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  1. WJKK WJKF (This post is not here to name individuals or organisations, or hurt any person or organisations sentiments, please respect each others views and keep it civil in the replies.) I would like to raise awareness to the issues we are currently facing in the Panth and the way that many Sikhs are deluded and brainwashed by Cults/Jathas and Sikhi Camps, I want to push for some sort of answer to his problem so read the below story as I tried to make it as concise as possible. Recently, my sister who is 14, decided she wanted to attend a Sikhi- camp. I thought great idea, I will volunteer to be a Sevadar as I am a Amritdhari Singh and also can read/write punjabi, and everything will be great as the organisers were requesting a additional punjabi teaching volunteer, sister can have fun and I can get to meet new people and learn about my faith more... Cutting a long story short got the "job" as the punjabi teacher for the duration of the camp, aside from the standard type of hypocritical Amrithdaris, I was greeted with some overly happy looking Singhs who were one of the main organisers for the whole thing and , initially this seemed like a good thing, change of scene, positive environment, close with the guru etc. The day before the last day of camp everything had been going well aside from there being no hot water, during my session, a young singh asked if he can talk to me in private (A lot of the youths trusted me more than other volunteers), I said yeah sure, I was wondering what it was about, I thought the kid may be missing his family or something. Turns out, one of the organising Singhs last night went to this young singhs sleeping area and kissed him on the lips "Goodnight", and casually walked away. The young singh said he felt like he has been violated now because he hasn't even kissed a girl let alone ..., Furious as I was, I had a feeling he was telling the truth, I knew there was something dodgy about the key organising Singhs but just was not too sure of it. I went to the Singh immediately, took him to one side and asked him quietly what happened? He denied the whole thing, but said he did go check on the young Singh at night as he thought he heard someone walking around when doing Pehra. There was no proof he said, the youths word against the Singhs, and I was just a volunteer. As hard as it was I had to leave the camp with my sister, and I also instructed the other young singh to say he is ill or something and leave, he can come stay at ours with my, wife and daughter if he is scared of his parents, (as he is coming back early from camp and I have a spare room due to my son being at University). The young singh stayed over night at ours and he told the story to my wife while I questioned my daughter too see if she was ok. Thankfully, my daughter said she is good and, she was in my sight most of the camp anyway. My wife, said that this should be reported to the police immediately, I told her they won't do anything due to lack of evidence, no witnesses, cctv, forensics etc. We did end up going with the young Singh to his families house and explaining what had gone on. His parents are both from india, 1st language Punjabi, but have been in the UK for over 17 years. They didn't want to go to the police either, instead they just kept it hush and boycotted the organising Singhs projects. Heard from the young singh and he is doing better now going gym and focusing on his studies to recover from what is in my view a terrible incident, he has a few of his close friends supporting him and he knows me and my wife are only a phone call away if he ever needs a place to crash or hangout... contrary to his mates, the response from a lot of trusted sangat/singhs that I told, did not want to hear any of it. Its like half of them were like no the organising Singh is too pious, his kirtan skills are too good, reads bani etc he would never do that and other half was like they already knew these things went on and there isn't nothing we can do about it. But surely there is something we can do to prevent these situations? Wether you believe it or not, it does happen and can happen to anyone... its Kalyug. I did some research and I have read threads on this very site dating back from 2006 with similar allegations, we are in 2018 now... and many more carpet jobs have taken place in the last few years (without naming anyone or implicated any jatha) It is time we stopped trusting our children with cults and groups of strangers and "Singhs", not all singhs are bad but its hard to tell who is a masand and who is not, especially the amount of these groups where there are no women. Many of these Singhs do seem camp, not very warrior like. We need to draft up some sort of organised committee that keeps files of children attending Sikhism camps/and or involved in active jathas and who is responsible for there wellbeing, there should be a balance in males to females volunteer ratios at these camps, perhaps camp volunteers wear go pros? After all, many of them are not qualified to look after children, I certainly wasn't... maybe even some community police involvement? Perhaps a Sikh camp OFSTED (similar in schools where they are rated and inspected at random intervals). How can we prevent these cases happening and furthermore how can we go about actually punishing those involved when they are in a higher power place in society in terms of money, power, vocal skills, respect and following. Oh, and the organising Singh is raking in £$£$£ with his latest camp project acting like nothing has happened, even sent me hello messages on a few occasions which I obviously ignored :S
  2. Why is the uk so unsafe. All we hear and see on the news is stabbings, murders, gun crime,drugs. I feel the uk is getting worse and worse. The youth are out of control. There is no community spirit or cohesion. Theres a huge gang culture. It just seems like a very unpleasant place to live. Is it something in out diet that is making us so bad? It is not like this in other countries. Everyone is much friendlier and calmer. Yet the kids today seem full of rage, anger and hate. I was on train the other day and could hear the kids talking so much gandh out of their mouths. Like they have not been taught to speak with respect and lack decent everyday manners. What is causing the youth to behave ao badly. All you see them selling drugs starting fights or general anti social behaviour. Having been to spain and italy. It is nothing like this.
  3. Brexit

    After brexit the U.K. goes running to America for a trade deal.
  4. Slough Gurdwara Racial

  5. https://www.nhs.uk/news/cancer/ultra-processed-foods-linked-cancer/ I think most of us would not be surprised by this, but definitely a good reminder to avoid unnatural foods Ultra-processed foods linked to cancer Thursday February 15 2018 Examples include mass-produced breads and cakes, snacks and sweets, fizzy drinks, and ready meals. Researchers in France studied the diets of more than 100,000 people for 7 years. They found small increases in the overall rate of cancer and breast cancer after the menopause in those who had the highest proportion of ultra-processed food in their diet. But because of the wide range of foods included in the ultra-processed category, it's difficult to establish which specific foods might be responsible for the increased cancer risk, and why. The increased risk could be caused by eating more high-sugar, high-fat processed food.
  6. [AMRIT SANCHAR] UK, Coventry

    Amrit Sanchar, dedicated by Akhand Kirtani Jatha! Those who are wanting to receive amrit here are some details for the amrit sanchar. Please try your best not to miss it even if it's not within your area/city, just take a train. People would've travelled miles back then just to receive amrit! Date: December 23rd 2017 (3 PM) Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Road, Coventry, CV6 5GR KAKKARS WILL BE PROVIDED!! Contact Bhai Hardeep Singh (07969655015) for more information!
  7. http://www.ncauk.org/volunteer/portal/
  8. Event - Are the Sikh Community dealing with Mental Health issues? Venue - Imperial College, Skempton Building, SW7 2BB. Date - Nov 22nd Time - 6pm-8.30pm (discussion starts at 6.30pm). Format - The Sikh Press Association will host an open forum discussion where the audience and a specially selected panel of Sikh community figures experienced in the area of mental health will answer questions about the myths, the taboos and just exactly what is and what can be done to deal with mental health issues within the community. Panel - Gajan Singh, volunteer for Sikh Helpline, one of the Sikh community's foremost organisations dealing with mental health issues. Baljit Singh, Basics of Sikhi parcharak with his own experiences of dealing with mental health issues. Also on the panel will be a yet to be named mental health professional. A psychiatrist will also be in attendance throughout the event relaying a professional opinion, whilst representatives of several different organisations working on tackling mental health in the Sikh community will be present. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/are-the-sikh-community-dealing-with-mental-health-issues-tickets-39587249529?aff=es2
  9. I've decided to hand in my notice at work and focus on myself for a little while. I'm a UK born and raised mid 20s male. I'm in search of "home". I can't stand the UK anymore... The weathers pure shieet and the people aren't much better. The only thing tying me down is my family and the comforts of British life. I've decided I'm moving to Punjab for at least 6months. I'll be living in Amritsar just around the corner from Darbar Sahib, renting an apartment. I need the time away from work family everything here to focus on myself and hopefully build on my sikhi. Does anyone have any advice for me? Any recommendations? Stuff to pack take with me? Places to visit? Thank you in advance. I have an OCI visa. Basically on my visa photo I was mona short hair clean shaven etc. I've since grown my Kesh and now wear a dastar. My passport photo is a current photo. Do you think this could be an issue? Should I renew my OCI visa because of the change of appearance? I imagine this will be a lengthy process... Anyone done this? Thank you sangat ji in advance. Hope to hear from you guys soon wish me luck ha
  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/austerity-british-army-recruitment-crisis-philip-hammond-cuts-capita-outsourcing-not-enough-trained-a7825626.html
  11. Recent cases have shown white chavy males are chucking acid on people in london. Racist Whites used to look down on ethnic minorities used to have this snobbish racist attitude towards brown/desi and middle eastern countries saying how backward they and their communities are. Not any more looks like the scummy evil yobs of the white community are just as bad if not worse and need to be dealt with very harshly. Most of the recent victims seem to be asian muslim people done by black or white attackers.. London met police are hiding the stats.
  12. Ilford shooting: Shocked Muslims help bloodied man who came into mosque after being shot and stabbed Some worshippers thought there had been another terror attack Mark Chandler a day ago Crime scene: A police cordon outside the centre Noreen Qayyum Shocked Muslims leaving prayers rushed to help when a bleeding man who had been shot and stabbed ran into a mosque saying he had been attacked. The victim, described as a clean-shaven Sikh man, staggered into the Ilford Community Centre on Eton Road just before 2pm on Monday, bleeding from his shoulder. Those at the centre called for an ambulance and police to help the wounded man. Bashir Chaudhry, chairman of the mosque, said some people feared another terror attack had taekn place after people were mowed down early on Monday morning outside a mosque in Finsbury Park. But he said worshippers reacted calmly to the situation. He told the Standard: "Someone walked into the centre and he was bleeding very badly. "When I spoke to him he said 'I've been attacked'. "I immediately called the police and ambulance. It's what anyone else would have done." Mr Chaudhry said the man then left the centre and he followed him out to a nearby house and waited for emergency services to arrive. Police: A probe is underway (Noreen Qayyum) "I tried to help him," he said. "At that time people were leaving the mosque and they saw him and he was very badly hurt. "He was bleeding from the back of his neck and his shoulder and from his face." "Some people misunderstood what had happened," he said. "They thought somebody had attacked the worshippers, that the mosque had been attacked, which is not right." "With what's been going on in Finsbury Park and other places, people are concerned really." A spokesman for the Met said: “Police in Redbridge are dealing after a man was shot and stabbed. “Officers were called at 2.02pm on Monday, 19 June, to Eton Road, Ilford, to reports a man armed with a knife. “Attending officers found a man in a residential address suffering from stab and gunshot wounds. “He was taken to an east London hospital where his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.” Police said there had been no arrests so far and the incident is not being treated as terror-related. It is believed the victim knew his attack, police said. =================================================================== I wonder if any essex ./ east london Sikhs know more about who the victim was and who the attacker is or his racial religious background. If this is found to be an anti-sikh hate crime it will help Sikhs physically wake up and form self defense groups and maybe to get govt funding for resources into protecting the community better.
  13. VAHIGUROO JEE KAA KHALSA VAHIGUROO JEE KEE FATEH Humble Bentee If anyone knows of Lareevaar Saroops in the UK that need Sevaa doing. Many Gursikhs and Smagam organizers what to Prakash of Larveear Saroop. Please kindly share any information on Saroops in UK.
  14. http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2017/06/world/birmingham-uk-election-cnnphotos/
  15. Sikh24 reported that Gurdwaras were opening their doors to Manchester jihadi attack victims, and also Sikh cabbies were giving free rides to victims. No biggie, right? Wrong. It seems that at least some Muslims and their sympathizers were upset at highlighting this fact. Check out this tweet by a Sikh about Sikh cabbies giving free rides: https://mobile.twitter.com/SinghLions/status/866930974369632256/photo/1 @dineshjoshi70 applauds @SinghLions and says: Gurudwaras worldwide are messengers of humanity . So are the Sikhs and so do some others. But not Twitter user @ShazU_91. She asks why identify the religion of the good samaritans?: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShazU_91/status/866937798686912512?p=p and: https://mobile.twitter.com/ShazU_91/status/866941338742378496?p=p Actually what really pisses off Miss ShazU_91 is that normal people appreciate Sikhs' warm and giving personalities and the fact that they are not bombing average British people, and people are figuring out the difference between Sikhs and Muslim, even people like Katie Hopkins in her latest article: What Miss ShazU_91 wants is a united colored peoples front where whenever the latest Islamic terror attack occurs, everybody who isn't white (West Indians, Chinese and other orientals, aboriginals from various places, Indians including Sikhs, Pakistanis, middle-easterners, Africans, North Africans, Latinos, etc.) get lumped into a single category, and no further distinctions are made. And I don't think we should give her what she wants.
  16. Hi everyone, I am a singh who was born and raised in America. I am considering moving to Edinburgh, Scotland. I wanted to ask the UK Sikhs on this board about what the Sikh community in Scotland is like. 1. Are there a decent amount of Sikhs in Scotland? 2. What is the Sikh community in Scotland like? (In other words: is it made up mostly of new immigrants, or Sikhs who immigrated long ago? Are the Sikhs there more from a rural background or an urban background? Are the Sikhs there generally religious or secular? Are there a decent number of Gurdwaras?) 3. Are there significant Sikh communities outside of Scotland (in Northern England) that are a reasonable commute from Scotland? 4. How difficult/expensive is it to travel from Scotland to the parts of the UK with large Sikh populations (London, West Midlands)? I am worried about moving to a place where I will feel isolated. It would be good to know what I can expect in Scotland in terms of the local Sikh community.
  17. As the title suggests...
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39359158 Four people, including an armed police officer and a man believed to be the attacker, have died in a terrorist incident near the UK's Houses of Parliament, Scotland Yard has said. One of the victims was among several pedestrians hit by a car on Westminster Bridge, before it crashed. An officer protecting Parliament was stabbed by an attacker, who was shot by police. At least 20 people were injured, including three other officers. Acting Deputy Commissioner and head of counter terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, said a major terrorist investigation was under way. He said the attack started shortly before 15:00 GMT when the car was driven over Westminster Bridge, hitting and injuring a number of members of the public and the three police officers, who were on their way back from a commendation ceremony. Mr Rowley said after the car crashed, a man armed with the knife "continued the attack and tried to enter Parliament". Witnesses say there was what appeared to be a warning shout and then the crack of three or four shots before the attacker fell to the floor. Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood - a former Army officer whose brother died in the Bali terrorist bombing in 2002 - attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of an injured police officer. Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee later. Speaking ahead of the meeting, a Downing Street spokesman said: "The thoughts of the PM and the government are with those killed and injured in this appalling incident, and with their families." Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said: "We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the officer who has died. This incident shows the dangers our colleagues face on a daily basis. *False Flag? Why now? And what events will follow?*
  19. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh ji Anyone in the UK selling shaster?
  20. Why do the demographics of the UK show that there are more indians than pakistanis? I always thought there were more pakistanis, as nearly every town and city in the uk has a pakistani population... any explanations?
  22. Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam International & Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Leeds (UK)Proudly PresentsHealing Through Gurbani (Meditation)DUKH NIWARAN CAMPCHANTING THE NAME OF GOD “WAHEGURU” IS AN ALL PURPOSE MEDICINEOn Demand Of Sadh Sangat, Summer Dukh Niwaran Camp At:Sri Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, 62 Tong Road, Leeds, LS12 1LZ (UK)Friday 29th July @ 4:00pm - 8:00pmSaturday 30th July @ 4:00pm - 8:00pmSunday 31st July @ 11:00am - 1:00pm Guru Ka Langar will be served For More Info: 07979 977008 www.sarbrogkaaukhadnaam.co.uk Assistant Organisers: Harpreet Singh, Jaswinder Kaur, Balwinder Kaur, Tajinder Maan SANGAT IS REQUESTED TO BE ON TIME PLEASE Camp conducted by UK Sangat of: SARAB ROG KA AUKHAD NAAM INTERNATIONAL & SRI GURU NANAK SIKH TEMPLE, LEEDS Source - https://www.facebook.com/events/280262629002880/