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Golee Maro

Three Young Gursikhs Pass Away In Lake District Tragedy

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Ardaas goes out to the three Gursikhs and their families;

I knew Harvinder Singh aka “Hevvi” quite well, he was like so full of energy and was brilliant at Gatka, he would be at the forefront whenever there was seva to be done, it’s a sad loss

And also Satvir Singh

The 1st and last time I saw him but can’t forget it, we drove to a local smagam together a few weeks ago, he had just received Amrit a couple of days beforehand, he was soooo boosted, literally vibrating, I could feel his new found love, it was so overwhelming, it brought tears to my eyes and left me tingling with goosebumps, such as amazing soul. The way he talked about youth and what he would like to see change and how his peers perceived him etc was just amazing to hear

While it is a sad loss to the panth and especially the sangat of Wolverhampton, because there is no doubt in my mind that these guys would have gone on to reach greater heights in terms of seva etc, we have to accept Hukam, they came, they did what they were here to achieve, and now they have left us, let's pray that they are united with God, where they deserve to be. d_oh.gif

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in the news it said they were swimming ??? can some tell us wat really happened personally i cant see singhs swimming with the kirpans in lakes were people proberly urinate in ???

bul chuk maaf

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Satvir Singh!?!?!?!?! Waheguroo!!!!!!!

I only met this singh at Bebe Nanaki Sanjha Rainsbai! He was just next level! the amount of pyaar he had! wow. i was with my mate and he told us how he only took amrit a few days ago and stuff n we were like WOOOOOW. He said to 2me he usually ties a dhumalla but because he watched a video of sant ji and he tied a gol dastaar n asked me to tie it on him after because he didnt like it. i hardly knew him but he showed so much pyaar. just next level, such an inspiration.

and then i saw him at Taksal program at baba sang gurduara 2 weeks ago. he said a quick phatehi and said he had to go and he said 2me "check it out, we riding kharkoo style" and jumped on a bike with somebody who i think is his dad. only spoke 2 him once or twice but gosh he gave out this vibe! so full of energy and pyaar.


its sad when we loose amazing gursikhs like these guys but we gotta learn from it, its all hukam it was meant to be. d_oh.gifpray.gif

Sometimes i wonder why gursikhs die and people like me stay alive to carry on polluting this world.

Hukam i guess..


i know wot u mean. no.gif same here

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Please pay homage to the 3 young souls that have gone to there heavenly abode on saturday at around 4 pm. they where true gursikhs...had taken there amrit and had allot of knowlege...they were my freinds but most of all my brothers...they were very very very into there sikhi...and i respected each of them....there age was also one that you would accept to have death touch them...one was 15....one 17 and one was 21 there names where Harvinder Singh, Satvir Singh and Tajinder Singh. please pay your respect to these departed sould and do ardas that they Find Space in GURU Jiz lap.


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waheguru waheguru waheguru just saw it on Main news - sky news chnl 501 i was shocked and saddned we do ardass 4 the lost souls wjkkwjkf

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pray for the GurSikhs who Mahraj called back into His charan and those left behind.. pray for those who have not lived a Gursikh jeevan.. pray for those less fortunate than ourselves - sarbat da bhalla - just pray...

This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Gauree on Ang 327 of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj:

gauVI kbIr jI ]

gourree kabeer jee ||

Gauree, Kabeer Jee:

ipMif mUAY jIau ikh Gir jwqw ]

pi(n)dd mooai jeeo kih ghar jaathaa ||

When the body dies, where does the soul go?

sbid AqIiq Anwhid rwqw ]

sabadh atheeth anaahadh raathaa ||

It is absorbed into the untouched, unstruck melody of the Word of the Shabad.

ijin rwmu jwinAw iqnih pCwinAw ]

jin raam jaaniaa thinehi pashhaaniaa ||

Only one who knows the Lord realizes Him.

ijau gUMgy swkr mnu mwinAw ]1]

jio goo(n)gae saakar man maaniaa ||1||

The mind is satisfied and satiated, like the mute who eats the sugar candy and just smiles, without speaking. ||1||

AYsw igAwnu kQY bnvwrI ]

aisaa giaan kathhai banavaaree ||

Such is the spiritual wisdom which the Lord has imparted.

mn ry pvn idRV suKmn nwrI ]1] rhwau ]

man rae pavan dhrirr sukhaman naaree ||1|| rehaao ||

O mind, hold your breath steady within the central channel of the Sushmanaa. ||1||Pause||

so guru krhu ij bhuir n krnw ]

so gur karahu j bahur n karanaa ||

Adopt such a Guru, that you shall not have to adopt another again.

so pdu rvhu ij bhuir n rvnw ]

so padh ravahu j bahur n ravanaa ||

Dwell in such a state, that you shall never have to dwell in any other.

so iDAwnu Drhu ij bhuir n Drnw ]

so dhhiaan dhharahu j bahur n dhharanaa ||

Embrace such a meditation, that you shall never have to embrace any other.

AYsy mrhu ij bhuir n mrnw ]2]

aisae marahu j bahur n maranaa ||2||

Die in such a way, that you shall never have to die again. ||2||

aultI gMgw jmun imlwvau ]

oulattee ga(n)gaa jamun milaavo ||

Turn your breath away from the left channel, and away from the right channel, and unite them in the central channel of the Sushmanaa.

ibnu jl sMgm mn mih n@wvau ]

bin jal sa(n)gam man mehi nhaavo ||

At their confluence within your mind, take your bath there without water.

locw smsir iehu ibauhwrw ]

lochaa samasar eihu biouhaaraa ||

To look upon all with an impartial eye - let this be your daily occupation.

qqu bIcwir ikAw Avir bIcwrw ]3]

thath beechaar kiaa avar beechaaraa ||3||

Contemplate this essence of reality - what else is there to contemplate? ||3||

Apu qyju bwie ipRQmI Awkwsw ]

ap thaej baae prithhamee aakaasaa ||

Water, fire, wind, earth and ether

AYsI rhq rhau hir pwsw ]

aisee rehath reho har paasaa ||

adopt such a way of life and you shall be close to the Lord.

khY kbIr inrMjn iDAwvau ]

kehai kabeer nira(n)jan dhhiaavo ||

Says Kabeer, meditate on the Immaculate Lord.

iqqu Gir jwau ij bhuir n Awvau ]4]18]

thith ghar jaao j bahur n aavo ||4||18||

Go to that home, which you shall never have to leave. ||4||18||


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A real tragedy and extremely sad. May VaheGuruji give their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, cousins, uncles and aunties strength and comfort in these desperately sad times. May their friends also be given comfort by VaheGuruji. May their souls be blessed and find themselves merged with Akaal Puraakh.

Guru Fateh

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