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  1. I made a sikh comuunity on an app called "Amino". It can be downloadwd on the app store or play store. After downloading amino, search for "Sikhi" and my community will come up. Its called "Sikhi Amino". I can only work on it in my spare time and have one other person who is helping me out just a little, but i have done as much as i can so far. Currently i have 9 members. 1 of which is a white American man who is new to sikhi and may require help on his path. I would like some new members to come along and maybe help manage it. After it gets more than 15 members and becomes a bit successful, Team Amino will contact me and create a stand alone app for us so then i will be able to sponser other organisations etc. I am appointing "leaders" and "Curators". Leaders will have the following power: "Curators" will have the following power: I have made many categories already. They just nees filling up with content 😅. Here are a few screenshots of the progress:
  2. GRIFFITH – The Land and Environment Court has sided with the Riverina’s Sikh community in rejecting a development alongside Griffith Sikh Gurdwara. READ FULL STORY.. http://singhstation.net/2017/07/court-rejects-industrial-development-griffith-sikh-gurdwara/
  3. Dear All Forum Users, I am currently studying the Doctorate Practitioner in Counselling Psychology at the University of Wolverhampton. As part of my training, I am conducting a research into: “Impact of Religion and Spirituality on Wellbeing within an Asian-Faith Community: How can Counselling Psychologists help?” I am writing to request your valuable time and participation in my study. This study intends to explore the spiritual and religious experience of the Sikh community in particular in relation to their wellbeing. My aim is to increase the knowledge base within the Psychology field in the hope of helping the Asian Faith community access mental health services. I would like to interview twenty Sikhs (male or female) who have been practicing their religion for at least 2-3 years within the West Midlands. This interview will take place at your local Sikh Gurdwara or Health Centre and will last for about 45 minutes. The interviews will be audio taped so I can analyse them fully to improve our understanding. Please be assured that all interviews will be kept strictly confidential and personal information will be removed from the transcripts. Any information collated will only be used for educational purposes. If anyone is interested to take part, please private message me on this forum and let me know how you would like to be contacted (e.g., telephone, email, post). I will then send you an information sheet and a consent form with more details of the study. I would like to add that as the questions on religion and spirituality might bring up sensitive issues to some, it is not advisable to take part if you are currently going through a difficult period. The interview is not an alternative therapeutic treatment for people who partake in. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide any therapeutic treatments as a result of you taking part. I hope you may appreciate this. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, Mandeep Kaur.