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Found 2 results

  1. I know sometimes people need timeout in order to focus on other areas. This is all fine but I just thought that I should bring to your attention what 'sadh sangat' really means. In gurbani it is mentioned many times that we should have the company of sadh sangat. However, I find that this term is very easily misinterpreted by everyone including me up until a few months ago until I gave it some more thought. Many of us think that 'sadh sangat' means - - The company of the holy. - The sangat in the gurudwara that are praying and doing kirtan together. - Being in the presence of the enlightened or being in the presence of sants, mahapursh, brahgyanis..etc.. - or quite simply the congregation or company of true and wise..etc.. But what it truly means can be a little different for all of us ?? Let me explain what i'm getting at here- It is Different in the sense that it is the company around us that can 'Influence' us to ACT accordingly aligned with the Truth and gurmat values. The company that can bring out the best of us in terms of true Sikh values, pure and truthful values..etc. The company that can lead us to not be too attached to maya and materialistic world, to act with pure intentions without any sort of maya material gains or intentions. Therefore, it is the company of all around us that help us to spiritually elevate on our personal levels. The influence of people that can help us realize our own wrongs so as to become better Sikhs. This 'sadh sangat' is the interactions with others that help us to self develop on the righteous path. Like I said, it can be slightly different for everyone but for me sometimes it can be the interactions on this forum, or the family and friends that I choose to associate with. I mean there are some people in my family that are nasty, self minded, always righteous, always putting others down, always comparing themselves with you..etc... and quite fankly when I am around these relatives, I get upset and angry because I don't like listening to their crap, - so, I have formally decided that these people bring out the worst in me, they bring out thoughts that are not gurmat because I end up slandering them deep inside. Therefore, these are the people for me personally, that guruji says to avoid, these are the people that are NOT my Sadh Sangat, So, quite frankly I make the righteous decision to not get involved with these kinds. I also find that even helping the tramp in the street or helping a person in the wheelchair cross the road can bring out the best in me. These simple actions of donating and help make me realize what gurmat values are about. It makes me aware of where God has put me and where he has put them at that moment in time of which I can control for the benefit of others. These interactions with Everyday people become a contribution to the Sadh Sangat around me !!! - They DON'T have to be holy or enlightened do they ?? For me this explains 'Sadh sangat' to my personal life and I'm sure you can all stop and look around you to see who exactly is your personal sadh sangat. It would be interesting what others think their sadh sangat is ?
  2. I am making an announcement in our local Gurdwara Sahib, How should I Address Sadh Sangat in presence of Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib. What are do and Don't ...