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Sikh Charity Based In India

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The Kalgidhar Society- a Sikh charity group

MissionTo establish permanent peace in the world through value based education and spiritual rejuvenation creating good world citizens.


The Kalgidhar Society strives to accomplish the vision of Sant Attar Singh, who in the 1920's, envisaged an educational institution in the Himalayas from where young children equipped with a blend of modern scientific education and spiritual learning would spread the message of peace and universal brotherhood around the globe. The process of fulfilling this dream was initiated in 1956 when his Harvard educated disciple Sant Teja Singh set up a spiritual centre in the remote village of Baru, in the Himalayas and established The Kalgidhar Society. Thirty years later, his disciple Baba Iqbal Singh established the first Akal Academy with just 5 pupils at the same place.


• Have established 22 (10+2) English medium co-educational institutions under the name of Akal Academy affiliated to C.B.S.E. (Central Board of Secondary Education), New Delhi, where 20,000 students are gaining education

• Have established 100-bed Charitable Hospital catering to the health needs of underprivileged and deprived rural masses of remote & backward areas of Himachal Pradesh.

• Regular medical camps are also arranged twice a year for complete healthcare of the rural masses of remote & backward areas of Himachal Pradesh

• Have established two De-addiction Centers at village Cheema in Punjab and Baru Sahib in Himachal Pradesh, India. More than 1500 patients have already been cured in these centers

• Have established an orphanage by the name of Akal Child Welfare Foundation that provides shelter to more than 800 children.

• Have established old age home (Akal Home for the Elderly) wherein more than 200 senior citizens have found shelter & solace in their twilight years.

• Have established Home for Widows and Destitute Women, wherein more than 200 women are imparted vocational training in various fields to make them self-dependant.

• Spiritual Academy for girls at Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh and for boys at Cheema, Punjab where students coming from weaker sections of rural areas are provided education, spiritual & vocational training in music and other fields.

• Akal Rural Upliftment program which generates employment for the people of remote, backward and far-flung hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh.

• Save Environment Program that uses non-conventional sources of energy like solar energy and bio-gas plants to save our mother earth.

• Organizes periodical summer camps for students to enable them imbibe good democratic values of advanced scientific techniques & education for propagating as good citizens of the world.

• Rehabilitation and Relief Projects: The Kalgidhar Society made a landmark in relief efforts for South Asia earthquake victims in Kashmir. The Society adopted 15 villages reconstructing 930 houses, 1 school, 3 mosques, 1 Hindu temple and 4 Sikh temples till November 30, 2005. Further reconstruction of 1941 houses, 4 mosques, 1 Hindu temple and 1 Sikh temple is being carried out.

Kalgidhar Society Headquarters

Baru Sahib, Via Rajgarh, Distt. Sirmore, Himachal Pradesh - 173101, INDIA

Tel: 1799-276031/91, 9816033303, 9816033304

Fax: 1799-276041

E-Mail: info@kalgidharsociety.org

Contact Person: DR. DAVINDER SINGH

Mobile: 9816400503

Internet site: http://www.kalgidharsociety.org

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