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Found 6 results

  1. Why do the demographics of the UK show that there are more indians than pakistanis? I always thought there were more pakistanis, as nearly every town and city in the uk has a pakistani population... any explanations?
  2. I have been looking at twitter etc and i see more pakistanis supporting khalistan than apneh. What is the reason for this? Is there an agenda here? Wouldnt khalistan include lahore and nanakana, im confused about this....
  3. Ive spoken to a few Pakistanis who claim their ancestors converted from Sikhism, ie their great great grandfather etc... I always thought it was Hindus who converted to islam as a few hundred years ago Sikhi was so strong I wouldn't have thought it would be possible to break a Sikhs faith espc during the Sikh empire etc to islam. Also (although off topic) do you think a civil war is inventible in the Uk between Pakistanis and everyone else? Do think its a muslim problem in Britain or a Pakistani Islamic problem because I know other muslims who behave much belter than Pakistanis in the Uk, Also compare Pakistanis in America and Canada with Uk they worse than Sikhs there.
  4. I came across this video on the net which was aired on channel 4 dispatches . The link will show u what is taught at mosques in Birmingham and other areas. I try to see all as equal, but is this what is really taught at all mosques? I was shocked when I watched this, it really makes me think twice. http://vimeo.com/19598947
  5. mrggg123

    Muslimans In Uk

    Why do Pakistanis behave so badly, because guru nanak dev ji's disciples were muslim and because they way muslims act nowadays it makes people hate them. Why do some of us 'hate' muslims so much? I think its more to do with Pakistanis, other muslims I meet seem to be ok e.g arabs,. What do you think? Should we respect muslims or dislike them? its a hard subject, because why was bhai mardna and kabir close to guru nanak dev ji when they believed in mohammed who 'supposedly' had sex with a 9 year old?
  6. why are Sikh girls going off with men of different races? Why are they dating Pakistani men, what is wrong with Sikh men? Why do Pakistani girls stick with palkistani men? What are the root causes to our problem, how can we tackle it? The way things are going Sikhs are going to become so tiny in minority, look how strong muslims have become by sticking with their own. Why are gudwaras letting Sikh girls get married to blacks and whites? Whats so special about blacks and whites compared with Sikhs? How can they say that they are Sikhs and kids will be Sikh when they marry out of sikhi? Do they not think about their parents and ancestors? Do they not think about their guruji? Whats so unattractive about Sikhs, a lot are good looking.. All these things the other way round are a problem too e.g men This frustrates me.