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    • Do you have any evidence to back this up? It depends on how you brush also. Overbrushing and using the wrong technique are likely to damage teeth. But if done properly it should be ok. 
    • I don't know much about him but he sets my spidey sense tingling every time I see him   SGPC????? unbiased really is any sikh that naive or uninformed ...they sold our heritage to private collectors abroad, or just connived with anti-sikh elements to destroy original physical places by 'karsewa' REPLACING THE BRICKS AND MORTAR EVEN SOIL soaked with energy and memories with blank white beeping marble
    • Go onto Gupt section, I have seen a thread on this with great info about datun. All toothpastes inc the 'healthy' ones contain nasty chemicals.  I would avoid electric toothbrushes due to the emfs and vibrations they produce can be dangerous and cause nerve damage.
    • Learn Shaster vidya, that's all I can say. Learn Martial arts, anything. Just take precautions. That was the order of Mahakaal and that's the only way we'll reach anywhere.  Don't take this the wrong way (im not aiming this at you at all, this is a general note) but the Kirpans typically worn are just like the Janyu (sacred thread) worn by the hindus now (this was the bachan of a Sant if I recall right), that's why we need to adapt a bit more.
    • kira, besides my Kirpan as a Amritdhari, atey Gurbani daily, i am yet to achieve readiness as Bhai Randhir Singh Jio in Jail Chittian, where He tolerated much physical abuse, including attempts to force Sikhi highly taboo meat etc in His Paviterr Puneet Mouth, but Vahiguroo gave Him Jorr to give pappi gora good beating, that made gora resign from job and beg Bhai Sahib Jio on knees_/\_, i am nowhere near Bhai Sahib Jio or any Gursikhs, just love you all Khalsa Soormey as our Miterr Pyareo Guru Parvasa, and doing what i can to share what i know Jio (how i know is His kirpa, if it is worthy knowledge, only time will tell)_/\_Paviterr Charna Bhul Chuk Muaf Gurfathe Vahiguroo rakha ♡♡♡♡♡