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Guest mehtab

Electrifying Nitnem

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Guest mehtab



Pyaari Saadh Sangat jee, being a student of electrical engineering who tries reciting the daily Banis, i felt like expressing an electrifying experience regarding the Nitnem Banis.

Lets suppose that our soul is a motor. A motor on which dust has accumulated. So before starting it we need to clear of the dust. This is done by repeating or meditating on WAHEGURU for sometime before starting Nitnem. Once the dust is cleared, the motor is ready to be started. Japuji Sahib is the starter and charges the motor, generating the least minimum voltage. No wonder it is said that if a Sikh practices just one Bani, it must be Japuji Sahib as it carries the essence of the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and thus the concept of minimum voltage. By minimum voltage i mean to say that Japuji Sahib is a must no matter what, so that the soul remains charged at any cost! Once the motor (soul) is charged, it needs to maintain that minimum voltage. Thats what Shabad Hazaare does. Since it is the Bani filled so much with love, the minimum voltage remains constant. We all know how harmful a sudden and immediate increase in voltage can be in a motor. So Shabad Hazaare maintains the minimum voltage constant for sometime.

Next comes Jaap Sahib. This is the Bani that takes the voltage to its peak. Probably thats why its the Bani known to uplift the soul so much. And here its the motor reaching its peak voltage. Again, a sudden and immediate decrease in voltage is equally harmful. Please note that by "harmful" all i mean to say is that one may not enjoy the various phases of Nitnem that the soul goes through. It certainly doesn't refer to any

negative harm!

Now this peak voltage remains constant when one recites Tva Prasad Swaiyye. Its the shortest Nitnem Bani and thus the voltage remains constant at its highest value. Following this we have Anand Sahib - the song of bliss! This brings down the voltage very slowly, as every word of it is filled with bliss, joy and celebration. The voltage now comes at its minimum value once again, and so once again it needs to be maintained. This happens when one recites Rehras Sahib. Why i am saying this because some people do all Banis in one slot and so as per the order of the Nitnem Banis (it may be different for different people...apologies if i am wrong) Anand Sahib is followed by Rehras Sahib. Once again the voltage remains constant at its minimum value. When one does Kirtan Sohila, the motor starts going into the phase of switching off. Thats why Kirtan Sohila is done before sleeping, at least thats what i have felt from experience (apologies if i am wrong). By the time one starts Ardas, the voltage has come down considerably, and when Ardas is over, the voltage is zero. After going through all these phases, namely cleansing-->> charging-->> constant minimum voltage-->> peak voltage-->> constant peak voltage-->> minimum voltage-->> constant minimum voltage-->> switching off, the motor still retains some heat as it becomes hot. Similarly, the soul attains extraordinary strength, which remains throughout the day. And by the time the 24 hours are over, one is again ready to do his/her Nitnem thereby maintaining the fact that the motor remains heated, meaning the soul remains in close contact with the Infinite.

Pyaari Saadh Sangat jee, please note that i have posted this article not to boast about how i feel after doing the Banis. My purpose was to know from others what their experiences are, so that i can get more inspiration. And if there is someone who finds this posting useful, i would consider myself a fortunate slave of Guru Nanak to ha

ve acted as a tool to inspire someone. Once again, instead of appreciating this posting (that is if you find it good enough), please enlighten me with your experiences. Lets learn and inspire each other!

sincere apologies if this didn't make sense or if you find any other errors


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Thanks Bhaji.....

i like the way you explain this...Waheguru Waheguru WAHEGURU!!!

Really, i feel electrified when i do Japji Sahib!


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