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Sakhi ... Very Inspirational

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Lalo and Bhago

On one of his journeys, Guru Nanak stayed with a carpenter in a place called Emnabad. The carpenter's name was Lalo. A local wealthy man named Bhago decided to give a feast and invited all around, including Guru Nanak. However, the Guru did not attend; when asked why, Nanak replied he would rather eat the carpenter's bread because it had been earned by honest work, whereas Bhago's great feast had been the result of exploitation of the poor. Nanak said that the bread had been stained by the blood of the poor. When Bhago protested, Guru Nanak took a piece of Lalo's bread and a piece of Bhago's bread and suqeezed them both. Milk dripped from Lalo's bread, while Bhago's dripped with blood. Bhago then repented and devoted the rest of his life to those in need.

I find this sakhi very inspirational. It inspires you to work hard and to only keep what you need and share the rest.

Bhul Chukh Maaf

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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