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  1. Amritvela problems

    WJKK WJKF I am having issues with my amritvela. These are the issues that happen: Alarm goes off (I wake up to AK47 Wale, the gun shots at the start on max volume) so when I wake up I immediately turn it off so I don't get a heart attack. I check what time it is and it is 3 A.M, and I ask myself am I ready for amritvela today and if it's a yes I will literally fall back asleep without knowing, it literally just happens. OR I will wake up and then I ask myself do I feel like doing paath today (which is a sin for me because you should always do it) and then I fall asleep. Any tips? Thanks
  2. I'll attach the e-books you do the googling. http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/411657/workoutstuff.zip New about it in grade 9 did once or twice in summer, got caught up in hood.. Fast forward 2-3 years close to 275+ was 182ish last month now 205+ but look skinner ( :toohappy: ) Right now last time I went to gym was dec. 4th, will go proly next week?? Maybe later.. U start off 2x a week, and yea read the book. Goes against everything but sitting next to people who go regularily I am growing faster despite seeing like a lazy khota. diet: Protein, grains are bad avoid them but don't have an unhealthy relationship with food. I'm eating some oreos or sum ish right now. At the start of losing weight I watched it watched it, but grocery stores here suck so I get 'food' (w.e) so I eat cuz I'm hungry all the time now but I wasn't before. Get .6-1+ g per kg of body weight protein per day. I recommend canadianprotein.com as you can get it in bulk the cheapest price and last time I ordered at ~10pm and got it around 2 pm the next day so less than 24hr. They in Windsor I'm in Toronto. Vitamins: Centrum forte, b100, 2x omega 3 just because I didn't use to eat veges a lot now I do, but b100 makes me feel nice. :D Cardio: I don't do it, cardio burns muscle but I got a battery bike now so I travel and pedal places but that's been not long. Can I do this? Yes you can, if you come in here and argue blah blah this won't work, um.. Your ignorance is your own strength. -- Files: and Variations I have made: I had an old zip I think I just rezipped the folder, I may have my old workout charts in there ignore the retarded bs I write those are my notes: The book will tell you workout a and b, I split legs into c because 3-4 months ago I couldn't finish all of b due to Central Nervous System Exhaustion. You will have stronger legs because you are black, so except to be gaining 1-200 each on a leg per workout. You will probably have to do split as well. edit - Ok, had to use file hosting site will put link at top of post. Why am I doing this? -- Just came off 2 years of house arrest/jail time in august, turning my life around, service to Every1?? :lol: Yall know the rest.. Wjk Wjf