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  1. Four people, including an armed police officer and a man believed to be the attacker, have died in a terrorist incident near the UK's Houses of Parliament, Scotland Yard has said. One of the victims was among several pedestrians hit by a car on Westminster Bridge, before it crashed. An officer protecting Parliament was stabbed by an attacker, who was shot by police. At least 20 people were injured, including three other officers. Acting Deputy Commissioner and head of counter terrorism at the Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, said a major terrorist investigation was under way. He said the attack started shortly before 15:00 GMT when the car was driven over Westminster Bridge, hitting and injuring a number of members of the public and the three police officers, who were on their way back from a commendation ceremony. Mr Rowley said after the car crashed, a man armed with the knife "continued the attack and tried to enter Parliament". Witnesses say there was what appeared to be a warning shout and then the crack of three or four shots before the attacker fell to the floor. Foreign Office minister Tobias Ellwood - a former Army officer whose brother died in the Bali terrorist bombing in 2002 - attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation of an injured police officer. Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair a meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee later. Speaking ahead of the meeting, a Downing Street spokesman said: "The thoughts of the PM and the government are with those killed and injured in this appalling incident, and with their families." Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh said: "We offer our deepest sympathy to the family of the officer who has died. This incident shows the dangers our colleagues face on a daily basis. *False Flag? Why now? And what events will follow?*
  2. Anyone from southall that got more info on this and why this guy was targetted and by who? This is the 4th knife murder of a punjabi in southall within 3 years from what I can recall. What the hell is going on in southall these days?
  3. "The first of our long awaited Street Parchar videos from Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London."
  4. Sangat Ji, Your very own Jagmeet Singh will be doing street parchar at Queen Mary University in London this Monday. You are invited to join him. Library Square Queen Mary University Mile End Road London E1 4NS Monday 2nd November 12:00 - 4:00 pm If you can why not bless him and the other sevadars with your darshan? They will be grateful for your support or you are also welcome to share in the seva.
  5. Salana barsi samagam. Various raagi's Ravinder singh ji Hazoori and gurpreet shimla wale and many more. Must attend. Ruislip London More details on
  6. Simran at woolwich gurdwara's every second saturday of the month. Details for rest of the yeat attached. Please attend with family. Upcoming days: Saturday 16th August Calderwood street gurudwara Saturday 13th September Masons hill Woolwich Gurudwara simran.bmp
  7. BHAI KULTAR SINGH DELHI WALE (Hazoori Ragi Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib) UK Tour Aug 2014 Various Gurudwara'sWoolwich, Erith, Barking, Ilford Southeast London, Kent
  8. BHAI NIRMAL SINGH JI KHALSA (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) UK TOUR 16th AUG to 28 Aug 2014 Details in poster Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend Park Avenue Southall East london
  9. BHAI KAMALJIT SINGH JI (Hazoori Ragi Sri Darbar Sahib) UK TOUR 1st AUG to 7 SEP 2014 Details in poster Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend 7th Septmeber Seven Kings Gurudwara 12th and 13th August
  10. Kirtan samagam : Bhai Davinder singh khalsa Khanne wale At Guru Nanak Darbar Gravesend 7-8.30 pm 29th June 2014
  11. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ Sadh Sangat ji on the 1984 London Rally on sunday Bhai Jugraj Singh ji mentioned on his speech that we need a Takht in UK led by panj pyaare. What's your view on his speech? I just found this on the internet hopefully his speech will come online soon.
  12. Bhai Anoop Singh Jee (Una Sahib Wale) Wednesday 11th June 2014 Time : 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm
  13. Let me just give some background info on my circumstances. I moved to London about 12 years ago and I have never really fully fitted in even though I tried. I have just had enough of the rude people here. Where I live there are mostly black/white/Asian people. Due to the large number of black people in London. The culture people follow is largely a black culture. ie the music the fashion and even they way they talk has become a dialect of Jamaican origin. I am originally from a town close to Manchester where people tend to be alot more reserved and respectful. I feel like I don't belong here. Its not like i want to go back up north as ive lived here so long. i just feel i don't belong anywhere even if I moved back. but something tells me I would be happier back close to the north somewhere. I live in a predominantly black and white area in the east of London. anyone got any ideas where I could move that is more friendlier then in east London. I know areas up north are also bad in certain parts. At these times i just feel like packing my bags and going back to Amritsar in india where my home region is back home.
  14. A Sikh lawyers turban was kicked off his head as he was beaten to the ground in a racist attack outside St Pauls Cathedral, a court has heard. Rashvinder Singh Panesar and his wife Sundeep Kaur Panesar were making their way home from a meeting in the City of London when they were set upon, the Old Bailey heard. Aravinth Kandasamy, 26, and Luxmanan Mahendran, 27, allegedly shouted 'lets kick his turban off' and 'kick it away' as they kicked and punched Mr Panesar in April last year. When Mrs Panesar, also a lawyer, tried to intervene and retrieve her husbands red turban, she was grabbed and almost knocked to the ground by Mahendran, it is alleged. The court heard Mr Panesar suffered a fractured nose, a chipped tooth, injured his knee and had both his contact lenses knocked out in the alleged attack, which took place in Carter Lane, at around 10.45pm on 26 April 2013. Kandasamy, of Ilford, Essex, and Mahendran, of Arnos Grove, north London, deny two counts of racially aggravated assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Mahendran also denies assault by beating. Prosecutor Louis French said: Mr and Mrs Panesar are Sikhs and in the custom that Sikhs have Mr Panesar was wearing a turban, quite a colourful one that night, it was red.' He said the couple had been to a meeting of the Society of Asian Lawyers. He said: It was about 10.30pm when they left the bar, walking together along Carter Lane crossing a pavement heading towards the cathedral. They went to the roadside and stood hoping to hail down a black cab. The couple noticed three men straight ahead of them, one of those men made an offensive remark tuck me in b****. One of the group said f*** you we are going to put you to sleep, were going to tuck you in. The two other men joined in these remarks which were being shouted. Another said: "F*** you, dont you know who we are?"' Mr French said it turned aggressive and the men 'seemed to be encouraging each other'. He said: These three men closed in on Mr Panesar and the verbal abuse continued, Mrs Panesar was called a b****. Mr Panesar was pushed to the ground and then set upon by the gang, the jury was told. They then started to quite seriously attack him by punching and kicking him, said Mr French. He was desperately stood there out-numbered and trying to fend them off. But in the course of this violent attack he was brought down to the ground where he was kicked and punched to his face, body and his back. One of the men shouted lets kick his turban off and thats precisely what was done. Mr Panesars turban was removed by kicking and another man shouted kick it away. Mrs Panesar ran over and went to try and retrieve it but as she did so she was grabbed and almost knocked to the ground. The person who did that was Mahendran. Both defendants claim that their alleged victim was aggressive towards them first, the court heard. The trial continues.
  15. LONDON-Agenda 21 Architects Studio has secured planning permission for a Sikh temple in Barking.The 3,155sq m temple, known as a gurdwara, will be clad with white stone and feature carvings, cornices and balustrades created by specialist Indian craftsmen. Golden bronze cladding panels will be used to finish the top tier of the main building in reference to the Gold Temple in Amritsar. A 420sq m dining hall will be the largest space within the new building and will serve free vegetarian meals to visitors throughout the day. Other rooms will be used as congregation halls, classrooms and residential areas for visiting priests and musicians. Agenda 21 described the proposed temple as "resolutely traditional at first glance but designed with a strong modern ethos regarding proportions, typology and functional layouts leading to an editing of the traditional features". The new temple will adjoin the listed 19th century Quaker Friends House which was converted into East London's first Sikh temple in 1973. Source -
  17. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh! Piyaari Sadh Sangat Ji... Daas was asked today by a fellow Sikh that wants to take Amrit within the coming months. Does anyone have any info on Amrit Sanchaars taking place in the London area? I would appreciate your help so I can pass on the info. Thank you. Vaheguru!
  18. what are Sikhs views of the Turkish community in England namely in London? What is your view on their country? They seem to be really liberal democratic muslims. Don't u agree that they are better in their actions than Pakistanis? Let me know thanks
  19. Whats your views on this?
  20. London Vaisakhi 2013 In 2013, London's official Vaisakhi celebrations will happen in Trafalgar Square on 5 May from 12 noon to 6pm. This year's sizzling musical line-up features Channi Singh of Alaap Shin from UK Bhangra legends DCS Navin Kundra, who has scored six no.1s in the UK Asian charts Juggy D, aka the 'Punjabi Rockstar' Foji, Bhangra superstar of the UK Asian download chart Phat Kat, presenting the sound of London's Asian youth Pioneers of British Bhangra, the legendary Heera Group will also be playing, while British born Hindi singer Avina Shah is performing with Kishan Amin tipped to be the next big Bollywood artist from the UK. The musical entertainment also includes the unique sounds of Badal, the youthful and talented San2 and Asli Baharan Punjab Diyan (ABPD), the UK's first mixed Bhangra and Giddha group. Other highlights include top DJs and children's activities including arts and crafts, henna artists and face painting.
  21. 1G Event Details: FaceBook Event:!/events/544774658883445/?fref=ts With the Grace of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj, London Youth have organised a National Smagam in the loving memory of our inspirational brothers the beloved SahibZadeh; Baba Ajeet Singh Ji, Baba Jujhaar Singh Ji, Baba Zoravar Singh Ji, Baba Fateh Singh Ji and Mata Gujhar Kaur Ji. The Smagam will take place at: Guru Amardas Hall (Opposite Guru Amardas Gurdwara) 1A CLIFTON ROAD SOUTHALL UB2 5QP There will Talks/Katha in English by various national speakers, and a diwans by Nirvair Khalsa Jatha. The whole Akhand Paath Sahib will be done by UK Born Sikhs. A special two day Sahibzade Sikhi Camp has been organised on the 29th and 30th December 2012, for application forms and more information please see attached poster. There will also be numerous stalls throughout the Smagam; Boss Stall - Selling 1984 merchandise and various books/literature Sikh Organisation of Prisoner Welfare Charity (SOPW) Sikh Antiques 1G Stall - Free Literature and CD's. Various Old Handwritten Pothis from the 18th/19th century will be displayed for the Sangat to see during the evening Diwans. An Amrit Sanchaar will take place on 30th December 2012, starting at 5pm. (For more details, or you wish to take amrit please give names to: 07958112975). Seva opportunities available throughout the whole Smagam, please contact us on; Donations / General Enquries: 07958112975 For Akhand Paath Sahib details, Jap Ji Sahib Rauls/ Akhand Paath Seva: 0783706621 Camp Applications / Seva: 07912615554 For more information and Seva opportunities please contact: 07958112975 Facebook: BeYouth Youth-Project Facebook Event:!/events/544774658883445/?fref=ts ________________________________________ Full Smagam Timetable: 28th Dec 2011: 4pm - Arambta Sri Akhandh Paath Sahib Pooranmashi Diwaan till late. 29th Dec 2011: 9.30am - 4pm: SIKHI CAMP FOR AGES 8-12! 5pm - Rehraas Sahib 5.30pm - Keertan 6.30pm English Katha - Bhai Amarpreet Singh (Mani) 7.15-9pm - Nirvair Khalsa Jatha - *Special English Katha and Keertan Diwan* 30th Dec 2011- (Sikh Channel will be recording the Divaan) 9.30am - 4pm SIKHI CAMP FOR AGES 13 - 15 and 16+! 3pm - Open Question and Answer Session (Can ask on the day or email us before hand). 4pm - Siree Akhand Path Sahib Bhog, Aarti and Kirtan by Bhai Hari Singh. 5pm - Start of AMRIT SANCHAAR 6pm - Katha by Bhai Kuljit Singh (Leister) 7-9pm - Nirvair Khalsa Jatha - *Special English Katha and Keertan Diwan* POSTERS ATTACHED! Please Attend and spread the word!!
  22. Share this news article on all social media otlets with friends and family. Also, be sure to read this article and share your thoughts. I've hi-lighted the important points if someone doesn't want to read it all! Europe, India, Op/Ed, WORLD | October 1, 2012, 10:21 pm Op/Ed – Attack on General Brar: What Were the Real Motives? By: Guest Columnist Bhai Bittu & Bhai Barapind A week ago, both the President and former President of the Sikh political party, Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) were charged with waging war on the State, possession of explosives and sedition. Bhai Kulbir Singh Barapind and Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu were originally arrested under preventative measures, but have since seen their charges exacerbated and have been placed in judicial custody for a period of 14 days. The former is a serving member of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) – notably the only candidate to successfully defeat a (CM of Punjab) Badal-supported nominee in recent SGPC elections in the Doaba region – whilst under the leadership of Daljit Singh Bittu, the Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) has continued to gain support as a political party. It is no secret that the arrests have been to the benefit of the Badal-led Punjab Govt. and the wider Sikh hierarchy in Punjab, including the President of the SGPC, Avtar Singh Makkar who upheld that the Police were correct to make the arrests, despite human rights groups and media outlets confirming that no evidence of banned paraphernalia or explosives have been found. But more worryingly, each passing day with the surfacing of new and unrelated revelations, it has begun to appear that there may be a wider plot unfolding to silence any opposition to the status quo of recent years that has seen the Punjab, and Sikh institutions there, denigrated ever closer to oblivion. John Baird Almost a month ago now, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird made sensational remarks suggesting that extremism and radicalisation was on the rise amidst Sikhs in Canada. His comments were widely rebuked throughout the country, but in the light of recent events, appear to merely be an opening shot across the bow of the Sikh World. Many in the Diaspora have been campaigning for greater transparency within Sikh institutions in the Punjab and have questioned the unhealthy influence of the Badal-led, supposed Sikh political party, the Shiromani Akali Dal, over the SGPC specifically. This has not been met with great welcome and clear attempts to marginalise the Sikh voice abroad have been filtering through Punjabi/Sikh media over the past year. Baird’s remarks were a pronounced escalation of this strategy. General Kuldeep Brar However, today’s news of the alleged attack on retired Lt. General Kuldip Brar who led the 1984 invasion of Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar, is even more puzzling and timely. Indian media began to report late this afternoon, that Gen. Brar and his wife who are ordinarily under constant protection in Mumbai, were attacked last night in London, where the retired General suffered wounds to his neck. Depending on which Indian media outlet you believe, he was attacked either outside his hotel or on Oxford Street at around 10:30pm, although we ascertained from the Metropolitan Police that the attack took place on Old Quebec Street, a stone’s throw from Marble Arch tube station. The original source issuing the news is the High Commission of India which reports that Brar was in a critical condition in hospital overnight but has now been released and is recovering in private. The Metropolitan Police newswire reported Brar’s wounds as serious but not critical and that he had indeed been released from hospital after an overnight stay. His wife is quoted by Indian media as saying that they were set upon by four individuals whom she cannot identify. Despite what seems to be an apparent knife attack near the most popular street and area of the capital city, no press statement was issued last night or indeed this morning, but when issued were littered with references to the rise of Sikh extremism. Any native to central London will know that the slightest hint of an incident in Soho or Mayfair results in an instant cordoning-off of the area, which incidentally has one of the highest numbers of surveillance cameras in Western Europe, not to mention pedestrian foot-fall, so one would hope that the Metropolitan Police will have access to sufficient evidence to get to the heart of the matter. At this time, they are reporting no arrests although inquiries continue. It is remarkable to think that in this day and age, this news story is being published by both the Indian press, the bewildering Sikh TV stations and now the BBC with most of the news article leading on the fact that General Brar has long been a target for ‘Sikh extremists’. It is remarkable of course, unless seen in the wider context of what has been happening in a post-Rajoana World. Clearly the Badal-led Shiromani Akali Dal and their sibling forces hell-bent on usurping the Sikh people and vanquishing Guru Nanak’s egalitarian concept of Halemi Raj, have been so stunned by the global support to ‘Pledge Orange’ last Spring that they have moved rapidly to diminish the movement and what they see as the clearest threat to their autonomy over the Punjab and Sikh institutions. Opposition voices are no longer slowly being drowned out, rather they are erratically being routed through a multi-faceted campaign being played out primarily in the media. My gravest concern however remains for the everyday Sikh people who remain sightless to the situation. What will it take for our people to awake and realise what is being perpetrated against us? Must a well-known Sikh born and raised in the West be killed in dubious circumstances or face false charges before we care? Are the lives of the likes of Bhai Kulbir Singh Barapind and Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu not worthy of our time, for us to pause from our daily lives and think seriously and critically about what we as a people are doing? Rallies come and go, protests here then there, and TV shows galore, but all the while we fail to see through the looking glass, where white is black and black is white; all the while we fail to make a change for good, for now and ever more.
  23. GurFateh! Last time we went to visit Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliment we were told that we would have to take off our Sri Sahibs to enter. This was back in 2009 and in the end we refused to take them off as its just not an option and got a refund; and that's after initially waiting for 2 hours! So now we are heading back to London next week and were wondering if this is still the case? I know that the London Eye have given a stubborn no to entering with a Kirpan but what about other places in London e.g. Madam Tousards, Tower of London etc. Is it just pot luck if you get caught? Is it best to email both places asking for confirmation or just go there and see what happens on the day? What's the best way to handle such situations? Thanks