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Guest SikhForLife

awsome.. just pure awsome..!!!

something like this should be always in our minds....

thanks veer

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Guest mehtab

Gift of GOD

Friday, August 25th, 2000

Stillwater, Oklahoma

i said to the LORD "O LORD,u made someone handsome...someone rich......someone famous...someone tall...someone muscular...someone confident and someone powerful...i do not fit into any of these categories...why was i the one to be left out!!...isn't U'r Grace showered upon everyone equally?...isn't everyone equal before U?"...and the LORD smiled and said "son,the ones I made handsome are constantly under the anxiety of losing their looks on getting old...the rich ones fear the loss of wealth...the famous ones have nightmares of having a bad name in society...the tall ones are considered older than their actual age which depresses them always...the ones muscular end up with various diseases when all their muscles turn into fat in their old age...the ones who are confident fall very early once they let pride take over their minds...the ones powerful meet their end pretty soon upon abusing their power...and besides that My son,a large number of these mentioned ones have other faults too...some don't know how to

speak in a decent manner...some have their noses flying over the seventh sky,and some are of an utter cheap character and thinking...I have given u such a remarkable sense of humour that u can make anyone's day...that u can erase off depression from the minds of people...that u'r mere sight brings a smile on the face of people...that people associate happiness with u...that people just love to talk to u...My dear son,I haven't granted any of such gifts to any of those u just mentioned"...and by the time GOD finished speaking,my collar was already wet with t

ears...and i said i was sorry...and i said that i couldn't thank HIM using mere words alone...truly wonderful are the ways of the LORD who loves all equally...and truly foolish are the ways of a man like me to feel left out.

SatNaam Sri WaheGuru

Rochak Sharma

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Guest SikhForLife

just wondering.. didnt seem like it at first.. but thats cool. 3 names

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    • Don't focus too much on it. I had a friend who was getting Darshan of various deities, it all stopped because he became obsessed with it. Just remember this is all Maya, focus on Akaal only. Why care about the future when we ourselves have no power to change it? 
    • you should make an account penji. 
    • Guest Amrit Vela
      Fateh   Does anyone know of any Gurdwara that have Amrit Vela Simran/Kirtan in Coventry? I would like to attend but dont know of any throughout the week.   thanks
    • Guest Jagsaw_Singh
      Pali is a dialect of Prakrit, in that you are correct. But lets correct some of your other points: The word 'Sanskrit' does not occur anywhere in the Vedas. Not a single verse mentions this word as denoting a language. The father of Sanskrit himself: Panini, says that the language of the Hindu Vedas was the  Chandasa language, not Sanskrit. Are you TejS coming before us today claiming to be more of an authority on Sanskrit than Panini himself ?  because the father of Sanskrit himself says Sanskrit came about much much later !   Buddha, when tasked with putting his teachings down into the tongues of the people chose Prakhrit and others. Not once did he even mention the word Sanskrit let alone write anything in it. This shows that Sanskrit didn't even exist at the time of Bhudda.  Every single coin and written artefact found in the Punjab since time immemorial has inscriptions in Prakrit. Not one single thing written in Sanskrit has been found. Not one. And remember, every single archeological coin and artefact found in Punjab (bar a very small number) has Prakrit written in the Aramaic script that our Punjabi forefathers wrote in. Nothing written in the Hindu's scared devangari script has ever been found in Punjab. Even far away from Punjab at the historic nanaghat caves in western India where India's oldest writings are found on the cave walls; all the writing is in Prakrit. Nothing there was written in any language called Sanskrit because such a language did not yet exist. Bahmans would invent it later as a tool of subjugating the people. That's where you fit in the picture. In order to peddle the filth of saffronisation in India the Hindu nationalists need fools to carry the made up and distorted message. Like I said, that's where you fit into the picture. Your forum avatar and past affiliation with the pakandi nang Niddar Singh has been duly noted by all. Your nang group proudly proclaims that Sikh warriors exist to protect the Hindu legacy. Fair play to you....you're certainly being true to what you believe. btw....Apabrahmsa is Prakrit.