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  1. Satsriakal everyone I am a sikh boy,20 years old and I am a proud gursikh who has lately had an urge to trim my beard. I have been doing a lot of research on this but have not come across a reasonable argument. Why is it that me making a personal life decision of trimming my beard might move me away from my sikhi in the eyes of others. The reason why I would want to trim my beard is because I would feel more comfortable and neat. I proudly wear a turban and will always carry on wearing it with pride and honour. Some of the reasons which I came across were that our Gurus kept their honour and many sikh men have given their lives to protect this honour. I completely agree with this and I understand we should never move away form the religion but slightly trimming the beard just to be more comfortable and make it look neat? is that not acceptable? other reason was that we should respect how god has created us and should live in the natural form but then should we not factor in the advancements and change accordingly? if we live naturally only then is it not also wrong to get medical treatment? and so many other things we do in our daily life for instance even cutting out nails? I am sorry if I have said something wrong but I would like to make it clear that sikhi is in my heart,trimming my beard will not change the sentiment one bit and I encourage you to counter what I have said as it will only help me take this decision. thanks a lot
  2. WJKK WJKF I'm a 12 year old Sikh,I'm amritshakt and I got amritshakt when I was 9 ( Dec 3 2012) and I wasn't ready for Amrit,the babas at the summer camps and stuff would force kids and I wanted to but my parents said "no I wasn't ready" but,my mom's friend said "it's bad if u say no to ur kids to get amritshakt" so I got amritshakt and I only know japji sahib and rehras sahib (yes IK I'm behind for being amritshakt for 3 years) and I recently have been thinking "I wanna shave and trim cuz I don't wanna long beard" but my family are gursikhs and I have a pretty big moustache for a grade 7er and got some sideburns and some chin hair so what shall I do?
  3. Hello everyone I'm growing a beard again, I have trimmed it before. Its quite long now but doesn't look good, my hair are very thin and wiry. So what can I do to make it look good? Don't say let it remain as it is. Give me ideas.
  4. Why are the youths of today cutting their beards and kesh ??? Please explain openly ! Really wanna hear your thoughts.