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  1. Just reading through the posts on this board, watching the sikh TV channels and reading what is happening in punjab, leads me to the conclusion that at a higher level, our community is set for destruction, largely through our own stupidity. Sikhs are our own worst enemies. If you look at other communities, people are getting on to progress themselves. Ours? Becoming more intolerant, militant, discriminatory even with each other. It is ironic that a lot of our community believe that demonstrating in gurdwaras, whipping out kirpans at any opportunity, enjoying any excuse to rebel, is something positive. Its not. Once again it makes the community look like uneducated, under achieving idiots. And make as many comparisons to gurus standing up to much also as you like, it's not the same at all. Just read the posts in this board, beadbi, jatts criticising tarkhans, anti government posts etc. Not one positive post. No real sikh achievements to speak of. Look at the matrimonial lists in gurdwaras: seeking "jatts". "Pathwari" clean shaven, amridhari etc. 5 feet tall girls seeking 6'4 guys. Fat guys seeking size 8 girls, "slim" girls being morbidly obese in reality, people with half an hnd working in a shop seeking consultant doctors, investment bankers etc. What meaningless nonsense! And it is precisely this that makes a mockery of our religion, culture that is pushing educated young Sikhs away. The result will be dwindling numbers and eventual wipe out of our communities as we know them. Look at Christians, Muslims etc. Sure they have some different factions. But most important to them is that ultimately somebody belongs to the same faith. In ours? Jatts don't consider non jatts as Sikhs, non jatts consider jatts to be "behvkoof" amridharis consider monay to not be proper Sikhs, and the result is just a fractured community laughed at by the rest of the world destined to eventual wipe itself out. And it gets progressively worse. Consider the case of Somerset Road and Smethwick gurdwaras in Birmingham. Now uneducated sikh gangsters have effectively taken control of the gurdwaras to loot the sangats donations! This is the sign of a community that is destructive. Unless things change rapidly, whip out as many kirpans as you like, our community will remain a joke on the world stage. So keep reporting the beadbi, criticising each other, and being increasing intolerant, because soon enough there won't be enough numbers to matter. And not that it matters, I am an educated "jatts" professional for anyone that cars about such nonsense. I am a sikh and that's all I need to define myself.