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Guest Manprit Khaira

Regarding sikh women

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raju je this has nothing to do with prayer or seva

just istting on tabiya

if one ones to do prayer whos stoppingthem

if one wants seva, there many sevas at gurughar

and gust je is right

the only reason the area shud be keptclean ohyscially for guru je at all times

if a singh didnt do full ishnaan, he cant go there and sit down either

bhula chuka maf

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Guest Guest

yes, ov cors itz k 2 do seva itz jus 4 da fact keep the area surrounding Guru Ji with respect. U nva realy can tll wen ur oing 2 leak. Jus sitting on the Tabiya I dont think is right while menstruating. I'm a female myself and I dnt agree with sitting on the Tabiya because u dont know what can happen. Seva and paaht is different, u still can do seva @ the gurdwara and do paaht if your menstruating nothing wrong in that. Just make sure that Guru Ji is respected.

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Sitting on 'tabiya' is equivalent to 'conducting a prayer' is it not ?? Plz correct me if I'm wrong ?

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(to the female Sangat) u no if you've taken Amrit and your menstruating can you wear a separate underwear underneath the Kachera?

yeah because if you look at how a Kachera is made it is not practical to hold a sanitary towel in position

i agree wit Gupt dasn dass i also think with regards to the leakage thing you have to bare in mind how long you will be sitting - usually a copule of hours right?; if a woman is menstruating heavily it may not be suitable for her to sit at Tabiya

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agree with anjaan bhainjee..nicely said... anyway, the point we're basically trying to get across is

1) Women/Bibiyaan/Ladies/Singhnees/Kaurs...it's perfectly alright to go to gurdwara, do keertan in sadh sangat, do paath in sadh sangat, participate in sevaa during your menstrual period. Those who do not participate in the abovementioned activities do so because of their own personal choice 'cuz periods can be hellishly uncomfortable most times especially during first few days. Therefore, such women stay away to avoid aggravating the already painful cramps etc. Bear in mind that staying away is a personal choice and sikhism does not discriminate against bibiyaan by saying they are unclean during their menstrual periods and cannot participate in sevaa etc.

2) With regards to sitting on tabiya, it appears that the contention here is that...because a woman might leak, it's inappropriate because it dirties Guru Maharaj's sanctum...i suppose it's for the best that such doctrines are being preached. However, if a lady wanna sit on tabiya to take hukumnama or something, I suppose it's alright cuz she's not gonna be sitting for hours or so. Rather a complicated issue....hmmmm :)wacko.gif :doh: @

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no raju je

sitting on tabiya is one sevai cud pray from my house, anywhere

no one is stopping abhnje from sitting in sangat and listening to gurbanee, kirtan, etc.

thas praying

there r many others

its just to keep the area clean for guru je

like a guy cant go without doing full body ishnaan either

and i wudnt go if i knew i cant control throwing up or something

bhula chuka maf

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how many people do ishnaan and their minds are freakin filthy as all hell?

just check out the giani thread.

And our Guru Sahib sat with the poorest of the poor, lowest of the low, people's minds need to be clean and that is reinforced in Gurbani over and over again. If women who are menstruating are unclean should they not make roti for their family for a week huh? I mean you wouldn't want an unclean woman making your family's food right? So i guess the family is eating out for a week once a month until menapause?

Why make things so complicated, and by the way who wants to volunteer to make sure the woman doing sewa isn't on her period?

jil hY sUqku Qil hY sUqku sUqk Epiq hoeI ] (331-10, gauVI Aqy soriT, Bgq kbIr jI)

jal hai sootak thal hai sootak sootak opat ho-ee.

There is pollution in the water, and pollution on the land; whatever is born is polluted.

jnmy sUqku mUey Puin sUqku sUqk prj ibgoeI ]1] (331-11, gauVI Aqy soriT, Bgq kbIr jI)

janmay sootak moo-ay fun sootak sootak paraj bigo-ee. ||1||

There is pollution in birth, and more pollution in death; all beings are ruined by pollution. ||1||

khu ry pMfIAw kaun pvIqw ] (331-11, gauVI Aqy soriT, Bgq kbIr jI)

kaho ray pandee-aa ka-un paveetaa.

Tell me, O Pandit, O religious scholar: who is clean and pure?

AYsw igAwnu jphu myry mIqw ]1] rhwau ] (331-12, gauVI Aqy soriT, Bgq kbIr jI)

aisaa gi-aan japahu mayray meetaa. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Meditate on such spiritual wisdom, O my friend. ||1||Pause||

we are all polluted only God is pure, we are not God so don't think we are all pure and some people are not.


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that shabad is beeing used out of context

this has nothing to do with the brahmin thinkinf of spirtually unclean

its bout physcial

if i had to frekin puke every 2 sec and i go sit on guru jes tabiya and i do stuff everywhere, thas pure paap

knowing that, i went, and i made guru jes tabiya physically unclean

as guru jes sikhs, we shud have pyaar, and want it to be clean

pick up and dirt there

if a women is on period, chance u might leak or somethin

and then guru jes tabiya wu be dirty

its bout keping guru jes taboya clean

even singhs cant go without full ishnaan

and if u have like uncontroable throwing up pproblem or somethiin, u shudnt sit ther either

bhula chuka maf

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Guest Guest
gupt daasan daas ji pads and tampons have come a long way, girls don't leak uncontrollably as you may think by comparing it to uncontrollable puking...

sorry for sounding graphic.



thank u

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ya i agree veer je they have coe a long way

and if they go to the length its for sure no leakage, which i dunt kno , but if there ar pads that can control the leakage completle and always, np, for sure, thn i dunt think there shud be problem with sitting on tabiya

are there pads and protection like that?

bhula chuka maf

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