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Waho Waho Gobind Singh

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Could someone please post the translation to this shabad or post a link?


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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shabad found here:

translation here:

-Har sache takhat rachaaya Sat sangat mela

Har, the God, established the true congregation as his celestial throne.

Nanak nirbhau nirankaar Vich sidhaan khela

(Guru) Nanak illuminated the Sidhas with the true form of the Fearless and Formless One.

-Gur simar manaayee kaalka

The Guru (in his Tenth Form) entreated the Shakti, the

Khande kee vela

Integrity, by bequeathing the nectar through the Broad Sword.

Peevoh paahul khand-dhaar Hoye janam sohela

Quaffing the nectar of Broad Sword, accomplish the worth of your birth.

-Gur sangat keenee Khalsa Manmukhee dohela

While the egocentric remains in duality, the Khalsa, the pure ones, enjoy the association of the Guru;

Wah wah Gobind Singh aape gur chela

Hail, hail (Guru) Gobind Singh; He, Himself, is the Master and Disciple too.

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