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  1. This question was disturbing me. What is the significance of the octagon/ number 8? Why was it chosen? There are famous buildings/structures which are this shape. Dome of the rock, Jerusalem One World Trade Center: Great Pyramid of Giza (8 sided): CERN: Rub el Hizb: http://synchromystic.wikia.com/wiki/Octagon https://somathread.ning.com/groups/sufi/forum/origins-and-meanings-of-the-eight-point-star From some quick reading this 8 pointed star/ octagon (interconnected- see pic above, also octagram can be drawn inside octagon) has origins in astrology and has symbolism relating to ancient pagan/deity/idolatry/sun worship which has filtered through to other religions such as Islam. The 8-point star represented the goddess Inanna, Sumerian queen of the heavens and Ishtar (from which Easter comes from), the Babylonian goddess known as “The Lightbringer.” An eight-point star enclosed within a circle was the symbol for the sun god. This deity called Inanna/Ishtar is also the goddess of war, weapon bearing and has a lion consort, which is strikingly similar to the Devi Durga, who is usually depicted as having 8 arms! Conincidence? As Sikhs we should not be promoting any form of idolatry and so I am asking why are we copying architecture with such symbolism from these cultures and religions that worship false deities NOT Waheguru!
  2. There are two schools of spirituality - which one do you think sikhi belong to Gyaan marg vs bhakti marg (i) No Symbols of god - he is the universe vs God definitely needs a symbol For sikhs it has become Saroop of sggs and the confines of gurdwara (ii) No rituals are ever needed vs Rituals are a must In sikhi context we have started chavar, akahand paths, jot, sukhasan , prakash , expensive palkis , keep the saroop in AC / blankets (e.g I don't keep my phone in AC which also has the same SGGS in electronic format ) (iii) Meditation is the only way to find him - Pancha ka gur ek dhyan vs chanting or reciting (while mind is wandering in thorughts) or paying others to recite for you (as in outsourced akhand paths ) (iv) No miracles - only laws of nature which do not discriminate against materialistic person or favor spiritual one vs For your worldly needs beseech god - e.g cure diseases, pass exams , success in business etc. (v) No sectarianism - all humanity is absolutely one (Na ko hindu na musalmaan) vs A sect is almost always formed because our ego makes us gel with people who follow same symbolism as us , so now we have sikhi becoming a sect and not much of a way to live a full life and cut the cycle of rebirths.