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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Here is a question i I received from a Christian who is studying Sikhi: “If waheguru is eternal and encompasses the universe (but not limited to just the universe itself) and has existed always and will always continue to exist, how did ego enter into at least part of the world? if waheguru is inside all things including humans, at what point did parts of waheguru (by parts I mean humans, animals etc) get "infected" with ego? It would stand to reason that something pure like waheguru could never succumb to ego. for example the gurus or fully realized people will never succumb to ego again, correct? so if waheguru existed eternally, how did ego enter? has ego also existed eternally with waheguru? (I don't think this is the Sikhi standpoint). Is it possible for waheguru to cease existing permanently, or for waheguru to tell lies? I would assume that it would not be, since it goes against waheguru's nature, correct? Why would waheguru create confusion/ego/illusion and cause part of itself to be deluded? How do Sikh's know then that the Gurus never made a mistake, if as you say it's possible for a fully realized person to become deluded? Based on this, is it even possible that waheguru spoke some falsehoods or lies, even in the SGGS or part of the Sikh teachings?” How would you answere this question?
  2. Harsimran singh Khalsa

    Wjkk wjkf. With great sadness I have found out that harsimran singh left his body. Would someone in the sangat please tell me how did he die? Some people say he was sick but others say different things 😔 wjkk wjkf
  3. I am a 12 year old amritdhari sikh. I live in India in June I broke my femur and had a operation my kes'so beadvice was done I didn't Knew about my operation should I have to retake Amrit.....................
  4. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh! I have a personal doubt to discuss .. Lets start the topic (i m already sure a lot of you will have discordant opinions from mine but thats right all opinions are accepted). Before all i'd say i belong to a sikh family and i have faith in god (i sometimes do path and often listen to gurbani), but i m not amritdhari and i ve not even took kesh for the moment. My problem is that i have to deal with a nose which i personally dont like so much (a hooked nose, i mean a nose with a little hump, that is not really in harmony with my other facial features). Fortunately, people (in school,city,ecc) have never bullied me but i think that, during puberty, my nose got a bit worse due perhaps to two operations ( in childood i had two operations to the nose to improve breathing reducing my nasal polyps, that were harmful for the breathe, and extracting nasal adenoids). Anyway, the current fact (now i m 22) is that when i look up to the mirror i like my self and feel comfortable but when i look to my nose i always feel very down with mood and self esteem,, i think a nose job to ONLY REFINE nose will surely solve the problem so i will probably do it in future ( i will probably do this NOT FOR looking "better" around society but at first for my personal satisfaction and for my better psychological balance). In fact i am talking with you about nosejob after years full of doubts and paranoia (a very negative period): the last 2/3 years i suffered a lot, i generally was vulnerable , afraid of people/society opinions and criticism (also for stupid things, like a comment on my clothes or a majak about my shyness nature,ecc.) and consequently didn't like my self so much so i started to isolate from people, stay always closed at home and talk only with parents. My life was ruined. Fortunately, Thanks to god,to books,to my family support and also to the aid of a good psychologist (i had some sessions with her, despite my parents were wary at the beginning ) i understood a lot of my problems and i am realizing that first of all i HAVE TO to love my self, follow my wishes (of course with some limits) and live my life with passion, without thinking about other people bad opinions and be conditioned by them !! So one of my first wish as i said is to have a little change only in my actual nose (other wishes are for example to improve in my job, pray for sarbat da pala, help people in difficulty trough socialworks and internet, make my family and community proud, ecc.): i m not in favor of cosmetic surgery generally and i don't like plastic people but i think this surgery is right only if it is going to solve a serious estethic or pshicologically disease in a person who is mature, as in my case. On the other side i know that nosejob , being a part of cosmetic surgery, is against sikh discipline (according to the dharam, in fact, our body is a natural gift of god so we should try to mantain it the same till death) and as sikhs we should focus on our INNER peace/beauty and then reach guru grace. Me too, as i belong to sikh pariwaar (and one day with guruji kirpa wish to be baptized), i love gurbani and follow a lot of principles like be honest, respect others, do sewa, stay away fromdrugs,alcool, kaam, krod, onkar, and above all try to help people that are in difficulty (in fact one of my future project is to make as a passion instructive videos on youtube in order to spread POSITIVE VIBES and try to MOTIVATE people especially the young people who are in difficulty but have inside great hidden-talents!!) . So, in short words, i am a simple and educated person with a inner spirituality: I could seem a narcissist person just bcz i want to do this kind of operation (nose job) but i am sure i m not full of ego or a bad person (a huge "paapi banda") and i am also in good relation with the local khalsa community!! FINALLY I CAN EXPLAIN MY DOUBT: IN YOUR SIKHI OPINION IF I DO THE SURGERY BUT I STAY A GOOD AND HONEST PERSON FOR ALL MY LIFE , I WILL BE DEFINITELY CONDEMNED BY GOD DUE TO THE OPERATION OR I WILL HAVE ANYWAY THE POSSIBILITY TO REACH GURU GRACE AND GOD AFTER DEATH (TAKING MAYBE AMRiT AND FOLLOWING SIKH DISCIPLINE IN FUTURE)? i know a person who had hair transplantation some years ago and now he is a sardar and i also have an amritdhari excellent friend who in his young age got some permanent tattoos,, for me a nosejob is at the same PAAP LEVEL of getting tattoos, having hair transplant or going in the case of woman to hairfacial laser, isnt it ??? If i make some grammar mistakes i m sorry , i don t live in a british country.. look forward for any reply that can help me with my doubt . pulla chukka da maaf karna
  5. I use to say "thank you waheguru" a lot everyday etc but stopped because i got told that im not suppose to do that because its "dualistic" and breaks oneness with waheguru. Is saying "thank you waheguru" for things bad? Can i still say it because people keep saying that its dualistic and shouldn'tbe done. What do I do?
  6. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Shaheedi_of_Guru_Tegh_Bahadur
  7. I respect "Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh", but tell me since gurbaani says god is the only thing that exists. "Sab Gobind hai sab gobind hai. Gobind bin nahi koi" . If god is only thing that exists, then how can there even be a concept like "victory" or "defeat". Its like me playing tennis with myself. its ridiculous . I am neither the winner nor the loser. For me to either win or lose, there has to be someone else ! But with god, there's no one else. Even things are him only. So "Waheguru ji ki fateh" is against whom . ? when waheguru is the only thing that exists . Also since everything is his , both good and bad, then why we say "Waheguru ji ka Khalsa" too. I am trying to understand. no offense Mods might consider moving this thread to Gurbani section. Sorry !
  8. A recording of Sant Mani Singh Ji talking about Sikhi, Naam and Gurbani. This very unique and special Enlightened being is the first brahmgyani to be born in England (outside of India). https://youtu.be/Swpq55f3msc
  9. Sikhism is growing!

    In 1981 there were 13 million Sikhs. In 2017 there are 30 million Sikhs. In the Sikh homeland Punjab there are 18 million Sikhs.
  10. http://www.islam-sikhism.info/god-waheguru-sex-metaphors/
  11. Wasting Time?

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! How to control wasting time on useless stuff and focus on building productivity in Gurmat or personal things? Sometimes, I genuinely feel like I could do something so much more; however, it all gets wasted away in stuff that I don't really need or think other people need, (this website being one example, where it just seems like debates and nobody really learns anything). Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  12. 500 arths of Waheguru

    Was reading up on nirmaley and was curious if they actually produced a book/pothi/teeka on the 500 arths of Waheguru mantra, also if they have does anyone know/have access to a copy?
  13. I know some people will think i ask a no-brainer question. Everyone knows what simran is. Or do we know? I wish to start each day of mine now with simran at amritvela. This is the best thing one can do and its merits are eulogized again and again in sggs. But some say simran is reciting waheguru, waheguru. Others will say just parroting isnt enough.you have to listen deeply. Yet others say they focus ob third eye in trikuti when meditating. Yet some others say simran is not physical but more mental, simply remembering waheguru at all times. Whatever simran maybe in true sense, its more powerful than all nuclear bombs. Guru sahib even goes to say that one can't describe the "gati" of one who believes this way. To see the wonders of simran go no further than ashtpadi one of sukhmani sahib. This wonderful baani in its first octet describes the wonders and fruits of naam simran , 8 nidhi, 18 siddhi, etc. I wonder why so many who claim to do naam simran don't get them. 🤔
  14. For more than 50 years, the Central Govt has made Panjab give away more than 50 percent of its river water, for free, to the non riparian states of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. And it has costed Panjab more than 20 lakh crore rupees (£200 billion pounds). Today only 20 per cent of Panjab's water needs are being met by its own river water. In this film, Pritam Singh Kumedan, an expert and advisor to the Panjab Govt on riparian water issues, reveals, in an interview with UNITED SIKHS, how Panjab can stop giving away this water for free. Will the politicians, who Panjab is voting for on 4th Feb 2017, ensure that Panjab does not give away its water to non-riparian states anymore?
  15. Hello i am having a lot of problems at home and in life in general and i try my best to do paath. my uncle who is very connected to waheguru said dont do paath im telliong waheguru not to listen to your paath because my mum instigated him about me. Now i am really scared will waheguru really not listen to my paath or ardaas?
  16. problems

    Hello i am having a lot of problems at home i try my best to do paath but i have had a bad time and since i was born my mother gives me badua and does not like it when i am happty. she told my uncle things about me which is not true and always fights with me. my uncle does a lot of paath and is connected to waheguru for example he can know just by looking at me whether i done paath he said i told waheguru not to listen to your paath and dont do it. now im worries as my paath will be answered or not? will waheguru really not help me now#?
  17. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh, Sangat jee everyone share the bania and shabads which affect you guys the most and why? Let's start disucssing the greatness of Gurbani! _/\_
  18. What do I do

    Sat Sri Akal ji I am 32 years old, well qualified and with a good professional future.My parents had been searching for quite a while for a suitable match groom for me, but due to some reason or the other I couldn't see any of those prospective grooms as my future husband. I prayed to waheguru every day to find the perfect match for me. I did Sehaj Path, woke up at Amrit vela, did mool mantra jaap, went to gurudwara sahib every day. In the meantime this whole finding a groom thing was turning into utter torture for me. Then finally about two years ago It seemed Akal Purkh had answered my prayers. Our parents exchanged our numbers and we started talking. This person was the ideal I had been searching for. He had firm belief in Sikhism, did simran, woke up at Amrit vela, had never been into a relationship with anyone, was doing great in his profession, was very understanding and a thorough gentleman. I absolutely worshipped him. I thanked God everyday for sending this man in my life. We talked about our future together, discussed spiritualism etc. All this while his mother kept putting of fixing a wedding date on some pretext or the other. Then finally she told my mother that she doesn't want us to be together. The reason she gave was a very frivolous one regarding my height. But what hurt me the most was that this man whom I respected and loved with all my heart and soul, whom I looked up to as my husband without there being any formal ceremony, he seemed to remain utterly indifferent to all this. He even refused to take my calls.finally he messaged saying he can't go against his parents. How can people who believe in waheguru act like this? I put all my faith in waheguru then why did God do this to me. I am utterly shattered and depressed. I am unable to concentrate on paath or simran. It's like I've lost everything. The future seems so dark. I keep on thinking about this guy and crying all the time. I feel so tired of life. I have resigned from my job, my health has suffered and I am afraid of what the future holds for me. I have never felt so helpless. I feel even waheguru is not on my side and is punishing me. Please help me.
  19. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh My Sikh brothers and sisters, I had a very troubling experience recently, and cannot make sense of what is going on. I post this for some spiritual guidance, and hope somebody has relevant passages from Guru Granth Sahib Ji that can point me in the right direction. One late evening a year ago, I was in a very bad situation driving my car, I do not want to go in detail. At the point at which I should have died, I had a vague vision of seeing bright light, and I believe I saw a baba with a white beard, I want to say he was standing behind a tall podium or something like that. Its so vague now, I dont recall how long this vision was, any detail, or if anything was said. Then right after that, I had another dream or vision so vivid, it felt real- My heart jolted and I was back in my car, but I could see the passenger next to me dead, and in a very gruesome situation. My heart jolted, and then I remember seeing emergency lights behind me, and came back to reality. I was so scared to look to my right, but when I did, my passenger was now alive and unscathed. I was not particularly religious before this event. But after the event although I am still a mona sikh, I wear my Kara more often and recite Japji sahib every day. I should have died that night, and every day I ask myself "am I really alive?". And even a few times I can almost even convince myself that I am really dead and this reality is just an illusion (very strong deja vu at times). A strange thing happened recently on the one year anniversary of my "death". I had markings break out on my body- and inflate parts of my skin (kind of like how a mosquito bite does). I also had red scratches all over my body- like the kind you get when you itch skin too much with long nails. This has never happened to me before, and I find the coincidence to be unbelievable. Maybe I am going mad....maybe guru ji was trying to send me a message to save my life and put me in the right direction. I dont know- but I would really appreciate the sangats advice on what is happening and if there are any passages relevant to my situation. Thank you for your time. Waheguru Ji ka khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki fateh
  20. To quote a portion: 'The seven years, from 1708-1716, which chart the meteoric rise and execution of Banda Singh Bahadur are a testament to the rugged individualism and grit of the Sikhs. They reflect a prominent pattern of Sikh history viz. the ascent, descent and the re-ascent of the Khalsa over it’s foes. As memories of June 1984 loom ever closer, it would be prudent for Sikhs worldwide to reflect upon the revolutions of both Banda and the Sikhs of ’84 and attempt to identify the similarities in both. It is a given that no two movements can ever be fully compared or even contrasted, but a general consensus can always be agreed upon vis-a-vis their effect and ultimate conclusion. The forced demise of Banda Singh’s revolution did not put it’s spirit to sleep; rather it only bolstered the Sikh spirit and the Khalsa continued it’s struggle for sovereignty and religious freedom in the wilderness of the Punjab. Post-’84, the Sikhs failed to derive inspiration from their past and rather focused solely upon the trauma of ’84. As such, their history was brought to a premature conclusion on the events of the aforementioned period. One need only imagine what the result would have been if the post-Banda Sikhs had focused solely upon their treatment at the hands of the Mughals, rather than taking any conducive steps towards preserving themselves from such atrocities in the future.' https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/06/03/the-stalwarts-revolution/
  21. For the Dead Don't Depart on Their Own http://www.newindianexpress.com/magazine/For-the-Dead-Dont-Depart-on-Their-Own/2016/04/30/article3403583.ece1
  22. Sangat ji I used to trim hairs before but came to canada 3 yrs back and with sangat if si gh friends, i stopped trimming hairs, nd started reading gurbani also. Some singh friends told to be a amritdhari but i said i will first remember all 5 banis nd will increase my nitnem to 2.5 hrs a day minimum, nd when i will go back then i will become an amritdhari. So they told me to practice rehat first, as some singh friends alao used to practice. So i dis an ardass to guru sahib and started wearing all kakaars including kirpan, it was now about almost two years. I do 5 bania nitnem everyday without missing a single day, sometime two nitnems or three. When i m nit on job, get up early moring about 12,30am or 1,30am and tried to practice mool mantarr, Since then not even look at girls, consider all as sisters. Remember all 5 banis except jaap sahib now, nd keep practice mool matar all the day till bed. Never addicted to drugs etc, i not even drink cofee nd tea from two years But today a gurmukh pyara while discussions told me that u should not wear kirpan without amrit, as its not good, u can wear all 4 kakaars but not kirpan, But sangat ji, i has decided to take amrit on 2017 vaisakhi,(it was my personal promise with me, as i need to have operation of my eyes, which will be beadvi of eye hairs). Moreover, i personally promised to take amrit from damdami taksal(i know amrit is same where there r panj pyaras, but its just my own wish to go damdami taksal) He told me that we will discuss this with 5 pyaras if they say good, u can wear kirpan If they say its not good, u should not wear kirpan without amrit. I will definety do what they will decide but i started wearing kakaars 2 yrs back nd havent separated from my body even while crossing USA borders so many times, i dont want to remove kirpan. Nd i dnt want to have operation on my eyes after amrit, so i can take amrit only on vaisaakhi 2017, i just aaking for ur kind answers. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  23. Answering misconceptions regarding Miri-Piri: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/misconceptions/
  24. Waheguru Does Mehr

    Well I'm back from India. Just woke up, feels weird being back, freezing cold here. Still can here all the hustle and bustle of India. Thought I'd share some positive news with you. This happened a day after I went to Harmandir Sahib ji: ?? Waheguru. Sorry the post has gone through twice. Can Admin/Mods delete one plz.