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Saddle Time

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In olden times when Sikhs were being hunted for their faith down , they never had any home.

They use to live on saddles of horses .

With the world going thru a mad religous war it is time to do few things.

1 ) Withstand atrocities including Killing with calm remembering the name of wahe guru do not panic.We have been thru worst of times all of this should be chicken feed.

2 ) Not to give up article of faith in these difficult times like the way muslims are doing.Facing insults and killing on a unimaginable scale.

3 ) Time to live lives on saddle in different parts of world where horse saddle is replaced by friendly countries .

3 ) Not to have any permanent enemies or friends circumstance makes it so . Sikhism will survive if it acts intelligently in these difficult and viscous times.

4 ) Do good education especially Maths and physics and be creative that is inventing some thing new including a new world.

5 ) Break the umblical cord of Indian Punjab . Set up your own indepedent self substaining centers where ever u are. India and punjab are last resorts when u get persectud on the scale of Jews only.

6 ) Be a useful member of society where ever u are.

Preach the message of "AKALPURKH" forcefuly philosophically which shall make the khalsa timeless.

Worlds weakness which can be harnessed for new philosophies are .

1 ) Hatred : Remember Gurugranth sahib teaches us nirvair we must not even hate muslims who killed our Gurus or the section of hindus who did 1984 . Forgiveness with rememberance is more important than act of hate. It is a self destructive philosophy.

2 ) World does not practise " Nanak nam chadi kala tere bana sarvat tha bhalla "

3 ) Imperalism

4 ) Refute foolish philosophy of survival of fittest.It is wahe guru who decides who lives and who dies and not mortals like Darwin.

No body is gonna let you have your young religion so easily.

It is upto us safe guard it by combining the way christians muslims , jews and hindus do. after all we are sikhs the learners.

Innovativeness in todays world will be of help too

Planning for a future in a different planet can also be of help where brains , technology and courage will be required in abundance . Cultivate these qualities by having competition among Sikhs in different parts of world.



"Nanak Nam chadi kala tere bana sarvat tha bhalla"

hps :TH: pray.gif

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