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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone play tabla here

    Just wanted to ask if anyone played tabla and knows the notes for aarti cos I would like to play it at home with aarti.
  2. Tabla notes for aarti aarta?

    Could someone post below the tabla notes for aarti aarta? Thanks, much appreciated
  3. Tabla Compositions

    Can someone give me a website where I can get tabla Compositions from. including Paltas and Tihais.
  4. Indian Music Stores In Surrey

    So I'll be going to Surrey soon and want to buy a tabla case and may be a Dhamma Skin. I already called up Bawa Musics and they don't sell cases them selfs ( you have to buy a tabla to get a case) . Can anyone Please tell me where I can get a tabla case and possible a dhamma skin in Surrey?
  5. When I practice tabla, I like to practice with some kirtan in the background, because it gives me a feel of how it is to accompany someone on tabla. I was looking for some ragis who, don't speed in kirtan for purpose and do kirtan in either raag or simple( like Bhai Harjinder Singh). Thanks
  6. You know how we don't eat meat, bad Karma and all dat. How comes we can wear leather, shoes, belts, and have tabla's which are made from animal skins in the Gurdwara? I've also seen scabbards which are made of leather and Kirpan's inside dem. So whats the deal? We don't eat meat but we're allowed to wear it, and we're not allowed to bring meat inside the Gurdwara but slaughtered animal skin (belts, scabbards, tabla) is ok? Also didn't Bhagat Ravidas do leather work / was a Chamar as proffession so did handle skin etc. But their Bani is in SGGSJ
  7. Tabla Makers In Delhi

    I am looking to get 2 paurhas from a high quality tabla shop in Delhi. Where do ragis get their tabla in Delhi? Thank you very much Wjkkwjkf
  8. Gurbani Kirtan classes at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, stratford Road , sparkhilll to include harmonium, tabla, dholki and sitar every wednesday 6-8pm, thursday 6-8pm by Bibi Rajwinder Kaur Padam please contact me for further details notations of shabads provided.