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for sikhs what is life after death?

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DhadiMania    11

in search of the true guru by bhai sahib bhai rama singh


we cant spoil the surprise now can we? :doh:

gustaphi maaf

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Singh, Mahan    238

The subject of death and what happens after that, is talked about at quite a few places in Guru Granth Sahib. Reading it and connecting all that what is written at various places in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, you get a good idea of what death is. Each life is created in/by Hukam (God’s Will) – (refer to Japji Sahib). Hukam is the rules by which God rules, more like the Laws of Nature looked at from a spiritual point of view. Each life form (be it human or any other) has two sides to it. One the material structure, the other is the intelligence that runs through that material and brings that matter (earthly elements) structured in a certain fashion, to life. That intelligence is under the control of God’s Will, the Hukam. It is by Hukam that a man becomes created high or low.

In human beings that intelligence forms the part of consciousness. At death the body dies- cease to function, but the consciousness dies not. All our actions make an image of them in the intelligence/consciousness. ( refer: Truth is high but higher than the truth are the good deeds – seva). When a person dies, the intelligence/ consciousness reconstructs a body from the image so created in accordance with the Hukam (Devine Laws – God’s Will) applicable to the image. Perhaps, a person who has been behaving like an animal will most likely be born as an animal. A person who has been acting piously will , perhaps be reborn with the qualities of a saint. Those who have overcome Kam, Krodh, Loh, Moh, and Hankar (i.e. those who have become pure enough) most likely will merge back into the pure cosmic consciousness (God). According to Sri Gru Granth sahib, all that is manifest has come out of Nirgun Nirankar. Nirankar is what we call One God. Nirankar has countless “Devine Attributes” (see SGPC website) one of the most important attributes (Naam) is SAT ( Truth – the ultimate reality). SAT is also interpreted as the intelligence / consciousness of the cosmos. SAT pervades everywhere there is no place where it is not. According to Siri Guru Granth Sahib ( Maru M:1) all that gets created from SAT eventually merges back into SAT.

So the consciousness of each an individual, if it follows the Hukam, will progress to wards the final merge with SAT. If some one does not follow the Hukam, what he is supposed to, his progress is interrupted, may even become retrograde. The rules of SAT, Hukam, apply to all human being. Those rules are not specific to any religion. They apply to all human beings, be they Christians, Muslim, Hindus, or Sikh. Look at it as that a medicine will work on all human beings whether they are Hindu, Muslim, or Christian. So the Hukam of SAT (God’s Will) is universal. This is what we mean when we (Sikhs) say One Universal God. In relation to One Universal God all human beings are human beings. “in the eyes” of SAT, there in no Hindu nor any Muslim, they are all human beings subject to His Will (Hukam).

According to Sikhism there no heaven or hell. The idea of heaven or hell has come from the religions of Semitic origin (Christianity and Islam). According to these religions the soul of human beings is created permanently. It cannot be destroyed. So after death it has to live somewhere. So these religions, in order to resolve the question of where will the souls go when a person dies, suggest the place will be either the heaven or hell. In the Sikh theology, soul is part of SAT, but was separated by the Karta Purkh ( the attribute of creativity of SAT) in order to create beauty and creativity in the world. When that journey is over, it joins back with SAT. So there no place where it (soul) becomes housed permanently. It (soul) creates and recreates life till it learns how to remove the impurity (image of self, ego, in the intelligence). When it becomes pure enough it is allowed to merge back in its original source (SAT)

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