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"yehe Hamare Peer" - Shaster Darshan

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ਅਸ ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾਨ ਖੰਡੋ ਖੜਗ ਤੁਪਕ ਤਬਰ ਅਰੁ ਤੀਰ ॥ ਸੈਫ ਸਰੋਹੀ ਸੈਹਥੀ ਯਹੈ ਹਮਾਰੈ ਪੀਰ ॥੩॥

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!!

Enjoy the 'darshan' of these Beautiful Shastars of the Guru Sahiban and other Historic Shastars.

Akal Takht Sahib - Preserved in the Akal Takht Sahib are the Historic shasters of Guru Sahiban and their beloved warriors.

Unlike the shasters displayed at Anandpur Sahib which are housed in a large windowed structure and can be viewed from all sides - the Shasters at Akal Takht Sahib are housed in a Gold Throne with latticed doors - though beautiful, it makes viewing the shasters difficult, and therefore they cannot be seen clearly or are missed by many of the sangat.

These shasters are ceremoniously displayed to the sangat after Rehras in the Akal Takht.

This beautiful collection of Shasters include The Meeri Peeri swords of Guru Hargobind Sahib- a sword of Guru Gobind Singh - daggers of the sahibzade Baba Ajit Singh and Baba Jujhar Singh - A 10 kilo sword of Bhai Bachitter Singh - A large Khanda of Baba Deep Singh - and a large Khanda of Baba Gurbaksh Singh.


The Miri Piri swords




Shastar Darshan - this picture is rare as you see the display of the shasters in the original Akal Takht in the late 1970s


The Dumaalley shasters and Chakars of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed


The Katar of Guru Hargobind Sahib (No. 1) and the Katar, kamarkasa and kanga of Guru Gobind Singh Ji (No.s 2 and 3) kept at the Central Museum Amritsar


The sword of Bhai Mehtab Singh - used to behead Massa Ranghar (No. 4)

and the sword of Ranjit Singh used in the Conquest of Kasoor. (No. 5)


The weapons at Anandpur sahib

The Khanda used at the first Amrit Sanchaar 1699


Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Karpa Barccha


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The Saif - presented to Guru Gobind Singh by Bahadur Shah - it is believed to have belonged to Hazrat Ali , son in law of the Prophet Muhammed and used by his gransons Hassan and Hussain


The Nagini Barchha of Guru Sahib as used by Bhai Bachittar Singh at the battle at Lohgarh 1700 AD against the Hill rajas - Bhai Sahib struck the drunken elephant which led the rajas' troops in the forehead - making the army retreat in terror.


Weapons in the possession of the Maharaja of Patiala

The personal small kirpan of Guru Gobind Singh


arrows of Guru Gobind Singh


The body armour of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - inscribed with the Jaap Sahib



The Kirpan of Guru Gobind Singh


The Khanjar of Guru Gobind Singh with jade hilt.


The dagger of Sardar Fateh Singh - Ruler of Kapurthala


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A kirpan carved with the image of Guru Nanak , Bala and Mardana


The Kirpan of Ranjit Singh - kept in the toshekhana Amritsar - studded with rubies (Top)

and the sword of Bhai Trilok Singh - of Patiala (bottom)


The Jade sword of Ranjit Singh kept at Ram Bagh Museum Amritsar


A decorated Chakar - Ram Bagh Mus.


The Sword of Hari Singh Nalwa - kept at the Sikh Regimental centre Ramgarh.


Pictures from :

Piety and Splendour - B N Goswamy 2000

Gurdwaras - Mohinder Singh 2004

Anandpur - Mohinder Singh 2002

Album Central Sikh Museum - Prof. Satbir Singh 1991

Gurdwaras - Patwant Singh - 1992

Sikh Heritage - Dr Daljeet - 2004

The Golden Temple - Mohinder Singh - 2002

Guru Nanak's Birthday - Margaret Davidson - 1982

Des Pardes Weekly Aug 1984 (No.792)

Gurfateh !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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one of the main insignia of the arrows of Guru Gobind Singh were they were gold tipped, these either were supposed to be gold tipped later and never got done, or have another story behind them.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji's arrows were tipped with gold, to pay for the funeral of the opposition soldier or to pay for treatment if the soldier survives, one aspect of how maharaj had so much pyaare for humanity even those who came to be his enemy.

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    • Simran345, here is a pangti on SGGS 558, it seems to be talking about darshan which happened in a dream. Now sleep is being called as blessed so that the darshan of God can happen again. ਸੁਪਨੈ ਆਇਆ ਭੀ ਗਇਆ ਮੈ ਜਲੁ ਭਰਿਆ ਰੋਇ ॥ 
      सुपनै आइआ भी गइआ मै जलु भरिआ रोइ ॥ 
      Supnai ā▫i▫ā bẖī ga▫i▫ā mai jal bẖari▫ā ro▫e. 
      In a dream, He came, and went away again; I cried so many tears. 
        ਆਇ ਨ ਸਕਾ ਤੁਝ ਕਨਿ ਪਿਆਰੇ ਭੇਜਿ ਨ ਸਕਾ ਕੋਇ ॥ 
      आइ न सका तुझ कनि पिआरे भेजि न सका कोइ ॥ 
      Ā▫e na sakā ṯujẖ kan pi▫āre bẖej na sakā ko▫e. 
      I can't come to You, O my Beloved, and I can't send anyone to You. 
        ਆਉ ਸਭਾਗੀ ਨੀਦੜੀਏ ਮਤੁ ਸਹੁ ਦੇਖਾ ਸੋਇ ॥ 
      आउ सभागी नीदड़ीए मतु सहु देखा सोइ ॥ 
      Ā▫o sabẖāgī nīḏ▫ṛī▫e maṯ saho ḏekẖā so▫e. 
      Come to me, O blessed sleep - perhaps I will see my Husband Lord again.    Or do you suppose its meaning is actually different to what is translated ?
    • Do you have sources for this?
    • In urdu we also use 'Mauze' so i doubt if it is hindi word.It sounds like a persian one.Indians have problem prouncing words which end with sound 'z'.Just like Mumtaz Mehal became Mumtaj Mehal and now just Taj Mehal.
    • i have no issue using persian,hindi,english words in my day to day conversations in punjab.I just though a good opportunity to learn "shuddh" punjabi. 
    • Sikhism needs neither a reformation nor a philosophy of free will. Reformations are for religions that are at a primitive tribal level in the first place. Sikhi starts off with Guru Nanak Ji feeding people langar, and preaching meditation of Satnam. If you start off with capturing war booty and sex slaves killing all the males, yeah, you need a reformation. Philosophy is (mostly) for people trying desperately to understand the universe without real divine knowledge. These types of efforts are called ਸਿਆਣਪਾਂ in Gurbani. (You did you Japji this morning, right?) All of these sianapan don't amount to a hill of beans. We don't have the burning need for philosophy that Westerners do because we can obtain complete knowledge via simran. ਪ੍ਰਭ ਕੈ ਸਿਮਰਨਿ ਸਭੁ ਕਿਛੁ ਸੁਝੈ ॥