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Found 42 results

  1. Is there an app that allow me to translation Punjabi speech to English? I want to know because I want to translate Punjabi language videos into English; a person says a word in Punjabi and the app says the translation in English
  2. Coming from certain Punjabi background which I am sure most people are aware of I have found that the Punjabi dialect we speak is slightly different from other Sikh communities in the UK. It is not worse or better but just a bit different. ie I find that our Punjabi is more similar to Punjabi spoken by Muslim Punjabis. However, I also find that Canadian/American Punjabi sounds more similar to what I speak then the UK Punjabis. What could be the reasons behind this? Could this just be the geographic locations in the Punjab. As most of the people from the community I come from, originate from Amritsar Lahore. Ambala areas. Could this also be the reason that Sikhs that come from the above areas tend to be more strict and conservative then Sikh from other areas. As these areas are more closer to where Sikhism originated.
  3. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖ਼ਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ Punjabi Spelling for Android has been released on the Google Play store. Its free and has no ads. It helps build associations and encourages word and sound formations. It uses simple images, sounds and text to provide an easy and learning experience, intended to keep young kids immersed in the learning experience. With 2,300 variations of words presented around a core set of words presented in the quizzes, the concepts will get reinforced, and all the presented options are also randomized ... so much for memorization, its time to use word formation skills! Help make our tools better! Spread the word! Learn Punjabi! Participate! And did we mention, the tools are FREE! Links ... Amrit Punjabi Website : http://www.amritpunjabi.com Punjabi Spelling : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amritpunjabi.punjabispelling Punjabi Worksheets : http://www.amritpunjabi.com/punjabi-worksheets/punjabi-worksheets-words.aspx ਧੰਨਵਾਦ
  4. Hello everyone, So earlier this year my parents found a girl for me who I might marry. I am from the United States and she is from India. Her family is Gursikh and I talk to them frequently on the phone. She told me that they wished my Punjabi was better because I have trouble speaking it (pronunciation and such). So then I taught myself to read and write in Gurmukhi. However, I am still having difficulty speaking it. How can I improve my speaking skills? Since I taught myself to read and write in Punjabi, I decided to read Gurbani. I read very slow and have difficulty pronouncing some of the words, which is not a problem. However, I want to understand what our Gurus want to tell us. I do not want to read English translations because I feel as if it might take away from what the Gurus originally want us to know. Thank you
  5. Where can I translate Punjabi words written in Roman Script?
  6. I know basic punjabi but it is broken but i want to learn pure punjabi , i dont have an accent while speaking punjabi but i dont know how to put it all together and dont have enough vocab, is there any books that i can learn to understand and speak pure punjabi
  7. I always thought my Punjabi speaking skills weren't that good because I was born and raised in the United States. However, over the years I have made friends with a lot of people who are Punjabi and they speak Punjabi very well even though they were also born in the United States just like me. Since then I have always wondered: Why is my Punjabi not so good? My parents were both born in Punjab, India and raised there until they migrated here. As a child, I always spoke to them in Punjabi, but I was raised around a lot of Hispanics and White people. Fast-forward to now, I am 23 years old and I speak in Punjabi at home so I can practice. However, my pronunciation is still very bad as well as my vocabulary and sentence structure. I know I can speak with my friends but they all make fun of me when I try to speak with them in Punjabi. They can understand me, but they stay I speak it very funny and "white-washed". It gets really sad when I'm at the Gurdwara doing sewa or at a wedding with elders and people try to make conversation with me in Punjabi and I try my best but then they realize that my Punjabi isn't very good, so they are forced to speak in English to me because of that. What should I do to change this? So far I only speak to my parents and grandfather in Punjabi. Are there any books or videos or anything that can help me learn and make my Punjabi-speaking skills better? Thank you Mr_C
  8. It's quite sad to see the condition of these guys, they should go back to Punjab and live life with dignity. The British Punjabi community does not want them there nor cares for them as they usually have have mental health and drunken anti social behavioural problems.
  9. Sat Sri Akal This may not be to do with the Sikh religion but... I'm in desperate need of learning Punjabi and Bhangra dance. I live in New Zealand have a Punjabi boyfriend and soon will be visiting India. Please any help what so ever would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Migrant Problem in Punjab Dr Gurmit Singh Internal migration to Punjab from rest of India, particularly of weaker sections of society is rising at an alarming rate. The reason for the same is not difficult to trace. Punjab is considered to be economically prosperous state. Punjab is mainly an agricultural state. Its economy is mainly dependent on agriculture. It requires a large number of migrant labour during the sowing and harvesting seasons. This is an old phenomenon, which has been prevalent in Punjab since the time of the first census conducted by the British Rule after annexation of Punjab. After independence in 1947, this internal migration is being encouraged by the majority community i.e. Hindus to balance the Sikh population in Punjab, which is the only Sikh majority State in India which claimed a sovereign status when the British rulers were leaving India. An effort in that direction had started in 1947 itself when the Constitution of India was being framed after the British had left India. Inspite of opposition from the Sikh members of the Constituent Assembly Article 25 was passed by the Constituent Assembly and incorporated in the Constitution of India. The Sikh members had objected to Explanation II of Art 25, which treated them as Hindus. This explanation reads as under:- Article 25 Explanation II In Sub-clause (b) of clause (2) The reference to Hindus shall be construed as including a reference to persons professing the Sikh, Jain or Budhist religion and the reference to Hindu religious institutions shall be construed accordingly. Sikhs have been continuously protesting against above provision in the Constitution, even the Home Minister of India in a statement in Parliament had promised to amend the above provision after consulting experts and even the Constitutional Review Commission had recommended so. In all the censuses conducted after independence from the British rule in violation of Article 25, Explanation II of the Constitution, there are separate columns for recording the population of Sikhs, Budhists, Jains and others. The figures in census are manipulated to suit the interests of the majority community. The fact is that population of Sikhs is gradually declining. As against the national average of 15.9 percent of the Child Population of Sikhs in the age group 0-6 years is 12.8 per cent. Explanation added in the census report states:- Low fertility among the. Sikh population can be gauged by the fact that in twenty one states and union territories have child population proportion below 12 per cent among Sikhs of these nine states have less than ten percent child population. The actual reason of the low fertility among the Sikh population is the policy of the government, Recently Muslims of Uttar Pardesh constituted a committee of scientists to find reasons for the decline of fertility amongst the Muslims. The report of the committee was startling. It revealed that the reason for declining fertility rate amongst the Muslims was the policy of the government to populrise the Polio Drops. In Punjab too Polio Drops Camps are frequently organized and it is reducing the fertility of the Sikh population. The next question that needs serious consideration is how to make up this decline. One important method is conversion of migrations to Sikhism but the Sikh institutions like S.G.P.C. and Sikh missionaries have failed to rise to the occasion. The other way as suggested by the Registrar General cum census Commissioner India during the British rule in the first census Report is, that migrant population should be culturally converted as a first preliminary step, so that as a next step, religious conversion becomes possible. For this the village population can playa major role, because the migrants who settle in villages are first culturally converted and then absorbed as locals. Further, Punjab Assembly should pass a legislation to regulate the internal migration which should provide that no one will he enrolled as a voter who does not own property in the State of Punjab and has not permanently resided in the State continuously for period of ten years before the cut of date fixed in the Act. Article 19(d) of the constitution of India which guarantees the right to move freely through out the territory of India, in Article 19 (5) clearly provides that Nothing in Sub-clause (d) (e) of the said clause shall prevent the State from making any law imposing reasonable restrictions on the exercise of any of the rights conferred by the said sub- clauses either in the interests of the general public or for the protection of the interests of Schedule Tribe. It is worth mentioning here that Article 19 (d) only guarantees the freedom of movement and not the freedom of residence although it is being misquoted as freedom of residence on the basis of ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of State of U.P. Versus Kaushalya reported in A.I.R. 1964 S.C. 416 in some books. The freedom to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India is covered by Article 19 (e), which guarantees right to reside and settle in any part of the territory of India. But as mentioned earlier clause (5) of Article 19 allows the States to make law imposing reasonable restrictions in the interest of the general public. It may further be pointed out that many of migrants are involved in criminal activity in Punjab. Therefore imposing of such restrictions will be in the interest of general public. Moreover, there is reservation for schedule caste upto 50 per cent, and as most of the migrants are, schedule caste it denies opportunity to local residents to avail the privilege. I remember an incident. There was a school in my neighbourhood next to my residence some years back. One day, a few peons of that school came to me together. They said that they had been challenged for stealing tubewell material from the field in Uttar Pardesh, but they were released on bail by court, but they had jumped bail and migrated to Mohali, but now the court had issued non-bailable warrants against them. What should they do? I advised them to surrender and apply for fresh bail. There are many such cases. The proposed act can provide that no one would be allowed to stay in an area without the permission of the Deputy Commissioner who should check the antecedents of every migrant. Such a restriction exists in some areas and has been held to be a reasonable restriction by the Assam High Court in A.I.R. 1953 Assam 61 in the case of border areas adjoining Nepal. The problem of internal migration in Punjab is becoming acute day by day and must be regulated forthwith; otherwise it may become too late to handle. Punjab is the land of the Sikh Gurus and the change of its complexion must be stopped. In this context I am reminded of an incident. Usually in the evening I have a round of Sector 17 Chandigarh. One day I saw a girl being beaten by another girl elder to her. The younger girl was crying and seeking help. I intervened and asked the younger one why the elder girl was beating her. She told me that she was brought from Uttar Pardesh by someone whom she does not recognize. She has to beg and earn at least Rs 50 everyday. In case she is unable to do so, she does not get food at night and is beaten up by elderly girls. Such cases are common in Punjab. Outside migrants are brought to Punjab and employed to act as vendors on pavements with the connivance of the government. The employer collects the sale proceeds from the vendor everyday in the evening. Some others are employed as rickshaw pullers and are accommodated in Rain Baseras (dwelling houses) run by the government as social welfare schemes and others are accommodated in Jhugis (huts) on government land by making encroachments. Later on, when the land on which they have encroached is acquired, they get alternative, built-up, residential accommodation on nominal installments. When government encourages such violations, God save Punjab! Already in Ludhiana there are three elected migrant Municipal Commissioners. The days is not far off when these migrants will rule Punjab. Originally Published on Sikh Institute from dailysikhupdate
  11. What is Hola Mohalla? What's history behind it? How it started? Sikh Stage's infographic about Hola Mohalla explains. Check out the infographic here - http://bit.ly/HolaMohallaInfographic
  12. We are in process of physically leasing a place where we will have a possible proper punjabi classroom setup - part of community center. Any recommendations on books? We looked at mostly all gurdwara sunday school books but they all are too generic and only limited to certain age. Any help will be great - participants will be ages 10+ We will also live stream the whole class and/or possibly make it both physical class for local residents and e-class for sikhsangat members.
  13. 1 Pehra (7.5 Gharia) - 3 hrs 1 Ghari (60 Pal) - 24 mins 1 Pal (30 Chasia) - 24 secs 1 Chasi (15 Visue) - .8 secs 1 Visu - 0.0533 secs You can also try the stop watch @ discoversikhism website below link- Source - http://www.discoversikhism.com/sikhism/sikh_stopwatch.html
  14. I watched this today , and I thought the guys was right and given his efforts to study our Maa Boli (going to Patiala University from Canada to study our bholi) we should give this message some thought and comeup with ways we can revive our literary culture in Punjabi
  15. I recently saw the trailer for this film and was saddened, especially seeing that Sikhs possess no viable film industry. http://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/the-dead-lands/ Ironically if we do ever have a historic Sikh film will it have exacerbated stunts like this:? I am sure that somewhere along the line the Punjab film industry grew confused between culture (Punjabi) and history (not balle balle).
  16. My father-in-law passed in a tragic accident involving an 18-wheeler. He was dropping passenger(s) off at Newark airport when he slid on black ice from a previous sleet/snow storm. After the car came to a stop, my father in law checked on the passengers to make sure everyone was okay. After that he proceeded to exit the vehicle to put proper flags, caution lights, etc. out to warn any oncoming traffic. Keep in mind he lost control on an exit ramp leading to the airport. Within minutes, an 18-wheeler came barreling up and around the ramp. Losing control because of speed and other unknown reasons, the truck spun out of control. After the sheriffs arrived to the scene and began to check on everyone involved in the accident, they realized the driver (my father in law) was missing. An officer then went to investigate the surroundings in search of my Parminder. A bit later, he was discovered under the truck. He was covered in snow. After removing the snow, it was obvious he passed of blunt force trauma to the head, neck and body. He was pronounced dead at the scene. My father in law loved to give. He would give you the turban off of his head, the shirt off of his back or the very last dollar in his pocket. He was very involved in the Sikh community here in NYC and loved to make a difference. He loved everyone he met and never stopped laughing. He helped anyone and everyone he possibly could. Pleas visit the page below and donate or show your support by helping us spread the word. www.gofundme.com/SupportTheSinghs
  17. Waheguru Is there a good typing software anyone would recommand, have to type alot of work Waheguru.
  18. Hi is anyone interested in learning Punjabi on Skype? Punjabi has recently been named as the third most spoken language in England and Wales. I would like to practice my Punjabi, as I would like to able to speak more fluently, I am intermediate level. If you speak Punjabi I would love to hear from you!! If anyone is interested please leave your skype id and i will add you. Thanks
  19. I am lil slow in reading punjabi....... n the words are difficult to understand.. please somebody help me out with the explanation for the same. here the link: http://i.imgbox.com/abduaAAO.jpg Thanks :D
  20. I am a westerner who has recently become interested in sikhi. I am trying to wake early to do a bit of yoga, meditation, and I've tried listening to Japji Sahib while reading along. However, and I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I don't really enjoy the sounds of banis. I don't mean to offend anyone, it is just a sound unfamiliar to me, but as hard as I try, I don't properly appreciate the holiness in the sounds and language. I come from a religion with a strong mystical tradition that is in line with Sikhi at its core, and I wonder if that practice might better be suited for me. I enjoy the sounds of the prayers much more in that religion. I realize this is largely cultural bias, but I feel like after trying to immerse myself in recitation of the banis in punjabi, and still not appreciating it, that it may be better not to force it forever. I believe the SGGS contains truth. There are no beliefs to discard, unlike if I went back to my previous religion. However, I feel it might be improper to sit in gurdwara and listen to kirtan, or to do the morning banis, without actually enjoying it. I recognize these are fundamental aspects of being an observant Sikh, so I don't want to perform them with an empty heart. I am still on my path of 40 days straight waking early for meditation and listening/reading along of Japji Sahib. I feel completing this is necessary for me to make a proper judgement call, but I am becoming disheartened. Does anyone have any opinions on what I should do? I would love to become Khalsa someday, God willing, but if I can not recite the banis with love in my heart, I could never become Khalsa. Help!
  21. Awesome news, a Punjabi-Sikh is headed to the NBA. HE IS 7 FOOT 5!!! READ: http://www.balldontstop.com/sim-bhullar-declares-nba-draft-become-first-ever-punjabi-sikh-nba/
  22. Hello all, first time I've ever posted anything but am a long time lurker. I was just wondering if my brothers and sisters here can help me out/give me some advice. I am a first year in university in the UK, I have met a girl who is 1st year in Uni also but in Australia. I am a Sikh from a Sikh Indian Punjabi household and she is agnostic and White. Now my question is what shall I do? I do not know what to tell anyone. I am a very private person and whilst my parents are not overly conservative I know what is "expected of me" ie nice Indian/Sikh/Punjabi kori and such. But honestly I do love this girl and she loves me, this is not some sort of immature/childish fantasy, I know what love is and regardless of anything else I do feel like we are soul mates. I am not interested in the sexual aspect of this relationship- that is immaterial to me, I love her as a person- that she is attractive is rather irrelevant to me. Now Sikhi teaches that once two souls are married they become one, that there is no Sikh/Hindu/Muslim/other that we are all on different paths to the same ultimate goal and as such her religion and mine is immaterial, isn't it? one should respect one's parents and I feel like I am being dishonest and disloyal by keeping such things from them. I am very conflicted, I would very much like to tell them but then I am also aware this could be received less than desirably and there is nothing I wouldn't do for this girl. Am I being a bad son? Am I being a bad Sikh? I would never even think about it but do I ask her to convert (this is strictly against my personal beliefs and against Sikhi, right?)
  23. Wahiguroojikakhalsa!Wahiguroojikifateh! 8 new Katha audios by Bhai Sukha Singh have been added to GurshabadVeechar.com, including Katha from Suraj Prakash, Bhai Sahib Gurdaas Jee and Shabads from Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji! Follow the link below to listen ---> http://gurshabadveechar.com/andromeda/andromeda.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha sada ang sange Gurshabad Veechar Team
  24. There are quite a few threads on this forum about the troubles of dating with a turban and beard. Most of these discussions deteriorate into guys taking their frustrations out by bashing Punjabi girls for not wanting to be with keshdari males. I came across a post on reddit that tackles this issue from a slightly different angle. I will post the relevant bit: "Hey guys and gals, I'm a Sikh guy, wear a turban and have a fully grown beard. I live in Canada and am 20 years old. I have quite a few friends who are also turban-wearing Sikhs, and the one thing I am accustomed to hearing on an almost daily basis is "girls won't go out with me because I am a keshdari". That is all I ever hear, not only from my own friends, but on every Sikh forum online, there are hoards of Sikh guys who complain about not being able to get a girlfriend because they wear a turban and sport a beard. This is for any guy on reddit who complains about this issue, and for anyone who knows a guy like that in real life, I say, you need to slap some sense into him by showing him this post. The turban and the beard are not the reason you can't get girls. It is your lowly perception of yourself. You have no self confidence, you freak out every time you talk to a female because you are worried she doesn't like your turban/beard and you are a social klutz. Most keshdari males in the west spend their time hanging out with other keshdari guys, or other Indian men in general. You have very little experience socializing with members of other races, and especially with members of the opposite sex. That is the problem. You got no game. How do you fix it? Become social, talk to people you normally wouldn't talk to, develop your social skills, and watch your life change for the better. Secondly, most turban + beard guys I know are not physically attractive. No, it is NOT the beard and turban that are responsible for it. Most of you don't work out, and quite a few (maybe even majority) have really let yourselves go, and have developed huge guts. Get your behind into the gym, lose weight if you're fat, build muscle if you're skinny. If I was a girl, I wouldn't want to date most of you either, because you don't take care of yourselves. Sikhi says to treat your body like your temple, how on earth have you allowed your temple to become so desecrated? Stop eating allu de parathai, samosai, gulab jaman, eat good, wholesome, nutritious food, get in the gym, lift, your testosterone will increase, your confidence will increase, and so will your success with the ladies. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, STOP LIMITING YOURSELF TO PUNJABI GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Pete's sake, most guys I know who complain about this are the ones who ONLY go for Punjabi kudis. The world is your oyster my friend, there's wonderful girls out there who will accept you for who you are and are not Indian-descent. In fact, from my own experiences and what I have heard from friends, non-Punjabi girls actually respect the turban and beard more than Punjabi girls do. If you are proud to be keshdari, then they will respect you for it. When I ask most guys why they are wearing a turban, they'll tell me "because my parents made me". When pressed further about why their parents made them, they say "because it is a part of the religion". But they don't know WHY Sikhs wear turbans. That is the problem. FFS man, learn your own history! It is legendary what our ancestors went through to protect our dharam. It is teeming with stories of epic battles, sacrifice and determination. No other religion has ever had to face even half the crap we did to survive and preserve our beliefs. It was keshdari Sikhs who destroyed Mughal rule in Punjab, 21 keshdari Sikhs who held off an army of 10,000 Afghans for over 7 hours until reinforcements arrived. Confidence comes from being sure of who you are. Understand why you wear a turban, and the thousands of brave men and women who wore it before you, and you won't give a damn about what any woman thinks. If some immature Punjabi girl has no respect for your turban, that's her loss. A lot of them have forgotten that when Punjabi women were getting kidnapped left, right and center by Persian forces, and being taken to Iran to be sold in the sex-trade industries, it was turbaned Sikh men who went after them, fought enemies umpteenth times larger than themselves, won, and brought the women back safe and sound to their families. Any girl that rejects you solely for your turban isn't worth the time, even if she's Punjabi. Most of them are going to be fat aunties in 20 years time anyways, then they'll be paying guys to give them the time of day. My girlfriend is white, my brother is married to a Chinese lady, who is absolutely wonderful, and has complete respect for Sikhi and the turban. If you respect your turban, others will too. I've got a handful of friends (all keshdari) dating white girls and Asian (Chinese mostly) girls. I've got family in the USA, a few of my cousins are with Latinas. All are socially confident, all work out, none limited themselves to just Punjabi girls. That's my rant. I'm tired of keshdari guys complaining about how girls don't give you the time of day, it makes us all look like insecure, needy, weak boys who do not deserve any woman in the first place. Cutting your hair isn't going to make you a success with the ladies if you are out of shape and socially demented. On the other hand, I have known the most athletic, outgoing keshdari brothers get rejected time and time again by girls just because they had the turban. And each time, the girl was Punjabi. Face it dude, there are girls out there who are not attracted to the look, and there's nothing you can do about it. But there are a lot more girls out there than you think who don't give a damn about how big your facial hair is or what you have on your head, and a lot, if not the majority of these girls, are not Punjabi. STOP LIMITING YOURSELF! I leave you with one last question: If Dwayne The Rock Johnson converted to Sikhi today, grew out his beard and stuck on a turban, would he have any less success with the ladies? I rest my case." Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Sikh/comments/1ggy25/dating_with_turban_and_beard/ Most respondents agreed with what he said, the support was almost unanimous. My thoughts? I think he hit the nail on the head. I disagree with the bit about Punjabi girls all turning into fat aunties, I think that was uncalled for, but other than that, he makes very valid points (imo). Keshdaris stick with other keshdaris and/or Indian men, so have little experience interacting with people of other races, and because of Punjabi culture, are discouraged from talking to women. I've been to quite a few Gurdwaras in my time, the one thing I noticed over and over again was a lack of aesthetics amongst the more religious members of our community, doesn't matter if they were young or old. Now, this isn't always, the case, I workout, most of my friends (keshdari) workout, a lot of guys posting in the comments section of that post said they do as well, and I'm sure a lot of guys on here do too. But what I have noticed is that, while we are supposed to be saint-soldiers, most of us focus too much on the "saint" aspect and not enough on the "soldier" portion. I also agree with what he said about Punjabi (NOT SIKH) girls, the average Punjabi girl these days doesn't really care much for Sikhi, so dating out of the race is probably a good idea. Thoughts? Yay or nay?