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khalsa s1ngh

Sant Baba Harnek Singh Nanaksar? Real Or Fake Lol

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Guest militant singh   
Guest militant singh

'The global leader of the Nanaksar sect of Sikhism, he is 68, his wife Anita is in her 20s and they have a three-year-old son.' 'Dinner often consists not of lentils and rice but chips, Kentucky Fried Chicken and iced buns. Alcohol is not allowed as it is strictly against the Sikh religion - which sits uncomfortably with Maharaj Ji's drink-driving ban.' < from tht link so is Monty a baba follower?

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Guest militant singh   
Guest militant singh

Shocking ! The babas obviously a fake look at his pic sir outhe topi LOL hes one of them 'babaeh' lol yes the playboy babeh

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Guest waheguruji   
Guest waheguruji

about that Pakhandi Saadh Baba Harnek Singh he claims to be a successor of Baba Mihan Singh Ji Siarh Wale at their Nanaksar Gurdwaras they have a Golak and make Langar (contrary to original Nanaksar Maryada)

in 1963 after Baba Isher Singh Ji Nanaksar Wale went to Sachkhand a tug of war broke out at Nanaksar there are many claimants

Baba Kundan Singh Ji (attendant of Baba Isher Singh Ji) who did Sewa of Guru Granth Sahib Ji for decades and went to Sachkhand just recently

Baba Sadhu Singh Ji (ageing Mahapurakh whos Sewadars do duties)

Baba Narain Singh Ji (whos gone to Sachkhand)

Baba Mihan Singh Ji (to whom Baba Nand Singh Ji used to refer as My Kabir whos also gone to Sachkhand)

and many more

everyone knows Baba Gurdev Singh Ji of Gurdwara Nanaksar Smadh Bhai is the true successor (he was Mukhi in Panj Pyare during lifetime of Baba Isher Singh Ji) he left main Nanaksar Taath in 1963 and has built 17 Nanaksar Gurdwaras with full Maryada

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S.S.F    0

waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee kee fateh

ther will be a nagar keertan wher he will be sitting on the float and las year the bibia was dancing this is not good he is a pakhandi thag

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News article about this jackass.

Over the years, the Nanaksar sect grew into a C$20 million religious global empire with a 7,000 acre land bank in B.C., Alberta and Ontario and thousands of more acres in India.

It had little debt and annual donations from the faithful ran into millions of dollars.

That cash was used to buy agriculture land yielding even more profits.

Pacific Post show that the Nanaksar Gurdwara-Gursikh Temple collected C$1,201,269.54 in donations between July 2000 and June 30, 2001.

The income from farm leases held by the temple society for the same period of time exceeded C$350,000. The Edmonton branch of the society alone had assets of C$5,088,090. 36

But behind the scenes of what seemed to be a model and thriving religious enterprise a revolt was brewing.

In November 2000, an Alberta police officer found Harnek Singh Grewal slumped behind the wheel of a vehicle at the West Edmonton Mall.

His breath test showed a reading of .160, twice the legal limit.

Grewal, who claimed to be a labourer in court, plead guilty to one count of being over the legal blood-alcohol limit. He was fined C$600 and handed a 12-month driving suspension.

When word of this case began to seep through the community, others started coming forward with tales of drinking parties on temple grounds.

The schism in this Sikhism sect hit the headlines in late 2002, when dissidents in the Richmond Nanaksar temple filed a petition in the B.C. Supreme Court to oust Harnek Singh Grewal as their leader.

The dissidents made explosive allegations in court documents claiming that the 67-year-old Grewal had lost C$45,000 in temple money while gambling in Las Vegas, consumed alcohol on temple grounds, promoted the philosophy of free sex and abused donations by building a million dollar mansion in Richmond for himself and his 25-year-old bride from India.

The dissidents wanted the B.C. Supreme Court to remove the directors of the temple society, stop Grewal's involvement with the temple and appoint an independent auditor to check the society's financial affairs.

Grewal and the temple directors denied all the allegations.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Laura Gerow disagreed with every major point advanced by the dissidents saying they were merely challenging the succession of Grewal to the position of high priest of the sect in 1994.

After reviewing the material, I have concluded that the basis of this action is a religious dispute about whether Maharaj Ji is the appropriate successor,â?? wrote Justice Gerow in her reasons for judgment last May.

The court has no role in religious matters, she ruled saying the petitioners had advanced no evidence to back up their statements.

The court also said there was no need for an auditor to review the temple finances.

The dissidents, having lost their battle in the B.C. courts, then took their complaints to the Body of Sikh Holy Men in Punjab or the Sant Samaj, which formed a panel to probe the allegations of misconduct against Grewal.

Last January, Grewal, was excommunicated for allegedly drinking liquor and participating in objectionable activities in Canada.

Baba Sarbjot Singh Bedi who heads the body said the panel had given Grewal an opportunity to appear before it but he did not show after indicating he would come.

After the excommunication, a spokesman for Grewal in India said his group has rejected the decree by the Body of Sikh Holy Men because â??Baba Harnek Singh is a saint and not a member of any Sant Samaj from which he could be ex-communicated.

The spokesman said the Sant Samaj and other organisations had approached Grewal several times with a membership offer, which he had refused saying the saints should not become part of such unions or associations and should only concentrate on religious activities.

In an interview with The Asian Pacific Post, Baba Sarbjot Singh Bedi who issued the excommunication decree said if Grewal is a saint he should act like one.

We based our decision on him pleading guilty to charges involving liquor consumption in a Canadian court, said the articulate Bedi.

Sikhism is very clear on this issueâ?¦the ideals of our Gurus forbid such people from being religious leaders and religious authorities.

He has no business being a religious leader and it behooves the community in India, Canada and elsewhere to follow the teachings of our Gurus, said Bedi.

Grewal's case has now been forwarded to the Akal Takht, the supreme Sikh religious body for final resolution.

Villagers at Siahar gather to send a message to Canada

The overflowing crowd of villagers who had gathered at the Guru Hargobind temple in Siahar had a message for the visiting Canadian media group.

This temple is now their primary place of religious worship as the Nanaksar Ashram, a few kilometers away remains a no-go zone watched by heavily armed members of the Punjab police.

The women gather to sit behind the visitors. The men gather to another side.

An awkward silence fills the hall as everyone looks at each other. Smiles are few.

Baba Mann Singh takes his place at the top of the hall flanked by his disciples.

After what seems like like a long five minutes, a villager stands up and addresses the crowd in Punjabi. He is a village pachayat or council member.

At the end of his short speech, in which he thanks us for visiting the village, the villagers stand and shout in unison every drop of blood in this village is for Baba Mann Singh Jiâ.

This is the message they want us to take back to Canada.

After a simple meal of chapattis, dhall, yoghurt and pickles, Harminder Pandher the businessman from Edmonton explains that there could be a simple end to the religious strife.

Nobody here, not the villagers or Baba Mann Singh, is interested in the millions of dollars or the assets held by Harnek Singh Grewal, he said.

They claim that our biggest agenda to oust Grewal is because we want the money and the land in Canada and elsewhere.

All we want is our Nanaksar Ashram in Siahar..this is our holy place they can keep the rest, said Pandher.

Anyway what do they want here now Harnek cannot come here his followers cannot come here..this village and the surrounding villages will not allow that.

The Grewal faction does not think it is that simple because the Nanaksar Ashram is the mother temple of the sect and the person who heads it is the leader of the sect and controls all its assets.

Well if that is the case, Baba Mann Singh will give them an assurance in writing, added Pandher, Baba Mihan Singh's grandson

As always, the Grewal faction declined comment

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1. At the age of 67 he has recently been enjoying the sexual company of a 22 year old girl who has recently had his baby.

2. He has not married this girl according to any custom (let alone according to Sikh custom).

3. She is a brahmin [upper caste] Hindu who does not believe in Sikhism.

4. He is currently facing charges in Canada of misusing the money collected from the sangat. He has built a huge mansion there and is planning another in Coventry [u.K.].

5. He has been tried and charged with drunk driving offences. Documents with evidence are available from the Alberta court (in Edmonton [Canada]). Certain individuals from the sangat in Coventry are also in possession of copies of the evidence.

6. He does not believe in amrit [sikh baptization].

7. He regularly travels and stays at hotels and uses the sangat's money to finance these trips.

8. He has regulalry been seen, filmed, and photographed in boxer shorts and with his hair down at beaches in Canada.

9. He has promoted promiscuity amongst his children-followers.

10. He believes Osho Rajnish [the late Hindu cult leader who was extremely popular in the U.S.] to be a prophet greater than Guru Nanak [sikhism's founder].

11. His system of philosophy consists solely of Osho's teachings.

12. He believes that sex can take a person to God faster than nitnem [sikhism's daily regiment of prayers].

13. He has totally floundered every single teaching of his predecessor who believed only in the Guru Granth [also known as 'Adi Granth'] and only preached nitnem and amrit.

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then obviously he is wrong, why doesnt the coventry sangat try and stop his nagar kirtan and bad doings

LOL, i guess they r to busy donating to the gurudwara sahib, $ 1,201,269.54 is alota cashhhh

and number 12 on harmeet singh's post, like ................ ohmy.gif .....................................my brain can't even begin to comprehend how that works......

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jayd    1

No. 12 on Harmeet Singh's Post. Now that's a pick up line I would like to hear or witness. I wonder if any of this baba's followers have used it. :D

"The baba's follower" - hit.gif - "a girl"

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singh_bling    0

ohhh i think he is doing beadbi, there is gonna be guru maharaj on the nagar kirtan on the 7th of jan in coventry, and he will be sittin on his own float with women dancing, dont u think that is beadbi, i reakon we shud get togetha and stop this

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