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Found 8 results

  1. With all the bad stories we have become accustomed to of many girls from the community and their behaviour. Its great to see a Punjabi Sikh girl with respect and honour such as Harmanpreet Kaur. Who blasted a fantastic 171 against australia in the womens world cup. Probably the greatest innings by an indian cricketer. Be it men or women. We should all salute Harmanpreet Kaur !!! Big respect!! She has become a national hereo in India. And great to see she uses KAUR as her last name then some retarded caste name.
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I had a question about what one should do (after they brush their Kesh) with the dead hairs that are cleaned out with the kanga... I used know a lot of taksali Singh's who said it was necessary to collect them up, the eventually do sanskar by burning them (trying to maintain as much satkar as possible), but now from my current understanding I'm starting to feel ritualistic about this. Please help me understand if it's correct or wrong. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  3. WJKK WJKF I am to start using a Gutka Sahib for Nitnem as opposed to a phone, whats the best way to keep respect for Gutka Sahib. For example, should I not touch my face/body whilst reciting form Gutka Sahib etc? thanks
  4. Should I teach my kids to do so as a habit of respect for us as parents
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I was reading today, about keeping respect for banis. And I wanted to check if what I'm doing is ok: If we are reading path, do we have to sit on a cloth on the floor? All the Gutka Sahib Ji's in my house are kept in my room, and they are higher than me when I sleep, but when I do path where I sit is facing the Gutka Sahib Ji but im also facing the end of my bed is this disrespectful ? (When I sleep my head is inline with the Gutka Sahib Ji just to clarify) I make mistakes when reciting Gurbani, if I miss pronounced something while listening to Gurbani, do i have to stop or is it ok to continue ? Please forgive me if i said anything wrong or offensive.
  6. I've noticed that there are many discuss and posts on the matter but On many occasions it was a single human being, and they shall answer for their Karam's in their own time but I would like to know is that why does no one ever talks about the disrespect we do as a community in the gurdwara's. We say that our guru is living and the guru is talking to us when gurbani is being recited yet 99% of people will simply talk to each other or are lost within themselves, ignoring gurbani and therefore being disrespectful. Just imagine being ignored while you are telling someone something which is very important. However, why do we not as a community discuss these matters, how can we help ourselves achieve calmness in the gurdwara? What can we do to focus more while Kieran and katha?
  7. So as I have stated in the past I am a Hispanic Sikh. Yesterday I encountered an obstacle I wasn't expecting. They don't want me to wear a turban just yet. My parents are seriously worried that a. Wearing a Turban, becoming a Gursikh i optional b. living in the States with a turban can be dangerous and c. that I have jumped too quick on Sikhi and should learn more before wearing a turban. I have been practicing Sikhi for about half a year now. My bare minimum Sikh routine: 1. Wake up and read Japji Sahib 2. Do at least once every week Simran 3. Go to Gurdwara to pray and listen to evening prayers once every two weeks 4. Practice Gurmukhi every other day 5. Listen to Sikh HIstory podcast/ Sikhwithin (shabads with translations after) podcast once or twice every other day 6. Read Kirtan Sohila before sleeping 7. Read Bani daily As to my physical characters I cover my head daily with a bandana and recently I have begun to wear a turban. I outline all of this because this community might know better than me if I am ready for this step. I want to wear a Turban for the following reasons: 1. Associate with and let others know I am Sikh 2. Explain to others the misconception of Sikh (i.e. don't have to be Punjabi to be Sikh or Sikh are distinct from Muslims) 3. Show my love for God by daily tying and wearing the Turban 4. Show respect to God by covering my head as I already do when I go to the Gurdwara So now my dilemma. They have asked me to not wear or cover my head with a bandana/Turban for the next two years (how long it will take before I graduate from law school). However, I have read that tomorrow is not guaranteed, that we should Honor God there and now. I want to show my love for God but I don't want to go against my parents. Can anyone help me by quoting GGSJ with what to do? I am only on page 90 and so I can only refer to a limited amount of the GGSJ for answers. Thanks in advance for your help. What I have found on googleling Bani regarding this: "O son why do you argue with your Father? It is a sin to argue with the one who fathered and raised you." GGSJ p. 1200 P.S. if anyone goes to a Gurdwara that has a Granthi that can speak English well (sorry its just hard for me to understand Uncle Jis who don't speak English very well over the phone) can you send me the number of the Gurdwara. My local Gurdwaras only have Punjabi speakers and so I can't turn to them...Thank you again.
  8. Hello sangat My family and I are in abit of a situation, my grandmother was taken into hospital a few weeks ago aftwr having suffered a stroke and brain hemmoraging. Doctors kept telling us she has a few days, but she miraculously keeps fighting back- she has been truly blessed by Babaji and ardas, there is no doubting that. She cannot speak but uses her strength to move her mouth to paath, and responds alot when we do simran near her- her faith is inspiring. Her death wish was to die at home, but recently, a family who has had allegations against them of abuse is trying to stick her in a hospice to live out hwr last days. The younger brother of the father of this family has agreed to take care of his mum at home, and has said that his wife would give up her work to take care of her. There are tens of us grandkids who would be prepared to help. This is happening in wolverhampton right now, people may know who this family is, the grandma has 10 kids, her surname begins with 'la' Anyone whos parents know these people, who know their kids, please get up or tell their your parents to tell their parents to respect a beloved grandmother, who has so much faith in our Guru and allow her son to care for her at home as per her dying wish.