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Found 2 results

  1. Re: the 'Meat Shop opening next to Gurdwara' thread on the main There are 2 issues here; The first is that we are gonna have to get used to some very real issues coming our way during the next decade. Whats coming our way is entirely of our own making and the next generation will look back at our mistakes of today and wonder how we could have been so short-sighed, ignorant and ill-informed. Whats happening and will continue to happen in places like Southall and Handsworth is that there are 20 times more Gurdwaras than are needed. To constantly open more and more Gurdwaras in inner-city residential neighbourhoods based on Sikh demographics of the 1960's whilst simultaneously ignoring the fact that old Sikh families of Southall and Handsworth are now mostly and increasingly found in the commuter belt of Surrey, Berkshire, Warwickshire and Staffordshire is blatantly asking for trouble in the future. Today the problem might be 'meat shops' but it doesn't take a genius to foresee how the same fate that befell Christian churches will also fall on our too many gurdwaras when they are all situated in areas where Sikhs no longer live. The second point to remember is that unlike Canada and America etc we do not have zoning laws etc. Our history - mirrored in the history of the English language - is for residential streets to contain a haphazard mixture of places of worship, pubs, schools, clubs, meat shops, police stations and electricity sub-stations. The fact that members of our community decided to open a Gurdwara where for hundreds of years pubs, cigarettes and meat have been sold does not give them the right to dicatate what they would like to be sold nearby. If what is sold nearby is an issue for them they should have picked a more suitable location in the first place. The fact that members of our community decided to open a Gurdwara in a neighbourhood that is now majority black Jamaican and Muslim they can't now tell the local population they can't have a meat shop nearby when that local population love their meat and want a meat shop. Our problems today are of our own making , i.e our badly-educated short-sighted outlook of yesteryear and today. Re; the 'Jagsaw's Thread: An Apology' thread on the main page: Apology accepted. None of that changes the fact however that we Sikhs need to understand how debate and discussion is not the same as arguing. Debate and discussion is vital to human development. It opens and expands our mind and enables us to think critically. This nasty habit in our community of stifling debate and equating it with anti-Sikh activity is already having a terrible negative effect on us intellectually with Hindus reaching the very top of society and hijab wearing Muslim females now increasingly taking up great positions in the fields of medicine and law leaving our religious with a terrible reputation of a badly educated community. To constantly cry "close this thread.....close that thread" every single time a remotely interesting discussion takes place on this 'discussion forum' is directly related to our national stereotype of a people lacking intellectual capability.
  2. I know this is a Sikh forum but just wanted to ask the sangats opinion on the New Pope... the way they 'choose' the next Pope...all locked up in a room and waiting for the influence of God to decide who to vote for etc...is this at all 'spiritual'? waiting for the smoke to change from black to clear to show people the new pope has been selected and so on. The guards will also be down because there is no Pope...Also Nostra Damus (or whatever his name was) had predicted that when 7 cities fall (Syria, Libiya etc - most of which if not all have 'fallen') and a 'black' pope is elected - (black by skin colour or black by heart?) - the vatican will fall?? Well so far it's throwing a lot of Catholics into dispair