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Pandit Narayan Singh Ji

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I have heard the name of pandit narayan singh ji mentioned a number of times and have recently purchased his pothia/work/arth's on dasam granth sahib ji. Its actually suprisingly easy to understand (well some of it is!)

I have heard that he was a great vidvaan, does anyone have any more info on him and know whether he wrote anything else?


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giani narayan singh ji (Pandit) of Lahore are a great vidvaan. they have created steeks of the dasam granth, Bhai Gurdas Di Vaaran, Bhagat Bani, Panj Granthi, Sundar Gutka and the Parbodh Chandar Natak.

The Arth are very good i just wish they had some sakhis in the steeks as well like the sampardai steeks

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