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  1. My cousins Chacha took amrit not long ago. Just over the weekend we had a wedding, and I told him I wanted to take amrit. His response has still shocked me till now “you are still so young and you have been blessed with good looks, go enjoy your life for a few more years and then take amrit. You have really nice eyes and a jaw line, DONT WASTE IT” what the F**k. It really put me off sikhi, to know that amritdharis think this. I would have expected this from a mona, not a singh that japs naam!!!!!! My family have reluctantly stopped me from taking Amrit! It’s always “oh your still so young”, “your so good looking, you won’t look nice with a dastar”, “you won’t do good at school” I thought by doing really good at school my mum would let me take amrit, so I got my gcse results and I got all A’s. Just when I was about to say that look I have done well at school now let me take amrit my Dad said “see, if you had taken amrit you wouldn’t have got these good grades”. I have wanted to take amrit for about one year now (I’m 18) due to my past mistakes, by going out with girls, staying out late, my family are saying I will want to do this later on when I’m older. Which is just BS. Just a couple of months ago one of my family members sent my pic off to JD (big sports franchise) for teenage models, and I got selected to go. I told my family that I don’t want to do it and I want to take amrit. When I said this my mum slapped me, my chacha and Dad got REALLY ANGRY, I honestly thought I was going to get hit. I didn’t do the JD thing and me and my mum are still talking but I still want to take amrit, my chacha and dads tactic to scare me away from amrit never worked! I just read a thread similar to mine that a teenager who was good looking has taken amrit can he still date something like that and it really made me want to post this up. I have not eaten meat for about 3 months (my dad doesn’t know this, I’m scared that if he finds out he will flip), I don’t drink and I have never done drugs. Please sangat ji, what do you think? Surely what my cousins Chacha said is absolute rubbish, right?