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Shaheed Bhai Seetal Singh Matewal

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Bulletproof Tractors

After many hours of bombardment the Indian Army commanders decided to bring in bulletproof tractors. When Bhai Seetal Singh Ji saw one of these tractors coming towards him he immediately opened fire towards the doors of the tractor.


Bhai Sahib was such a good marksman that most of the bullets he fired hit the hinges which held the doors in place. After a few minutes Bhai Sahib managed to remove both doors from either side of the tractor. When this happened the CRP soldiers who were inside the tractor began to scream as they quickly retreated. As they reversed the Singhs showered the tractor with bullets until it had gone past their firing range. In this way, Bhai Seetal Singh managed to neutralize three other bulletproof tractors. These tractors came under such heavy fire from the Singhs that they caught on fire and exploded. The Punjab Police used to claim that these tractors could kill Chador when it came in range and that they could not be stopped. In their eyes the tractors were indestructible.

Darkness sets in

As the fields were being painted red with the blood of Indian Soldiers the sun began to set. In a few minutes darkness spread everywhere and the battlefield only saw flickers of light as bullets continued to cut through the air. The Indian Armed Forces did not know where to shoot anymore; they began to fire in all directions with little success. In an attempt to find the Singhs who were still cutting down any soldier who dared to step on the battlefield, the Indian Army began to fire chemical bombs into the air which were made to light up the sky. Whenever such a bomb flew into the sky within a few seconds it would come crashing down due to the fire of Bhai Seetal Singh Ji’s Dragnov Rifle.


The Indian Government were becoming increasingly frustrated at the army’s inability to crush the resistance of what they thought was a group of a hundred Dashmesh Regiment fighters. The government had placed all the legions in Northern India at the disposal of the Indian Commanders who were involved in this ‘anti terrorism operation’, and yet for every bullet which was fired towards the Khalsa ten would come back.


The Khalsa’s Reinforcements Arrive

The Indian Army was not the only side that could call on reinforcements. As news spread from one village to the next about the 5 brave hearts of Punjab who were holding and repelling the army of Dehli tears of happiness began to fall from the eyes of other Jhujahroo Singhs. These Singhs performed an ardas in front of Guru Sahib and taking his name on their lips and his weapons in their arms they headed in the direction of the battlefield to fight alongside their brothers.


The Regiment Singh’s of Bhai Kulwant Singh Ji and the Tiger Force Singh’s of Bhai Hardev Singh Ji and Bhai Balwinder Singh Ji surrounded the same Indian troops who had encircled the five lions of Guru Sahib. In this way battles began to rage on four separate fronts as Indian troops fell to the floor under the constant fire of the Khalsa’s bullets. As this was happening Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manochahal, general of the Bhindranwale Tiger Force of Khalistan arrived at the village Oudoka where he joined the Singhs in all out war.


Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu and his Singh’s also joined in the Khalsa’s fight as they broke through the cordon of the Indian troops. Upon seeing Bhai Sukhwinder Singh Pappu return to help his brother the local villagers spirits began to soar with love and pride.

The Indian Generals became worried that the local villagers may join the Jhujharoo Singh’s who were helping Bhai Seetal Singh Ji. As a consequence of this they spread a rumor that Bhai Seetal Singh Ji Matewal and his Singhs had escaped and left the battlefield.

3 soldiers of Khalistan return home

When morning broke the Indian Commanders began to see the devastating results of exchanging bullets with the Khalsa. The once green battlefield had become a mass graveyard of Indian troops as the stench of blood and death filled the air.


Reports began to flood Dehli as Indian Commanders demanded the release for the first time of Vijayanta main battalion tanks in addition to other armored reinforcement units. As the sun rose, the cover of darkness deserted the Singhs and the Indian Gatling guns began to spray so many bullets into the air that it looked like a dark cloud had descended on Bhai Tasem Singh, Bhai Gurdial Singh and Bhai Gurmukh Singh. Without any fear these brave beloved sons of Guru Sahib drank the nectar of martyrdom.



The last stand

After Bhai Seetal Singh Matewal’s saw his brothers in arms kiss the noose of death, he stopped firing his Dragnov rifle. Bhai Sahib decided to wait for the Indian Armed Forces to come and pick up their dead and injured. As the Indian Army began to do this Bhai Seetal Singh Ji and Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji sat in the fields where they did a final ardas to Maharaj. They knew the end was near. When the Singhs finished their ardas Jaikaray began to bellow through the skies. Upon hearing the thunderous voices of these two brave hearts of Punjab the Indian Army directed their assault and fire towards the fields the Jaikaray were coming from. As bullets began to fly once again, the Jaikaras continued. The Indian Commanders knew that the Singhs had almost run out of ammunition. As a consequence of this another bulletproof tractor was readied and sent onto the battlefield.


Upon seeing the tractor approaching, Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji who was badly injured ran out of the fields he had taken cover in as he let loose on his AK47 rifle. On seeing this Singh of Guru Sahib make his final stand, even the commanders of the Indian Army stood in awe.


In the end Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji ran out of bullets. This Singh had terrorized the Indian Army so much that even as he stood in the battlefield without any ammunition the soldiers were too scared to approach him. It was only after the ‘brave’ soldiers of Hindustan had made sure that Bhai Sahib posed no threat to them, that they mustered the courage to apprehend this Saint-soldier. In a shameful ploy to kill Bhai Seetal Singh Ji, the Indian Army used the fatally wounded Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji as a human shield. As Bhai Sahib watched his brother in arms walk on the battlefield with Indian soldiers hiding behind him, he knew that if he began to shoot, Bhai Gurnam Singh Ji would be injured in the cross fire. The Indian Army took full advantage of this beautiful love between brothers as they riddled Bhai Seetal Singh Matewal’s chest with hundreds of bullets.

As Bhai Sahib began to make his final journey back to the home of his king he shouted out, ‘Khalistan Zindabad’, one last time.

The Aftermath

After this battle in which thousands of Indian Soldiers were sent to the court of Dharam Raj, the Indian Armed Forces sent a group of soldiers to Bhai Seetal Singh Ji’s house. When the soldiers reached Bhai Sahib’s house they found Bhai Sahib’s two younger brothers, Bhai Amreek Singh and Bhai Darshan Singh, along with Bhai Sahib’s wife, Bibi Narinder Kaur.


All three Gursikhs were beaten up before they were arrested. They were then taken to a police detention center, where only Guru Sahib knows what was done to them. These beloved Sikhs of Guru Sahib were never seen again as they took their place at the feet of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Bhai Sahib’s two young sons were given to his younger brother’s widow who still looks after them to this day.


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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    • russians bro....its the commies.
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      Fateh sangat ji, I want to try something here. It's designed to make us think about ourselves and our thought process and then perhaps at the end of it we might, together, gain a deeper understanding of how and why we, as a nation, are allowing ourselves to go through what we are going through. Below then, I am going to post a list of everything a right wing Indian nationalist has said to me in just one thread. Remember that: Just one thread. If I was to collate all the  other things he has called me over the course of the last year in other threads this process would take way too long. So all the below is from just one thread. While we read it together we each need to ask ourselves how we allowed ourselves to be manipulated enough into not seeing it. From there we can individually, in our own time, perhaps begin to understand the master-servant relationship that exists between the Sikhs and Hindustan....How Hindustan manipulates the Sikh's mind into believing that 'mother India' knows best...and as a 'mother' she couldn't possibly wish him any harm. It's about the power of suggestion and implanting ideas in people's heads so that become conditioned into believing that what the Indian says MUST be good, proper and civilised and any deviation of thought MUST mean extremism. terrorism, backwardness...'bewhkoofness'. Within the text of the messages below I want you to be able to pick out the common themes.....such as the image of a 'kirpan' as an object of backwardness and the 'kachera' as a garment of ridicule, or the consistent year long anal references. In this process each of us has a different role to play, for example the Mods here will need to question why such language has consistently been allowed and the rest of us will need to examine just how easy it has been for the anti-Sikh rights brigade to divide us and cause infighting.  So..........ignoring the thousands of insults directed at me on the other threads over the course of the last year all the following were what I received in just one single thread. Please note, the bits that contain nothing but characters are the ones where the words used by the Indian were so disgusting that they were deleted by the mods in their entirety. And remember, not once did I respond with abuse. each time I worrying questions about his mental state and carried on with my thread. what you need to do is remove your brain, squat down, drop your Kachera, open your anus as wide as possible and then... But I am intrigued, that you must be the only specimen in mankind who sepaks from his anus and defcates from his mouth. Unfortunately that extreta ends up dumped on this forum And I love the last lindee that you fartrd out of your mouth seems like you’re talking out of your jagsaw  (ANUS) again This c*ck is a fantasist just looking for any excuse to whip his kirpan out and start waving it around for no reason ie horse sh1t. Love the back tracking though. See if you can get the lindee back into your fantasist bootha..... (in this one the swear words were so extreme the Mods  deleted 5 of them in one paragraph: DELETED* Officially huh? Try going to Stonebridge Park, parts of Islington or parts of Hackney or even Camberwell. Whilst Southall is no Mayfair, I will give you that, your*DELETED*. As usual, if you are so correct, quote your damn source you mother *DELETED*...... *DELETED* And whilst you say no sikh went to assist, I was there volunteering on Saturday and Sunday, and there were other sikhs too, What they didnt do was start waving their kirpans around in the air yelling about 1984, which is what I guess you were looking for. *DELETED* Then come to central london tell me where you will be and you can kiss my <banned word filter activated>,. That you use specific words at random to try and give credibility or a a learned slant to your diahorrea. Words such as "intellectual level" in this post and in previous posts such as "officially", "proven" and then whip totally made up facts and statistics out of your anus to prove a point thats not there. Thanks for confirming your ignorance. Even your diahorrea is inconsistent. I think it may be your typical dysentery..... You <banned word filter activated>. (on this one he abused Basics of Sikhi for highlighting the killing of Sikhs during a live BBC TV programme)  Its like the <banned word filter activated>..... the <banned word filter activated> who went live on TV and started shouting during a programme on the BBC. Do you think that did anything for opinion of sikhs in the wider world. Any you ? You c*ck consider that an inferiority complex Its not, its damging the position of the Kaum in the wider world, for which behvooks like you are 100% responsible.   (he said the following after I challenged him for calling our sister JKVLondon the most disgusting of abuse)  And yes I also call out JKV when she comes out with BS, and shall continue to do so. And dont apologise for it whatsoever.   marching up in the middle of it dropping his kachera and releasing the diahorrea from his Jagsaw all over the floor and then thinking he added to the debate         More bukwaas. Its never ending. Filter 100 of my posts eh? bollocks. Aside from which how the hell would you know, given that you are neither a mod, admin or vaguely respected member of this board with any influence whatsoever?     so do us all a favour and kkep the BS in your rectum Well which is it you <banned word filter activated&gt Sort of like the internet equivalent of having a debate in person, and some tw*t just And you have to type one handed, whilst using the other hand to wave your kirpan around your head to fight off the mughals invaders hallucinations Its winkers like you that need to be eradicated from the sikh kaum Jagsaw you c0ck any proof of the above horse sh1t statement? I mean proof, not your bukwaas opinions encountering here is the resident behvkoof of this forum, Jagsaw Singh. Makes tutee up to attempt to make his point seem more learned. And you have asked for sources?? lol dream on Careful don't criticise Jagsaw's beloved Pakistan or Muslim groomers who rape children jagsaw khota is the epitome of nonsense and verbal bukwas DELETED* I have taken to use the word "jagsaw" as a proxy for ‘ANUS’. (in this one he decided to go for the 3 forum members that are most vocal for Sikh Independence from India in one sentence, alluding to the fact that Sikhs that desire self-determination are the enemies Sikhi) there are many more behvkoofs on this forum who are armchair google hypocritical extremists happy to slander without evidence (sound familiar jkv?) and some others who are just goddamn dumb and idiotic (akalifauj-for example, suggest that jagsaw and these members form their own caste of the behvkoofs and cease from damaging Sikhi any further. Jagsaw my old friend, IMODIUM time again ! I have plenty to say Jagsaw, I only abuse where the poster justifies that type of response. I congratulate you that the 100% stupidity of your posts warrants a lifetime behvkoofi, Lets get something straight behvkoofa. . What I AM, is anti behvkoof, anti janwar, anti extremist, anti baseless BS, anti moronic google warrior But thats you all over, baseless bollocks total made up b0llox recognised your nonsense as structurally identical to horse lidh.....  
    • It has to be sarbloh all food that we eat should be made in sarbloh but that is a different topic but degh should always be made in sarbloh and then when served should also be in sarbloh utensils 
    • Keski is not  a kakaar and will never be akj jathebandi say this but guru gobind singh Jee states in there hukamnama which was sent to kabal that kes is a kakaar and as a Taksali Singh myself I have read a lot about this and keski is not a kakaar this is a misconception by akj jathebandi