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Guest Amandeep Kaur

Need Genuine Helpful Advice

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Guest Gupt

Ok I read this thread but I have a few concerns, please answer if you actually know and attend swindon.

1) It says people lie down and face their feet towards the sri guru granth sahib. If this is true this is definitley disrespectable and should be changed if you want to lie down at least make sure your head faces the sri guru granth sahib. You got to remember the sri guru granth sahib (guru/god) is there in sargun (physical form) and facing your feet is WRONG! For e.g. if guru ji gave you partake darshan (just like Sri guru granth sahib) and you just faced your feet/back towards him then how rude is that? Hope you get my point and change this please.

2) Also I read that by just reading gurubani will not lead you to waheguru. By saying this is complete manmat what is the difference between sri guru granth sahib and god? There is no difference and if you listen to giani thakar singh Ji kathas they say that they have met a lot of gursikhs that have become brahmgian by reading the sri guru granth sahib and they go that Guru ji comes out of sri guru granth sahib to give darsan and becomes gupt again by going back into the sri guru granth sahib. Also if you have read the history of damdami taksal when guru gobind singh taught santhia to the singhs such as to bhai mani singh and other gursikhs they all obtained brahmgian by going through the sri guru granth sahib and becoming 1 with waheguru.

3) Also hope rehat is empisised a lot as "rehat pyaree muj ko sikh pyarah nahe" as with out rehat you can' progress. "rehat bina mohe chota kahe"

Please help das clear up these issues.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ke Fateh

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