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Found 9 results

  1. Please Help.

    Ive come across the damdami taksal sundar gutka app, but there are a lot of 1 star ratings saying that the gutka has MANY MANY mistakes in it, in almost all the banis. The same goes for the Sundar gutka app made by Khalis Foundation. They also have a lot of 1 star reviews saying that many banis have mistakes in them. Now i do not know which app to download as there could be mistakes in any of them. I can not do my nitnem with mistakes in the bani. PLEASE could someone give me any app or even a pdf if you have to, of full nitnem and hopefully many dasam bania and other bani aswell in it WITHOUT any mistakes/spelling errors. Would be much appreciated.
  2. Non Alcoholic Perfume/scent

    Gurfateh Guru Piyaarayo! Does any one know where in the UK (or UK based website) where you can get non alcoholic perfume/scent/aftershave? It is for Guru Maharaaj Ji's Darbar for the Ramalay and Thabayah. Apart from Burberry Baby Touch, daas is finding it a struggle to source it. Thanks. Akaal!
  3. New Youtube channel where kirtan will be uploaded. Just wanted to get the word out so more people get to hear amazing kirtan. There are only a few kirtan channels on youtube that upload multiple times a week so I wanted to add another. Will post mostly AKJ style kirtan of all different kirtanis around the world. Might post kavishri or dhadhi vaaran. Subscribe and share. Videos will be uploaded multiple times a week. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuzAZT8ViP0Cq_JFN1wqjdA
  4. Larreevaar Saroop

    Vjkk vjkf Dass wants to learn reading larreevaar saroop. Are there any online resources that I can use?
  5. Sikh pdf books online

    Here are some Sikhi related books das has gathered overtime and hope it helps the Sangat Waheguru Chonve Lekh by Sardar Kapor Singh They Massacre Sikhs-a report by Sikh Parliament (SGPC) White Papers Rajiv Gandhi and 1984-Facts and Fantasies Guru Tegh Bahadur-The Prophet-He Died For The Oppressed By Gyani Brahma Singh Ji Kesh Sadda Gaurav-Gyani Mahinder Singh The Sikh Meditation Waheguru Simran Simran Healing Simran and Naam Anand Sahib with commentary in simple punjabi Biography of Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen in English
  6. Buying Patkas online?

    I was wondering if you guys knew a place to buy patkas online. All mine have ripped and only have 2 in my rotation for school! haha I tried contacting GoSikh because my measurements for my patka are 21x24 (I'll have to recheck but I believe this is correct) And most places make patkas that are square shaped. If anyone knows where I can buy some online could you post below. It's hard living in a city without a significant Sikh population. Thanks!
  7. VJKK VJKF to all. visit www.thesikhwarehouse.co.uk some of things we sell are: pagh/dhamalla kapra chola gathra kachere our own designed sikh t-shirts sikh instruments etc visit the website and order now!!! vjkk vjkf