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Thankyou Vaheguru Ji My Life And Soul

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Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

13th August 2005…Was the greatest day of my life. When I gave my head to the king of kings the saint of saints my pita ji Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Maharaj did so much kirpa on me for me to wear guru jis crown on my head and for me to receive amrit. Vaheguru ji held my hand and lead me towards him.

Vaheguru ji made me realise that life is a journey and a huge test. But I’m just happy that vaheguru ji did kirpa on me, on this moorakh. To bless me with a gursikhi life. This is the greatest gift of life, not a mansion or a new car. But the pyaar and naam of vaheguru ji.

I will hold my head high with guru jis crown on, and be proud. As I am Guru Gobind Singh jis daughter and I will make my pita ji proud.

I just hope vaheguru ji blesses everybody out there how he has blessed me.


Vaheguru ji was my eyes when I couldn’t see, my ears when I couldn’t hear , my voice when I couldn’t speak , my air when I couldn’t breathe, my arms when I couldn’t reach. But most of all vaheguru ji held me in his arms when I was down and when I had ever doubted him. He told me he loved me and that he was always with me. And he still is. Vaheguru ji is my life and soul. And I thank vaheguru ji everyday that he has given me this opportunity in life. I just hope he gives others the opportunity to.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh!!


Arrandeep Kaur Khalsa

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