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  1. Wjkk Wjkf Could someone post the directions of the amrit sanchar?
  2. Satsriakal ji I am 26 yrs old did an intercaste marriage with jatt Sikh boy was a love marriage after having a affair of 2 yrs. I expressed myself to him told everything about me before marriage had stared doing Sikh path with my consent to please him and his family. My name got changed after my marriage as per my mother in law demand. Its been 3 yrs now and having a baby girl too of 1 year. But there have been lot of conflicts between me and my husband over petty issues. Every couple has such problems on day to day basis but it doesn't mean that they get separated forever. But every time I had to bear such situation when my husband start living a reluctant life. He remains quite happy without me but when I approach him he starts getting so so angry and doesn't even listen to me. Always keep finding faults and never appreciates my concerns. Though I have also made mistakes in such anger but I relised too confessed all my issues want to have a loving marriage life with him but he doesn't bother. My and his parents are also involved in this. They are in the favor of reunion but every time my husband gets dominate and scolds me a lot. I feel humiliated in front of him. But no one can do anything say our parents as it is our personal decision. We both don't have any harmony and if I talk to him on this he insults me a lot then he poses some conditions and then he gets okay. But after two or three days if I ask him or say him something even in a polite way he gives the same expression and say I won't talk to you anymore. What to do in such situation. I feel he won't get fine with me. Now my parents also putting pressure on me to live here only with him and to adjust as it was a marriage of my own choice. Kindly help and suggest what to do..? Which path should I do to get him back to get his affection back..? It seems very tough to live with him