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  1. Recently my cousin sister decided to get married and when they were speaking to the gurdwara management guys to arrange the wedding at the gurdwara the guy told them various packages/options they could chose each with various crazy extortion amounts of they would have to pay which didnt feel right with her and the family as the gurdwara is supposed to be a place of worship, a charitable place to help the sangat but it felt more like a money making business. They were also told there would be plenty of parking for the relatives and friends. However closer to the day of the wedding they was told there is no free parking and that the roads surrounding the gurdwara are residential parking which are metered and relatives/friends would have to pay to park on the roads. When she told me this I felt disgusted that gurdwara commitee's are behaving this way and then wonder why people don't come gurdwara's regularly or look in to other faiths who help them.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh PROBLEM CONTEXT I am living/ working in a country for a few months where there are no Sikhs, let alone a Gurudwara. I've tried contacting via FB etc, there is no sangat near me. My team is nice, we get along fine. I do not at all feel even the slightest temptation to drink alcohol, touch meat (vegertarian options without egg are so scarce here), have relationships with other travellers or remove my body hair (even though it is 50 degrees heat and everyone is wearing singlets and shorts going to the beach). I know this is all Guru Ji's help. 2 years ago I was drinking and vomiting in toilets, having sex with strangers, removing as much body hair as I could and thinking i was a 'spiritual person' I know I've been addicted to alcohol, cannabis, MDMA and the fact I have no desire now isn't something I am capable of- this is Guru Ji's working. THE PROBLEM I'm really starting to miss my Amritvela. I used to so freely wake up, shower, do simran and nitnem and not worry. now I have to worry about so many things with my roommate, especially as she sleeps so late. Even though I don't complain of her sleeping late (perhaps I should, tactfully?) she will say things like "I couldn't sleep because I heard your alarm so I've been up since very early." This makes me feel super guilty. Extra guilty because I'm so TIRED that I don't even remember hearing the alarm myself or turning it off... I DONT WAKE UP AT AMRITVELA. i end up waking up around 5.30-6am so amritvela is long-gone. Since my time being here, I've only once had the chance to do amritvela freely, and that is when everyone had gone out drinking/ clubbing for the night and came home late. When I do my nitnem I don't say it aloud because she is always in the room (and a different faith so i don't want to ever feel like I'm forcing or invading personal space). But man. I miss doing simran aloud- feeling my throat muscles saying Waheguru and closing my eyes so my ears could hear my body speak Waheguru. Be grateful to Waheguru for allowing my body, my lips to be blessed with the beauty of their Naam. The sweetness in my mouth, the warmth of the love but the cool breeze of peace settling in my head, sinking into my heart...anyway Imma get senti real quick lol. So please. I understand my current situation is resultant of karams from this life and previous. But I want help in improving my new karams that I'm (not) earning every moment. How do I wake up at Amritvela? Need help with how to 1. Ask to turn lights off earlier because I can't sleep until ALL lights are off (which doesn't happen till around 11pm) 2. Shower without feeling guilty about making noise and waking her up too early 3. Sing Gurbani aloud. I'm scared I'll get into a bad habit if I keep doing this and become lazy in the future. And any other advice you could offer would be highly appreciated
  3. sangat in Brampton

    I live in brampton, and was wondering where can you find sangat ? I see a lot of sikhs but where can you go where you can discuss about sikhi and learn
  4. Vahiguroo jee kaa khalsa Vahiguroo jee kee fateh Amrit Sanchaar & Akhand Keertan Smagam In Memory of Baba Buddha jee Janam Divas Date - 1st October 2016, Time - Akhand Keertan 7PM -12AM Location - Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Coventry, CV6 5GR Amrith Sanchaar starts at 7pm Baba Buddha jee is recognized as one of the great Sikhs of the Guru period. He had the privilege of being blessed by the first six Gurus. He led an ideal Sikh life for more than a hundred years. He was one of closest companions of the Sri Guru Nanak Dev jee and is one of the most revered and sacred saints in Sikhi. He holds one of the most important and pivotal positions in Sikh history. *The first head Granthi of Sri Harmandir Sahib. *Helped Build Sri Akal Takht Sahib *Baba Budda applied Tilak/Tikka to five Sikh Gurus Sahibaans, from Sri Guru Angad Dev jee to Sri Guru Hargobind jee. *Did the Seva of digging of the Baoli (well) at Govinval Sahib under the instructions of Sri Guru Amar Daas jee *Did Seva Excavation of the Sarovar at Sri Darbar Sahib under Guru Raam Daas Sahib jee and Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee *Baba Buddha jee put the two swords of Miri and Piri on Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib jee. Vahiguroo jee kaa khalsa Vahiguroo jee kee fateh For more information, please contact 07969 655015 WWW - AKJ.ORG INSTAGRAM - AKJ_UK FACEBOOK - akjuk
  5. does anyone know which shabad comes on sangat channel? its been coming on for a while now. it sounds so sweet. the video for it is various clips of harimandir sahib and the takht sahibs i cant find it on youtube ! anyone ?
  6. Governments are making it more, difficult to be sustained in this country, income is not increasing whilst prices of products are. People are being more strained financially and crime is on the increase, its difficult to raise good children in such a harsh society and kuljug is ever strong, sooner or later the society will collapse. To be stress free, peaceful and just concentrate on yourself, family sangat, Sikhi cleaner food etc. and be happy rather than bills mortgage influence on children and to educate in a safer environment and just away from negative vibes wouldn’t an Sikh Eco-village be ideal. I hear many people are going this way, I have done some research and am amazed on the amount of people interested in this sort of idea and how some villages are already set up in England as well as other parts of the world. I think a Sikh eco-village is set up either in Canada or US. I too am interested in such an idea in England; it would be great just to live off the land, with like minded people grow your own food, have a couple cows horses keertan during day time teach the children. sew your clothes, it can be sustained the proof is our own people in Punjab. All would need to put in some money to start. I definitely would love to do this; anyone else her interested get in touch.
  7. Please send us any program information and posters, our aim is UNITY and EKTA in the panth. Make the Sangat aware of events/programs in your area. ?? Great intermediary page to promote ekta and keep up with the latest events and programs. Updated video and image content daily. Please follow uk Sikhs on Instagram and Facebook
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ki Fateh i know that this is wrong that i feel like a slave within my parents house. i know its doing sewa and sangat of my family bu sometimes i feel like my family is just taking the mick. my brother is divorced and has kids in which i constantly run around for. i know this is very bad thinking nut i feel pushed to the side. Its hard please help bhul chaak mafakana
  9. I'd like to start of by saying I AM NOT YET AMRITDHARI. But I was aiming to take Amrit at my closest Amrit Sanchar in Malton, Ontario Canada Gurdwara in 2016. I would have loved to have taken Amrit at the Amrit Sanchar before this one,this year, but I waned to get in control of my Kaam Problem first. Sadly, instead of controlling it, it is only getting worse day by day. I'm losing control of the problem, and to top it off, I've stopped doing Bani and Jaap. I live in a whitetown far away from Malton so getting Sangat is quite difficult. My parents like Sikhi, but think that Sangat is pointless, and a waste of time, and that I should focus on my studies. Whenever I do get Sangat, I feel like I'm getting some strength, but it is very temporary, and after a few days I go back to my s***** self. Please give me any tips you can and thank you Khalsey Jeeo!
  10. I live in a very, very gora area. That's not the problem. I have no sangat and there are barely any kirtan programmes. I've just moved home after living in a Sikh populated area. There are a few Gursikhs around, but they're young, exclusive and selfish. They take what they need from others or from sangat, but as long as they have what they want feel no need to include or help others. They keep certain people out of their "naam abhyaas circle" based on how they feel about them. They're involved in petty conflicts with each other and now with me. There's nobody else that constitutes good sangat. I travel a little further and there are plently of typical "Gursikh" young mothers who just want to gossip and pry into your business. I could get better sangat from a shovel. I go to the Gurdwara regularly even though there's nothing on. But I miss kirtan. It just gives you the boost you need to keep going upwards. Without kirtan and sangat, I feel myself going down. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this position. How to deal with being sangatless? What substitutes can you make? How can I keep myself going upwards? I don't just want to remain steady on the path, which is hard enough. Obviously I want to excel.. which is why it sucks knowing I don't have Gurmukh sangat. Note: I've tried making cyber sangat, getting others to Skype with me for naam bani time, people really cba and it doesn't work.
  11. WJKK WJKF, I would like to ask the sangat a few questions about practices my parents try to enforce upon me and my siblings and encourage us to follow them as much as possible and I would like to see where the sangat stands on these issues. I've listed them below: 1. My father in particular says that we must not eat from others as when we do, they take away at least 25 Sukhmani Sahib worth of our pun from all the paath that we do. And that people at our local gurudwara sometimes come with degh which gets mixed into the degh, the gurudwara singhs make and that to take as little as possible. He says that we must take degh but these people will take away all the effort we put into pursuing a true sikhi jeevan by taking away the fal of the paat. But then he always encourages us to do as much sewa as possible and has me deliver food to the gurudwara for "fal". Isn't this being hypocritical and others would be eating from that as well? I don't understand this. He also says that at the nagar kirtans to avoid eating from anyone and same for any dharmic parades we hold. I find this nonsense personally but I'd like to hear your point of view. I feel we should never have to worry about such a thing when going to the Gurudwara or while being in the Guru's presence and being in bliss from all the kirtan and sangat around us. Isn't that what vand ke shako means..to share with all and to rejoice in the Lords name in sangat ? Then why do we have to worry about such petty things like watching who we eat from if we trust them and this bank system of maintaining all the path that we do. It reminds me of calorie counting. Sure it's great for reaching the goal you may have in mind but it can drive you crazy. This goes so far as when we even visit a family friend's house, he repeatedly says no to eating anything but when anyone visits ours, its him trying to convince them to have as much as possible and that it's their house too. 2. Washing your hair at night, combing your hair at night, purchasing iron or steel on saturdays, cutting your nails at night, vacuuming and using a broom to clean in the evening times - I find this all nonsense that might have carried over from Hinduism at some point but my parents tell me "Sikhi vich siraf mannan di jaga hai" which i don't agree with at all. I feel i should be able to question everything and not blindly follow and the Guru will provide me with the answers as He seems fit. But they get very very defensive over all this and I feel its corrupting their perspective on what sikhi truly is. Nails are dead cells..they should be able to be cut at any time of day. As for washing the hair, in Sikhi, is all hair not equal? What difference is there between the hair on our head and the hair on our arms and legs? Should we not wash those as well at night then? I don't understand the logic here. Additionally, regarding the broom, my dad always says a Mahapurash he follows in his pind once warned a woman not to use a jharoo at night and thats why he follows it. Maybe the Mahapursh had another meaning in mind? Perhaps it was just for that particular situation? They do usually say things in indirect manners at times so perhaps thats the case here but das doesn't know. 3. Sikhi states all people are equal. Everyone was made from the same light(Aval Allah Noor Upada Kudrat Ke Sab Bande). We have Bhagat Kabir and Bhagat Farid Ji's bani as proof, the Golden temple's foundation being laid by a Muslim, and the langar system and much much more. However, my parents always act like Sikhi is superior in every way. I don't see it like this. I have friends from all religions and i truly from the bottom of my heart feel that every religion has the same potential to find God and they're just separate paths but if I didn't know any better, my parents would have me believing Hindus aren't good people for the 1984 bombing and Muslims for the Mughal rule and all. At times they say, alright not everyone is bad, but then they'll say don't wear green to the Gurudwara because it's on the Pakistani flag. I'm also forbidden from eating at the homes of any of my muslim friends even if the food is completely vegetarian. There's so much more I could go on about but I'd have essays here. I don't mean to belittle or slander my parents in any way. I respect them and love them but I'm just tired of hearing lectures on these issues on a day to day basis where I'm beginning to get aggravated and they're not the type to listen either. My father has a habit of repeatedly lecturing you on the same topic over and over whenever he sees me and will call to check up on me whenever I go out anywhere on where I've eaten and such. He also has the typical punjabi anger issues and follows a rule of " Either listen to what I have to say or leave the house forever" so there's no room to really argue over anything and I end up pretty quiet and just listening while arguing within the confines of my head. I can't really pretend to practice these things for their sake without it affecting my own spirituality. What are your takes on this? I apologize if I have said or mentioned anything that may have offended anyone. Thank You.
  12. 5Th Annual Toronto Singhs Camp

    (ADMIN PLEASE LEAVE IN GENERAL SECTION FOR APRIL) EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! CLICK HERE LIMITED SPOTS!! 5th Annual Toronto Singhs Camp Wednesday, May 27th - Sunday, May 31st, 2015 Camp Kintail, Goderich, ON (BUS SERVICE PROVIDED WEDNESDAY, MAY 27th @ 5:30PM) PROMO VIDEO CLICK HERE FACEBOOK EVENT International Speakers Including: Bhai Manvir Singh UK Bhai Baljeet Singh UK (Sikh2Inspire) Bhai Simerneet Singh (Chicago) And ONE SURPRISE SPEAKER!! Need information about camp speakers, workshops, themes, topics and other activities? Follow one of our social media links below to stay up to date! Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ki fateh! - Toronto Singhs Camp Sevadaars FOLLOW, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE BELOW!! Facebook: /torontosinghs Twitter: /SinghsCampTO Instagram: torontosinghscamp YouTube: /SinghsCampTO Website: www.singhscamp.ca
  13. Dear SikhSangat ji I just came back from gurdwara, during the akhand patt for Vaisakhi, karah parsad was distributed in the middle of Japji Sahib, soon as this happened people began talking and the noise levels were such that the volume on the speakers had to be increased. As the darbar hall has an open staircase from the lower level, all you could hear was the racket coming from downstairs including children screaming and running around. There was an announcement made for quiet but didn't make much difference. I has so hurt and ashamed at this, what will become of our beautiful sikhi if people don't know how to respect our Guru ji. Seems as if people are just their for the social side of it - talking and wearing nice clothes. How can we educate people if they don't listen to the giani? Viaguruji ka khalsa, viagurji ka fateh
  14. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ke fateh! I've recently received poor grades for my a levels - and have been told to drop the subjects I enjoyed the most because I received poor grades © in them. I don't know what to do, like I said I do the sukhmani sahib paath (listen to it every day) but no Sukh in my life ever seems to come. Am I doing the sukhmani sahib correctly, because I think dookh should be dispelled if you listen to the path, but for me everyday goes by and I seem to become more depressed and dissatisfied out of life. I'm beg my Lord for his naam, virtue and happiness - but I don't seem to get anything what do you gurusikhs suggest? I cannot read or understand gurmukhi for me to enable to read sggs ji , however I do read the English translation whenever possible, is this ok? I'm going back to college next week, but I do not like the course that I will be forced study (ict and business) What do I do to relinquish these sorrows and misfortune, how do I love the Lord through my heart when nothing seems to go right? What do you Gurusikhs do when meditating, how do you love the Lord within? All answers will be very much appreciated.
  15. Is Waheguru Ji Testing Me?

    Wjkk Wjkf I've been paath for a few weeks now, and today i prayed waheguru ji that I want to become jivan mukhti and attach to him for the rest of my life, and I felt really connected to waheguru ji whilst listening to the sukhmani sahib paath, but then all of a sudden around 7 pm ish I kept on getting doubts 'about existance of God' Why has waheguru ji put such thoughts in my mind , I want to become closer to him not further Is God testing me? What do I do? How do I dispel doubt? I am not a amritdhari as yet due to the environment I live(no religous familily), but I seek to become one in the near furture. I would like help from all guruSikhs and the Sat sangat - what do I do Thank you all Wjkk Wjkf
  16. Schedule Of A Gursikh

    WJKK WJKF, I am 14 years old, trying to become a real Sikh. I just wanted to know how other Gursikhs spend their day on Sikhi, such as the time they wake up and the banis they do and when they sleep and everything that happens in your day. I just wanted to see if I can model it. Please also provide the times, so that I know how much time it takes for each part of the schedule. Bul Chuk Maaf Kareo. Thank you very much.
  17. WJKK WJKF, I want to become a granthi and serve my guru but I don't know how to. I don't read fluent gurmukhi, sometimes skip nitnem, and don't know a lot of gurbani. I live in US and don't have kesh. I don't know kirtan. I don't go to any gurudwara Punjabi school and I cant go. What can I do to become one. Please help me. I really need it.
  18. I've heard that reading the guru Granth sahib ji should ideally be read in gurmukhi, as the English transaltion maybe slightly distorted in terms of its meaning , and may also be rather opionated by the author who imprints the translation, is this true? I'm unable to read or understand gurmukhi and my only option is to read translation in English Also I would like to ask how all you gurusikhs maintain constant love and devotion (what kind of thoughts do you have) when reading the gurubani, because I seem to lose interest if the paath is significantly long(eg sukhmani sahib paath) Lastly is it ok to just listen to the path, or must I physically recite it? May waheguru ji bless you all.
  19. BHAI KULTAR SINGH DELHI WALE (Hazoori Ragi Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib) UK Tour Aug 2014 Various Gurudwara'sWoolwich, Erith, Barking, Ilford Southeast London, Kent
  20. BHAI NIRMAL SINGH JI KHALSA (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) UK TOUR 16th AUG to 28 Aug 2014 Details in poster Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend Park Avenue Southall East london
  21. BHAI KAMALJIT SINGH JI (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) UK TOUR 1st AUG to 7 SEP 2014 Details in poster Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend 7th Septmeber Seven Kings Gurudwara 12th and 13th August
  22. Full details of tour attached starting with Parkash Samagam on 11th July. Kirtan Smagam's at Gravesend, Croydon, Ilford, Erith, Southall & up north.
  23. BOSS SIKHI CAMP FRIDAY 22nd - WEDNESDAY 27th AUGUST 2014 Are you constantly checking your whatsapp to see if anyone’s updated their profile? Does the dust settling on your desk interest you more than the work sitting on top of it? Have you watched so many youtube videos you’re convinced you’ve actually burnt a bit of your retina?! What you need my friend, is a summer break! The onset of spring brings with it another joy – planning out the glorious summer ahead. And what better way to end it than with BOSS SIKHI CAMP 2014! Since the first Sikhi Camp in 1996, thousands of students and adults have enjoyed the experience of this unique Sikh retreat. Not convinced? Well, have you ever? • Wanted to learn more about your heritage but perhaps don’t know where to start… • Wanted a week away from the chahas, puas, maser’s and random pindus… • Wanted to understand what is said at your local Gurdwara but don’t understand Panjabi… • Wanted to connect with other likeminded people of your age but don’t know where to find them… • Wanted to volunteer but felt too intimidated by the Gurdwara aunties and uncles… • Wanted to learn more about Sikhi but felt judged going to a Gurdwara… If you’ve answered yes to any of these then SIKHI CAMP is definitely for you! Think: • 6 impressive days of Sun Sea and Sand! • 6 days of soul searching, side splitting laughter and exhilarating activities. • 6 days of connecting with like-minded people, understanding your roots and taking a break from it. • 6 days to fill your mind with knowledge, hearts with love and bellies with fabulous food! • 6 days to discover who you are and understand how we are all connected. If you want to find out what all the fuss is about then head over to www.sikhicamp.org. You’ll find videos and photos from camps over the years, you can find out more details and most importantly you can apply online! (That’s right - no Desi call centre, no fiddly forms to post in; just pure online magic!) But be quick – places are limited and always sell out quick. The 6 day retreat costs just £109. (Includes accommodation at a picturesque location by the sea, all activities, all meals AND free transport from locations across the UK.) This is the cheapest Sikh retreat per night in the UK! So; what’s stopping you? Apply right now! You won’t regret it!* (*99% of all Sikhi Campers in 2013 said they would definitely recommend BOSS Sikhi Camp to their friends!) www.sikhicamp.org Sikh Spirit: Catch it! info@sikhicamp.org / 07935 900546