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Found 9 results

  1. Sikhism And Life On Other Planets

    https://www.rt.com/viral/341617-new-planets-discovered-life/ Don't let the title to mislead you, but they found some 3 new Earth-sized planets which makes me curious and both excited as it feels like we are closer and closer to find life. What's Sikhism's view on life or "Aliens", I know that this is very stupid, but I am just curious because I believe that the Guru Granth mentioned about devotees on other planets.
  2. Science & Sikhi

    Hi All, Is it just me or does anyone else think that science and sikhi go hand in hand? Were always told that you either believe in the big bang or god - My understanding is that waheguru is infinite and eternal. It is said within the SGGS that there are millions of galaxies etc. and that the human mind will never be able to fully comprehend wahegurus creation but thats not to say science is wrong? Im no scientist but I enjoy researching astrology and the size of this universe and reading into all these questions we have on how big the universe is etc. Science makes new discoveries everyday and although we have come far in terms of disocvering the universe, i believe it is infinite as Sikhi tells us and that we will never find the 'end' of the universe Its amazing to think that waheguru created all these millions of galaxies on such a mass scale. We are all so insiginificant in terms of gods creation, all the problems and stress we have in our lives as humans is just on one country, on one planet, in one solar system, in on galaxy of a million/billion galaxies?
  3. Why do people want the science about Heaven and Hell, and the Soul. Its a mysterious place in a different world, and the Soul is only known by us. Science can't figure everything.
  4. People And Science

    People want science about heaven and hell and the soul, but heaven and hell is a different place and it's a mystery. Science can't research and U.S. Regular humans never came back from heav and hell. The soul is our home, and it's a invisible home only notice by our selves, but people want science about it. Well it's a mystery.
  5. Hello folks my name is Jasdeep! I am interested with Science, and I know that there is some Science in the Guru Granth. The Guru Granth said that there are billions of universes, and there are other life on other planets which is true. As they found bacteria on other planets. But, I am looking for more science in the Guru Granth, please help, and thanks. Every religion I see has science, which makes me excited.
  6. Hello Sangat jee Im interested in a conversation with any fellow sikhs who have Graduated in the Sciences about there subjects and there thoughts on Religion
  7. I posted this a while back, but it's hard for a lot of atheists in the guise of Sikh appearance to digest.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2254352/Deathbed-dream-puzzles-renowned-Indian-mathematician-Srinivasa-finally-solved--100-years-died.html