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  1. Please watch the video before you read my response: MY RESPONSE: Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! As someone who actually supports the concept of an independent state run on Sikh values (Khalistan), I don’t think that songs like this do anything for positive the movement. We need less gang bang hood type of music videos, and we need actual change in terms of drug addiction, female infanticide, low birth rates, lack of education, etc, all of which will actually help the Sikh community, rather than a music video in which we are waving around guns and talking about assassinating people. They put videos of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, but don’t realize that whenever people came to him asking to join the movement, the first thing he said was to pick up a Gutka before the Gun, because the real power of Sikhi comes from Bani. Baba Bhindranwale also never boasted or showed off, and and neither did he all of a sudden start demanding a separate state, but he primarily focused on major issues in the panth, and used violence as a last resort. Our community has a habit of ignoring the important humanitarian and intellectual work of sevadaars and mainly focusing on the action part. People always talk about Baba Deep Singh as a physical warrior, but forget how he had an entire life of studying Bani that led up to his legendary Shaheedi. We all like to talk about Khalistan, yet forget the main issues affecting the panth like drug addiction, farmer debt, suicide, casteism, sexism, lack of education, low birthrates, etc. The Panth doesn't have the infrastructure to build or support another country, and before we start boasting about end goals, we should at least primarily focus on our main issues. A common response that I get is that this is just a music video, and that it at least does a good job of reminding people about important issues, however I would argue that there are better ways of talking about the issue of Sikh independence without waving around weapons and acting like a gang. The last thing the Panth, and the Khalsitani movement needs right now is even more bad publicity, and videos like this only reinforce the common held belief that the main advocates of Khalistan were from the west. PS: At least they didn’t put a communist flag in this video, it was a decent song tho. TL;DR: Can we focus more on Bani and less on wearing Kaali ? Thanks! Question for the Sangat: What do you guys think of this video?
  2. Punjabi Music and Movie Industry is one of the biggest in India. Is it driven by motivation to distract and de-moralise Punjabi Sikhs similar to what is happening in Europe and North America?
  3. Headphone over dumala

    Daas is looking for a good quality set of headphones that can easily fit over a dumala. I don't want the ones that you plug into ears but the ones that go over head. Any suggestions.
  4. What music are you listening to right now? Let's bond over some worldly stuff. I'm sure the people here aren't twerking it out to Anaconda and I'm also sure alot of you don't spend all your time listening to kirtan and Gurbani. So what songs are you really into right now? Why so? I'll start it out with this. I love the lyrics and the beat of it. The lyrics have a pretty interesting meaning. There is nothing that they can do, To protect a king and his fool, Caught in the fire, watch it burn, Ash to ash, now it's our turn, Take their kingdom down and smash it to pieces, Turn their feet around, they will be defeated, They will crumble at the sight of our legion, if you want the crown then you've got to break them down. I always got the vibe its an attack on the current establishment, the king being the uncaring government and the fool being the ones who chase after them for power and wealth. The fire is a symbolism of their very greed eventually destroying them and the legion being the people rising up to oppose them.
  5. I would like to discover any gym workout songs that include Sikhi context. Songs such as Gobind de lal etc. Thanks.
  6. WJKKWJKF I am wanting to buy a Nagi portable harmonium and a tanpura but cannot find any links or contact details for Nagi in Patiala. Does anyone know how I could buy a harmonium from Nagi from the UK? WJKKWJKF
  7. Hi All, Please could someone help in explaining the below video to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wppq-wkQ2zU My punjabi isn't great and I don't understand what the video is about? Thank you
  8. New Youtube channel where kirtan will be uploaded. Just wanted to get the word out so more people get to hear amazing kirtan. There are only a few kirtan channels on youtube that upload multiple times a week so I wanted to add another. Will post mostly AKJ style kirtan of all different kirtanis around the world. Might post kavishri or dhadhi vaaran. Subscribe and share. Videos will be uploaded multiple times a week. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuzAZT8ViP0Cq_JFN1wqjdA
  9. Music

    Hi, I like to create/produce music which is a hobby and is sometimes something I make money off. I have a home studio in my room and the acoustics of the room kind of undermine the quality of the production. So I did a bit of research on the internet to see what aspects of a room improve the sound quality and what don't. The conclusion was that the main room me & my family do our prayers in was acoustically the best room in the house. I thought that if I ever use the room that I will always use headphones (the close-back ones so their is no leakage) whenever someone is doing path and only use studio monitors when no one is doing path so it doesn't bother them. There might be more to it than not bothering people who are doing path so I wanted to ask the sangat what their perspective is on the action and what sikhi has said while also providing an explanation.
  10. Looking for a Sikh Gurbani Kirtan teacher Date Listed. 19-Mar-14 Last Edited 19-Mar-14 Address 57 Upper Duke Crescent, Unionville, ON L6G 0B8, Canada Hello, We're looking for a Sikh Gurbani Kirtan teacher (we have a keyboard at home you can use) for a 23 year old autistic female child. Women are preferred as the child is also female. You'll be paid well! If preferred, we can even meet at the nearby Gursikh Sabha Canada Gurudwara instead. Please reply by telling us why you're interested and any experience you may have. Thank you! Source - http://toronto.kijiji.ca/c-services-music-lessons-Looking-for-a-Sikh-Gurbani-Kirtan-teacher-W0QQAdIdZ575916490
  11. I would like to download reomended kirtan tracks, I see there a bunch of websites which can offer them. I do not have time to sift through all these tracks to find the best ones, if yall could help me by telling me a) website b) which tracks are amazing and top rated on that specific website Cheers
  12. What Do You Think

    I think that this is a very lovely song.... the guy is a Sikh and his songs can be found on youtube.... i wanted to know what everyone elses opinions were Fateh
  13. WJKK WJKF! I am speaking on behalf of SYGM - which is the Sikh Youth Group Movement. As the Summer is approaching, we are appealing for any Sikh Rapper/Singer/Producer or any other person with a desire to help raise awareness to the Sikh Youth by emailing us at sygm@hotmail.co.uk We are starting projects on sikh youth issues and we need these artists immediately to get started on them! SYGM is a new forefront movement created by the youth for the youth. With increasing situations and problems amassing the Sikh community, we feel it is necessary to help channel these problems through the use of the youth’s interests. Nowadays our Sikh youth are very much alive in the world of technology; things such as Facebook, YouTube, and Music etc. have helped raise awareness to a wider audience. We as a movement aim to bring all of these types of media together and create a united movement which will bring more of the Sikh youth into Sikhi and help them realise and discover what Sikhism is truly about. We aim to achieve this through the means of Information and Media. On one side of the spectrum we will have members creating information on topical issues within the Sikh community. Presentations, word documents, videos and other types of publishing material will be used to create awareness and spread the message of Sikhi on a wider basis. On the other side of the spectrum we will be launching “SYGM Music” This is a new venture in which we will seek to use Sikh artists to promote Sikhi onto a new level, hopefully heading towards Mainstream and giving Sikh Rappers ,Singers, Producers and other fields a chance to be recognized. All of our music will be about Sikhi itself and issues that we as a community face. The movement is a non-profit movement. We are not here to make money, we are here to spread Sikhi and help the youth with problems they may face. As the movement progresses we will try our best to keep the trend going such as personalised clothing and accessories. - Producing - Rapping - Singing - Graphic Design - Video Filming - Sikh Literature i.e. Projects, Essays etc. - Martial Arts - Anything else which you can bring to SYGM If you require any more information, feel free to contact the SGYM Admin & Organization Team on the following: Email – SYGM@hotmail.co.uk http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSYGM?feature=mhee https://www.facebook.com/SikhYouthGroupMovement/info www.twitter.com/SYGM1
  14. gurufateh jio. I just been informed that a prominent music teacher has been done for a huge fraud. This was kept hush hush and even his own students wont say anything about it. they are saying he has gone to india and will be back in August, the truth is he was scamming more than 60K in fraud. Here is the link to the story. http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Star-musician-pound-64-000-scams/story-14218989-detail/story.html this is a delicate one for community because many of us raised doubts about whether namdharis should even be allowed to do kirtan on Gurus stages, we were shouted down at Southall and this vindicates our position. Daas