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  1. Dear Sangat Ji, A Muslim attacker proclaiming Muhammad Rasool Allah has today attacked Sangat and angs of Maharaj at a Gurdwara in London UK. The Muslim attacker tore angs of Guru Sahib and attacked Sangat. Fortunately the Muslim attacker was caught by brave Singhs and handed over to Police who arrested him. Whole incident was caught on Camera and the Muslim attacker wore shoes and burned torn angs of Maharaj with the lighted cigarette he came in smoking with. Message to Sangat please increase security at your local Gurdwara!
  2. Hello, I am not sure if my previous post was successful but my name is Simran and I have fallen in love with a muslim man. I want to marry him but I'm unsure of the reaction I will receive when introducing a muslim man to my family. He is 24 and I am 23. I would really appreciate your views on an interfaith marriage, more specifically a sikh-muslim marriage, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Simran.
  3. Are these guys insane do they not realise what the consequences of doing this?
  4. Do these pendu punjabi families not know how to bring up their scummy daughters? And do these girls not know to marry a muslim and increase Islamic demographics means more terrorism and persecution of non-muslims (ie their own families). Whats wrong with these idiots. It's like they are begging for their own oppression and persecution in coming future.
  5. At the beginning of last year (2012), the Sikh Riot Awareness Facebook group posted this video of a Muslim man marrying a Sikh woman in a Gurdwara: As you can tell by the comments, most people were not pleased and were angry that this was allowed to take place. (click "view previous comments and go up to the very top). There were even girls that said it was wrong and shouldn't have happened, which surprised me, usually I only hear of men speaking out against this kind of stuff, but a lot of Sikh females were displeased as well. Someone showed me another Muslim-Sikh marriage video yesterday, this also took place in a Gurdwara. The difference? This time, the girl was Muslim and the guy was Sikh (mona). Here it is: I am just interested in seeing if there is as much outrage over this happening as there was over the last one. Ironically, the Muslim girl does a better matha thek than the Sikh girl lol. For the first video, imagine if the girl ran away with the Muslim, what would people say then? They would bash him for not even having the decency to enter a Gurdwara and respect the girl's families wishes. Say what you want, at least he had enough respect to bow down in front of Guru Ji, he might not practice Sikhi, but it does show he is open-minded, and since they got married in a Gurdwara, I doubt he made her convert to Islam. What is the difference between marrying a Muslim and a guy who is only Sikh-by-name? In neither case would that Sikh girl raise her children to practice Sikhi, so does it really make a difference? If a non-practicing member of our community, who probably knows nothing about the religion, doesn't even know how to matha thek properly, wants to marry out, what's the big deal? For the second video, again, is there any outrage? The Sikh guy is obviously not practicing, so does it make a difference if his wife is a Muslim? If he had married a Sikh girl, chances are she herself wouldn't be practicing either, so in neither case would he produce practicing Sikh children. Thoughts?
  6. Rajdeep Chana, 20, sentenced to 18 weeks jail, suspended for 18 months, after crashing car in high-speed drama 2602 Shares Share Tweet +1 LinkedIn Subscribe A Sikh student has received a suspended jail sentence after sparking a 90mph police chase through Birmingham - after a family row over his Muslim girlfriend. Rajdeep Chana, 20, had taken his father’s car after being told to end the relationship and then went to pick up his secret love. But he ‘panicked’ when police ordered him to pull over and he crashed during the early-morning pursuit after losing control at a roundabout. The Birmingham Metropolitan College student was sentenced to 18 weeks jail, suspended for 18 months, after admitting aggravated vehicle taking, dangerous driving and failing to stop. Chana, of Weeford Road, Handsworth Wood, was also ordered to complete 180 hours unpaid work, pay £420 costs and was banned from the roads for a year. Duncan Craig, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said Chana had taken his father’s Honda Accord in the early hours of September 4 and was later seen by police driving it erratically in Wheelright Road. Officers indicated for him to stop and he pulled the vehicle over - but then sped off, with the Accord’s lights flashing. Mr Craig said police followed at speeds of 90mph along the Tyburn Road, before the student crashed into a barrier - leaving the vehicle a write-off. BIRMINGHAM BREAKING NEWS LATEST CRIME STORIES BRUM'S POLITICS CITY CENTRE NEWS POLICE INCIDENTS FIRE AND RESCUE NHS WEST MIDLANDS UP IN COURT AMBULANCE EMERGENCIES Gurdeep Garcha, defending, called Chana ‘very immature’. He had picked up his girlfriend in his father’s car and had been driving around considering what to do next when police tried to stop him - and he 'panicked'. He added: “The background to this case is this defendant has been in a relationship with a girl who is a Muslim and he is a Sikh. His parents and other family members disapproved of that relationship. But for this defendant it is a relationship that is serious and long term. “On the night of this offence he and his father had an argument about the relationship. His father had told him it must effectively come to an end. “It was a consequence of that the defendant left the home and foolishly took his father’s keys and drove away in the car. Plainly, the offence occurred at a time of heightened emotion.” The court heard Chana was currently studying to be a masseur and his ambition was to work within the footballing industry. Sentencing him, Recorder Boydell said: “You are still a relatively young man who seems to have embarked on a course of self-destruction to some extent. You threatened the lives of other road users and caused emergency services to be placed in a position of danger.” However, the judge said he accepted that his driving was over a relatively short distance and that the defendant had shown great remorse. Have you got our free app? Download it to keep up to date with all the latest news, sport and what's on stories. On iOS? download here or for Android click here
  7. who is this girl from dragons den is she sikh?
  8. What follows are two extracts from the book We, Our Nationhood Defined written by M.S. Golwarkar, the second leader of the RSS: "To keep up the purity of the Race and its culture, Germany shocked the world by her purging the country of the semitic Races - the Jews. Race pride at its highest has been manifested here. Germany has also shown how well nigh impossible it is for Races and cultures, having differences going to the root, to be assimilated into one united whole, a good lesson for us in Hindusthan to learn and profit by."[31] "Ever since that evil day, when Moslems first landed in Hindustan, right up to the present moment, the Hindu Nation has been gallantly fighting on to take on these despoilers. The Race Spirit has been awakening." "The non-Hindu people of Hindustan must either adopt Hindu culture and language, must learn and respect and hold in reverence the Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but of those of glorification of the Hindu race and culture ... In a word they must cease to be foreigners, or may stay in the country, wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges, far less any preferential treatment—not even citizens' rights." These horrific offerings are distinct from Islamic fundamentalism in some very important ways: 1 - Islam is not an inherently racist creed. Hindutva on the other hand appears to take for its inspiration the same sort of racial theories propounded by the Nazis, and covertly advocates genocide in the pursuit of Hindu racial hegemony by recommending Hindustanis to adopt Nazi methods. Even the pictures of them in their uniforms and at their rallies in formation evoke echoes of the Third Reich. 2 - Shariah law is repugnant, there can be no doubt, especially in point of its treatment of unbelievers. But even non-Muslim dhimmis living beneath the aegis of the Dar-ul-Islam are afforded basic rights such as protection by their rulers. Hindutva would deny them even that. It would literally reduce them to a subhuman level. 3 - It is based on a dangerous hallucination. The forces of Hindutva have somehow managed to utterly convince themselves that the laughable Hindu record of defeats at Muslim hands was actually a 'gallant fight' (to take the words of Gokalwar himself). Only a person of breathtaking psychiatric imbalance could perform these sorts of mental gymnastics. The cause of Islamic Jihad is manned by stupid fanatics - the cause of Hindu nationalism is manned by insane fanatics. This is scary stuff. I haven't yet decided whether it frightens me more than Islamism, but that there should even be a contest between the two says it all. Also, it bears mentioning that whilst Punjab hasn't really been affected by Jihad, the tentacles of the RSS have embedded themselves deeply and extensively.
  9. This must not be allowed to go ahead. This is a direct contradiction to akal takht rules. See attached invitation that someone messaged me. Friday 1st may at 9:30 am
  10. RSS Brahm Sanatan fanatics... hindu cowards only attack in numbers.
  11. Listen from 15 mins, theres a girl called harpreet who realised her mistake of marrying out young and now wants to become amritdhari. Atleast some people realise... waheguru
  12. Na Hum Hindu Na Musalmaan
  13. We must watch it and hope they get it right. An Inside Out London special, uncovers the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men. Breaking their silence, they speak to Chris Rogers about their experiences at the hands of these predatory men and why justice is being denied to them by their own community and the police.
  14. Alright, I think I have already posted this in another thread but I think this is could be a discussion in its own, hence I am starting this thread. Time for Sikhs to le go of this garbage called Panjabi culture.All this filth of Heer Ranjjha, Sassi-Punnu, Sohni-Mahiwal, Bulle Shah, Waris Shah etc was spouted by Muslims. It certainly has nothing to do with Sikhi and contradicts everything that Sikh religion stands for. As for the moderns "Panjabi culture" thee less said the better- it is all about casteism, getting drunk/high or false pride disguised as "anakh". Panjabi culture is a defective, stupid and pagan culture. One of the key objectives o Sikh religion was to emancipate the masses from the falsehood of this silly pagan culture and lead them to the path of truth. Anybody could be a Panjabi. Those Muslims from West Panjab and Malerkotla, those Panjabi Hindus, those cults like Ravidasis,Radha Swamis, Dera Lucha Sauda and all such zillion followers of such false evil cults are all Panjabis. Should we embrace them as our brothers? Well I can tell you that they would more than glad to see Sikhs become extinct. It is time to wake up from this illusion of "Panjabiyat " and "Panjabi brotherhood". I say, let Panjabi culture and "Panjabiyat" go to hell. Let both sides of Panjab burn and turn into wastelands. All this would could be tolerated as long as Sikhi prospers and proliferates. Time to make up your minds folks- who are you? Sikh or Panjabi?
  15. While we are busy debating and dissing each other over trivial issues, our enemies are yet at it again desecrating our religious symbols and killing our people. I said this months back and I repeat, when Sikhs are about to be killed by dushts they are not asked whether they eat meat, believe in Kes or Keski as Kakkar... They are killed because they are SIKHS. Then why can't we unite as Sikhs instead of dividing ourselves? Now this might be a political ploy too, remember it is during the election period where parties can do anything to malign the other side.
  16. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Sangat Ji, Many of you may have noticed or experienced this on a daily basis too - the attitude and comments from Muslim/Pakistani guys walking past you in the street - day or night. I'm pretty much sick of it (along with the majority no doubt). It seems to happen everyday. When walking somewhere I always get a Muslim guys deliberately barge into me or say "Kidha Paaji" or something stupid related to bhangra because I'm a Singh. I know there's no getting away from these people as they breed like rats no matter where in the UK you go. Earlier today I was happily walking home from the Gurdvara reciting Bani and again a Muslim guy shouts from ahead walking towards me "Oh Singh" in a daft voice and then changed direction on the footpath to come in front of me with his elbow sticking out to barge into me. I countered it by slightly moving as I seen it coming. I didn't say anything or look back as I was reciting Bani and didn't want krodh to get the better of me plus there were two of them and I'm not exactly a large person. These people burn at the site of us Singh's. They really need to be dealt with like we did in the praatan samah as the government seem to be afraid of them - if we stick together they can't exactly arrest the whole Sikh community! Have any of the sangat had similar (worse or not so worse) incidents and how do you deal with them? I know it may sound childish but there comes a point where enough is enough. They're talking our Singhniya and we are watching it happen. Admin ji, bhul chuk maaf karayo ji. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh!
  17. The story of conflicts between some of the Gurus of Sikh religion and the Muslim rulers is well-known. The emerging religion of the Sikhs during the Mughal era was perceived by some of the rulers and their vassals to be a political threat. As a sizeable segment of disgruntled peasantry started joining the Sikh movement in Punjab and beyond, its political and social implications were not lost on perceptive minds, especially among the orthodox section of aristocracy. Some of the Gurus faced persecution. A few were even executed for their religious and political views. Consequently, their followers at times had to bear the brunt of Mughal might. This is one side of the story. The other side remains largely untold. There was also a good number of Muslim musicians, scholars, Sufi saints, notables, including some royals like prince Dara Shikoh, who were not only sympathetic to the Sikh cause but also supported it in different ways. And this is what Muslman Kahavan Muskal (It takes a lot to be a Muslim), a remarkable book by Iqbal Singh, implicitly tells us. The book has been published from Amaritsar in Shahmukhi, one of the Punjabi scripts derived from the Arabic that is used on this side of Punjab. Iqbal Singh, is well-versed in the Sikh religious literature. Granth Sahib, we all know, is a huge collection of sacred verses, a foundation on which stands the Sikh religious and metaphysical edifice. It contains not only the sacred verses of the Gurus but also the selections of Bhagti or Sufi poetry thought to be compatible with the vision of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion. Granth Sahib in general and Nanak Bani (the verses of Baba Guru Nanak) in particular have a lot of material which directly or indirectly refers to the Muslim rulers, their politics, faith, religious practices, saints and score of other things related with the newly-established Muslim society. Iqbal Singh has painstakingly collected all the material that we find scattered throughout the Holy Granth and has arranged it in a systematic way in his book providing us a holistic picture of the historical relationship between the Muslims and the Sikhs, spreading over centuries. The book is a must read for anyone interested in discovering the historical context of the roots of love-hate relationship that existed and perhaps still exists, though to a much lesser degree, between the Muslims and the Sikhs. The Muslim and the Sikh narratives in Punjab though different are uniquely interlinked and so is their destiny in the cultural and social terms at least. The reference material one finds in the book has a material as well as symbolic value. It can help build bridges between two important communities of Punjab. A journey of self-discovery Velay day pichhe pichhe (In the foot-steps of time) is a travelogue by Afzal Tauseef published by Institute of Language and Culture. Afzal Tauseef is one of our senior intellectuals and fiction writers deeply involved in the cultural politics of Punjab. Her book narrates a moving story of her visits to Indian Punjab where she was born in a prosperous land owning family. She was a growing child when came the Partition and with it she lost everything. She shares her vivid memories of what happened and how all of a sudden her paradise with its verdure, flora and fauna and blissful community life was lost. The communal riots led by lynching mobs forced her family which lost some of it members, to migrate to Pakistan. The tragedy of being uprooted, incomprehensible to young and old alike changed the course of life for her and her family permanently. Standing on the soil where she was born but forced to flee by the whirlwind of circumstances, she reliving the excruciatingly painful existential experience, wails and laments. With her artistically articulated wailing and lamenting Afzal Tauseef creates a historically oriented cultural context where her sigh transforms itself into a cry of millions of the Punjabis who went through the same hell in the aftermath of the Partition in 1947. Her emotionally charged narrative provokes us to pause and ponder over the malady that inflicted deep a wound on the collective psyche of Punjab. With the passage of time the wound has healed though but the ugly scar it left is still there to remind us of what we did to ourselves in our collective frenzy whipped up by the communalists and fanatics of all hues. The content is replete with emotional undertones but skillfully crafted prose does not let itself to be loaded with the kind of kitsch one usually encounters in the Punjabi writings dealing with trauma of the Partition. This is a book of sorrow that may comfort many with its reconstruction of a heart wrenching orgy of hate that we want to delete from our collective memory but its stubborn specter keeps coming back to haunt us all. Tender verses Main Chaitar nahin Chakhia (No whiff of April for me) is a new book of poetry by young poet and writer Khaqan Haydar Ghazi published by Sanjh Publications. Khaqan employs different genres like free verse and lyrics for his creative expression. He seems to be very passionate about exploring the emotional and psychic effects the changing seasons imperceptibly have on individual. A number of poems deal with experiencing Chaitar which is a harbinger of spring and a metaphor of re-birth. It reminds us of Chaucers famous verse Whan that Aprille with his shoures soote that inspired T.S. Eliots line April is the cruelest month. Khaqans poetry generally creates a sweet-sounding romantic ambiance underpinned by angst. Simplicity of the language and clarity of the experience impart palpable freshness to what he expresses in an unpretentious manner. A little more than friendship and a little less than love is what twists the relationship that is there between you and me. Mushtaq Soofi
  18. I have seen many sikhs, and all over the internet...going all against Islam, Muhammad, Muslim and stuff. I was just thinking about this...why is this? Due to our history, have we become anti-Muslim? Or we have some sort of inferiority/superiority complex towards Muslims? Believe me, if a Muslim lad gets married to a Sikh kuri, everyone loses their mind..while Goreh have been marrying our girls for decades and you don't see even 10% of the reaction that you would see a Muslim munda marrying our kuri... Then you would see people aligning themselves (intentionally/unintentionally) with Christians/missionaries in their anti-Islamic efforts. Christian missionaries are lying snake...they go into a country to subjugate and westernized that history..their criticisms of Muslims/Islam are also based on myths, bias, lies, manipulation, hatred, sense of superiority, and so on...just like their criticisms of sikhi, hinduism etc.... Rather than strengthening our faith in sikhi, we seek refuge of dishonest missionaries would hate Islam as much as they hate us... Why this situation? Our inferiority-complex or simple hatred?
  19. Greetings to all, My name is Jaginder Singh and I am an independent film maker based in Perth, Western Australia. Post 9/11, there have been many hate crimes (retaliatory) attacks on Muslims and persons that are assumed to be Muslims. I now hate flying as they "randomly" make me jump the hoops to get through security (not that I am saying security if unimportant) but, I know that the inconvenience that I face is nothing compared to what some others may have to endure on a regular basis just because they are Muslims or even look like a Muslim. This thought has always been in my mind but I when I read about the massacre in Wisconsin I felt extremely distraught. I remember feeling the same way during the attacks on 9/11. A sinking feeling of disgust and indescribably hurt. Don't let my name or my words fool you, I am not even remotely religious but I felt I was attacked too. I feel the need to document this controversial issue but I had other projects then. Now a year later, I am about to embark on my latest project, a documentary about mistaken identity and racial profiling. I do however, have a dilemma on what would be the most apt tittle for my documentary. This where I need your insight as a community/sangat. Should I call it *Dude, I am not a Muslim* or *Dude, I am not a terrorist* What's in the name you may ask? A lot. If we were to call it the former, one may be accused of alienating Muslims though the intention is to shed light on the fact that you not all colored people are Muslims and not all Muslims are colored people. Focus will fall on the turbaned Sikhs as they have the uncanny resemblance to terrorism's most famous poster boy, Osama bin Laden (at least to a layman). It would be controversial and intriguing hence more bums on the seat hence may possible attract more investors, something every indie film maker struggles with. Of course, there would be a segment about peace loving Muslims as well for it is not my intention to portray Muslim as terrorist. The latter may be more politically correct and the focus would be that not all Muslims are terrorist and also the subject above which is not all colored people are Muslims. We would still do segments of turbaned Sikhs and attacks on non Muslims and Muslims alike. I hope I am making sense and that everyone can freely voice the opinion or even disgust (?). I have created 2 FB pages for this reason, feel free to drop by and check them out too. Jinder Perth
  20. NEW DELHI: According to a survey conducted by Indian government, among various religious groups, Muslims have the lowest living standard with the average per capita expenditure of just Rs 32.66 in a day. The Press Trust of India (PTI) reported that the survey had shown that at the other end of the spectrum, Sikh community enjoys a much better lifestyle as the average per capita spending among them is Rs 55.30 per day, while the same for Hindus is Rs 37.50. For Christians it is Rs 51.43. "At all-India level, the average monthly per capita expenditure (MPCE) of a Sikh household was Rs 1,659 while that for a Muslim household was Rs 980 in 2009-10," said an NSSO study titled 'Employment and Unemployment Situation Among Major Religious Groups in India'. The average household MPCE is a proxy for income and reflects that living standards of a family. According to the study, the average MPCE for Hindus and Christians were Rs1,125 and Rs1,543, respectively. The survey said that average monthly per capita consumption at all-India level was Rs 901 in villages and Rs1,773 in cities. Overall, the average MPCE was Rs 1,128. Muslims were at the bottom in rural areas, with an average MPCE of Rs 833, followed by Hindus at Rs 888, Christians at Rs1,296 and Sikhs 1,498. In urban areas, Muslims' average MPCE was also the lowest at Rs 1,272 followed by Hindus at Rs 1,797, Christians Rs 2,053 and Sikhs at Rs 2,180.
  21. Hey guys, The answer to this is probably the obvious one but I guess I just need validation, for myself more than anything. I'm Muslim, I met this Sikh guy in University, he pursued me and we started dating. I didn't see his religion, creed, background or anything, I just saw his heart and I eventually fell in love with him. He told me he loved me too and mentioned marriage and kids several times too. I was over at his house often. His parents knew about us and they seemed okay with it. After about a year of dating I felt that we should make things a bit more official and I asked him when we would get married. He kept delaying it. First it was wait until I graduate, then wait until I get a job. I waited. After he got a job I was like okay now lets get married but he kept avoiding giving me an answer. He did talk about marriage, but whenever I pinned him down for a clear answer he never gave it. By now I was feeling uneasy and stressed. My parents wanted me to get an arranged marriage and it was becoming more and more stressful hiding everything from everyone. The only time I would reveal everything to my parents is if he agreed to marriage. I then decided to give him an ultimatum. We had broken up over the marriage issue several times before, but now I told him it was for real. I asked him to decide and he chose to break up. I was devastated. I asked him why, he said his parents would never agree. I was so confused as his parents knew about us all along and they seemed to be good people. I was at his house all the time and I spent nights there too. I knew his sisters and hung out with his family too. I loved him like a husband. I took care of him, cooked for him and took care of all his needs. I was even willing to convert to Sikhism for him. It turns out that his parents were okay with him and me dating but they would never let him marry me. They knew we were sleeping together and his dad told him to have fun, but make sure he doesn't get me pregnant. I have a lot of Sikh friends and I love them to pieces. They are all such good people that's why I am so shocked at what this guy and his family did to me. What does your religion say about something like this? Is there any punishment for someone who does something like this to someone? Is it okay to do something like this to someone who is not Sikh?
  22. I'm reading Life stories of great sikh saints by Dr.Hakam Singh. I wanted to share this with the sangat because I normally think of the only right way being Sikhi and everything else being false (including other religions) but then I read this: While at Baagh a Muslim Pir, Murad Shah Kukara, who was a big landlord of this area also, came to see Baba Nand Singh Ji. When Baba Ji heard of his arrival he came out of his room to meet him. The shah bowed and then took his sash (which he always carried around his neck), spread it before Baba ji and said "I have come to a perfect fakir today and am not ready to go back empty handed". Baba ji stayed quiet for a moment and then said " Do you know shah ji! That what you are asking for comes at a price, and I hope you know that price?" The pir replied " Yes sir, i know the price for what I am requesting is my head." Baba ji then said, "Think and tell me whether or not you have already given your head to someone else?" The shah stayed quiet for some time and then picked up his sash and said " thank you sir, you have already filled my sash because you have restored my faith in my preceptor." pg 172 What I gather from this is that Baba ji and other mahapurakh not only help sikhs stay attached to god but also help other people stay on their own paths. I think this also shows the power/bonds formed when we offer ourselves to someone/something in this world. We must be careful because the price of betraying ones religion in favour of another, even though they lead to the same source, seems to be a dangerous. Obviously the on true lord is the creator of all, but maybe there are temporal consequences? Forces that act in the world/powers that surround religions? Anybody else wanna add in their 2 cents?
  23. This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Maaroo on Pannaa 1102 rwgu mwrU bwxI kbIr jIau kI <> siqgur pRswid ] pfIAw kvn kumiq qum lwgy ] bUfhugy prvwr skl isau rwmu n jphu ABwgy ]1] rhwau ] byd purwn pVy kw ikAw gunu Kr cMdn js Bwrw ] rwm nwm kI giq nhI jwnI kYsy auqris pwrw ]1] jIA bDhu su Drmu kir Qwphu ADrmu khhu kq BweI ] Awps kau muinvr kir Qwphu kw kau khhu ksweI ]2] mn ky AMDy Awip n bUJhu kwih buJwvhu BweI ] mwieAw kwrn ibidAw bychu jnmu AibrQw jweI ]3] nwrd bcn ibAwsu khq hY suk kau pUChu jweI ] kih kbIr rwmY rim CUthu nwih q bUfy BweI ]4]1] raag maaroo baanee kabeer jeeo kee ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh || paddeeaa kavan kumath thum laagae || booddahugae paravaar sakal sio raam n japahu abhaagae ||1|| rehaao || baedh puraan parrae kaa kiaa gun khar cha(n)dhan jas bhaaraa || raam naam kee gath nehee jaanee kaisae outharas paaraa ||1|| jeea badhhahu s dhharam kar thhaapahu adhharam kehahu kath bhaaee || aapas ko muni// kar thhaapahu kaa ko kehahu kasaaee ||2|| man kae a(n)dhhae aap n boojhahu kaahi bujhaavahu bhaaee || maaeiaa kaaran bidhiaa baechahu janam abirathhaa jaaee ||3|| naaradh bachan biaas kehath hai suk ko pooshhahu jaaee || kehi kabeer raamai ram shhoottahu naahi th booddae bhaaee ||4||1|| Raag Maaroo, The Word Of Kabeer Jee: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: O Pandit, O religious scholar, in what foul thoughts are you engaged? You shall be drowned, along with your family, if you do not meditate on the Lord, you unfortunate person. ||1||Pause|| What is the use of reading the Vedas and the Puraanas? It is like loading a donkey with sandalwood. You do not know the exalted state of the Lord's Name; how will you ever cross over? ||1|| You kill living beings, and call it a righteous action. Tell me, brother, what would you call an unrighteous action? You call yourself the most excellent sage; then who would you call a butcher? ||2|| You are blind in your mind, and do not understand your own self; how can you make others understand, O brother? For the sake of Maya and money, you sell knowledge; your life is totally worthless. ||3|| Naarad and Vyaasa say these things; go and ask Suk Dayv as well. Says Kabeer, chanting the Lord's Name, you shall be saved; otherwise, you shall drown, brother. ||4||1||
  24. This article is basically questioning the credibility of Sikh history. The writer seems to be calling Guru Arjan Dev Ji traitorous. Can anyone please help me send a refutation to this guy.