of my life.  I don’t want to drag some poor girl half way round the world only for to end up in some council flat by herself stranded with no one and divorced. That would just destroy me and make me feel even worse. She has said to me on many occasions that ‘I don’t like her’. I think she has caught onto my true feelings. I am not into this marriage at all. One is the fact I feel I was emotionally blackmailed into it. So, I am just not making as a much of an effort. My main concern is for the girl. I don’t want any harm to come to her and I am trying to minimise this as much as possible. I was just thinking of owning up and saying we rushed into the whole thing. I am thinking about what would be best in the long term. In the short term bringing her over would make her family and herself happy initially. But in the long term if we broke up and separated that would crush the family even more. Who wants their daughter to end up being divorced and all alone in a foreign country with no hopes and future. At least if she is India they will have control of their daughter’s destiny and future and she will be supported. In the UK she has no one. I don’t want to be responsible for this.  
    • First of all, I did not consummate the marriage. In fact I tried my level best to avoid any intimacy whatsoever. I was not sure about the whole marriage in the first place so intimacy was the last thing on my mind. Forced marriage, emotional blackmail, making me feel guilty. There were many elements that got me to say yes. It was not as simple as someone forcing me with a gun to my head. I was told if I backed out of the marriage at the engagement stage that all hell would break lose.  They only way of getting out this marriage was to postpone it and have a proper think about it when I returned to the UK. But this option was not given to me. The decision was made in a highly pressurised situation. I was told that a lot of our relatives would never speak to us if I broke it off. Hence why it was not easy to just break it off.  I am sure everyone is aware of how Asian families can be in these situations especially when you are abroad from your comfort zone Really after the engagement there should have been a break before the wedding. Which is actually the norm nowadays. But this whole marriage was rushed from start to finish. No one had any time to think radiationally.  The engagement to the wedding all happened within a space of 4 days. The bottom line is I don’t like the girl. We have nothing in common. There is no attraction or spark for me to have that I can work on to create more of an attachment and feelings for her. The only feelings I have for her are feelings of guilt and responsibility for her as I married her. Other then that She just feels like a stranger to me. For her it is the other way around she likes me and finds me attractive. But I can see it hurts her as she knows I have no feelings like attraction towards her back. I even feel guilty for having no feelings for her. The marriage and relationship just feel toxic and wrong with both of us unhappy. My 2 options are to end it at this stage. Or bring her over give it my best shot to make the marriage work and see how it goes like some poster has said.  But I feel I will always have in the back of my mind that I got married to someone that I never really liked or knew deep down. Currently I have no feelings towards her and do not like the girl. Infact its sad to say this but I actually dislike her.  Weather my feelings will change when I bring her over I have no idea. I don’t have much experience of being in any serious relationship’s before.  So I am not sure if love and attachment can form between us further down the line or if this whole thing is a recipe for disaster all I know is it’s a pure gamble at this stage if I do this and I am not the type that likes to gamble.  
    • Thanks for your advice. I am not entirely sure that is her motive. She does not seem the type that is just out for a passport. Infact at first, she did not want the marriage in the first place. The girl herself was reluctant to do the wedding. I have now heard that her family also pressurised her to say yes. Its like we both did not want this happen. Her at the beginning and me towards the end. The girl is not all bad. She has made an effort and has been kind and polite with my parents. Which is one good thing. Its just us the couple that are not getting on. We are having arguments and its just a couple of weeks into the marriage. It does not bode well for the future. I think deep down she is a nice girl but not my type. I think being from a poor background she has a different upbringing. Without going into to many details we just don’t seem to click with each other. The main reason for our arguments is she says I am being distant and do not love or like her. The truth Is I don’t love or like her. Its difficult for me to put up this fake act all the time to make her feel happy. I can’t pretend to like or feel attracted to someone if I am not. Yeh, I am not sure how she will behave and act when she gets here. From my gut instincts I think it’s a bad idea to bring her over. At the same time, I have family honour and respect to think about. Above all I don’t want to be saddled with the guilt of abandoning the girl. I feel I should at least give it my best shot to make the marriage work at for the sake of the girls parents and family. These people at the end of the day trusted me to marry their daughter. I don’t want to throw it right back at them. It seems a cruel thing to do to just walk away. I am not sure what I can tell them. That I did not like their daughter so I am ending the marriage now. Like many have said. These types of marriages were the norm for our elder generations. But I do get your point. I have heard of many stories also of girls from back home who are just out to their passport stamped and settled in the UK. Let’s just say If I knew before that this girl was like this I would never have agreed to the marriage. But that is the price you pay when you don’t get to know the girl before the marriage. 
    • I had the exact same thoughts before I went to India. I never thought I would end up in this situation with marrying someone without talking to them first. I am actually in shock that this whole thing actually happened. It all happened so fast I did not have time to think. A lot of the families down there were ultra conservative and would not let much chat happen before the marriage anyway. I went to India completely unprepared and did not know what I was doing with the vicholas and finding the right ristas. If it was the UK we would have taken our time and done the proper research. Being over there it’s an unfamiliar situation with not knowing the local customs and the way things work. We were completely out of our comfort zone and depth. Obviously if we went back and this all again. We would learn from our mistakes. We would make sure more then anything that we spoke to the girl which I think is one of the most important things you can do. We did actually follow this protocol with every girl we saw except this one. Yes my plan was to compensate for all costs from the wedding on their side. But I have still not made up my mind on what I am going to do. I will take a note off all advice and try and come to the best decision as there is a lot at stake. Its an easy decision for me If I am just looking out for myself. But now I have to think of family issues and most importantly the girl herself. I don’t want to ruin the girl’s life, break her heart and hurt the family.
    •   Thanks  I will try and make the best decision possible for all that are involved. That might involve people being hurt to begin with but I hope in the long term it will be the best decision for everyone. Yep I dont want to be in a loveless marriage for the rest of my life.. I have always been told that no marraige is better then a marriage that is unhappy.