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  1. I believe that, in more ways than one, this article might act as a potential eye-opener vis-a-vis the fall of Sikh Raaj. To quote an excerpt: 'The hidebound state which both the Hindu and Islamic doxas’ envision run on the concurrence of the power-wielder and it’s brokers viz. the Brahmin(s) or the Ulama. The socio-legal concepts devised, and implemented, in the Shastras and Shari’a are designed to keep the proletariat in check from whom the danger of mutiny is ever-constant. To shatter this inimical nexus of Babur (the state) and Bipar (religious hypocrisy), Guru Nanak Dev Ji laid the ideological foundations of the Khalsa which were later made manifest by his nine successors. On his deathbed, in 1708 A.D., the tenth Nanak enjoined the Khalsa to ‘march towards stability and enduring prosperity by renouncing dogmatic traditionalism and the writ of any sacerdotal class…’ (17) The Sikh Gurus, doubtless, were well aware of the sub-continental past. Empire after empire had followed one another to the grave and politico-religious oppression had confined the proletariat to the merciless whims of his superiors. Political impermanence had arisen out of either theocracy or Caesaropapism relegating many a kingdom to oblivion. The medieval epoch, in the sub-continental context, was marked by the rise and fall of various polities namely the Maurya and Gupta empires; the Harsha empire confined to the north; the Pala empires in Bengal and Behar and so forth. (18) With the Khalsa being inherently equal, the birth of any sacerdotal class was well arrested whilst a quasi-democratic outlook was bequeathed to the body vis-a-vis it’s political approach. The question remains, was this outlook ever implemented?'
  2. I was reading an article a few years ago regarding what British Intelligence reports were saying that Sikhistan/Khalistan is going to be established very soon during 1940s. So my question is does anyone have any background information what went wrong to prevent it apart from the British white imperialists not wanting it created?
  3. Approx 250 Sikh dharam fauji's who vowed to fight to the death with their sikh brothers in arms with just their turbans and clothes for armour and lightly armed defending the darbar sahib golden temple vs 100,000 enemy brahminwad neo-mughul Indian troops with sophisticated weaponry, Kevlar bullet and blast proof armour and commando trained Elite soldiers. Our kaum's brave lions may have all lost their lives defending our Guru's home but they gave the enemy one hell of a beating. And thus their Indian terrorist operation blue star, their destruction of thousands of Sikh life and Sri Akal Takht laid the foundation stone and for the fight for Khalistan.
  4. Just when Sikhs thought they were relatively safe in "Hindustan" in 2017 then this happens. Evil Hindu extremists caught brutally attacking Sikhs in chainpura, rajashtan.
  5. I would like to know some of your thoughts on Referendum 2020, I recently seen youtube videos of Protests spreading awareness and even a Protest in India, on their main website Indian Protesters are getting beaten up severely, and now it seems that Referendum 2020 is getting noticed as I seen Posters in my local gurdwara. I doubt that in 3 years Khalistan will be made, there would be many internal disputes to be resolved first, what would the Government be made up, the laws, the police and the military, the trade, the Punjab Water crisis, currency and etc.
  6. The SYL canal issue is huge as punjabs waters are vital for the state's economy and day to day life. If water is diverted to other states like haryana as they have been done for rajaestan for free then only punjab and punjabis will be the loosers. Punjabi's wont allow this and if the federal government in delhi enforces violence and bloodshed on protesters blocking the digging of a canal then violence will probably be met by violence eventually which in turn could lead to radialisation of Sikhs again and pakistan ready to create mischief by providing arms for north Indians to fight amount each other.
  7. How would those in Punjab (remembering there are Hindus, Muslims, Christians too) vote as a percent of Yes vs No? If NRI Sikhs were to vote, how would it compare by country, e.g. UK, USA, Canada, Italy?
  8. Seeing the failure of simranjeet mann to get elected or get any decent voter turn out in various elections. It is high time he stepped aside and let a populist Sikh pro-khalistan leader come on to the scene and take charge. We are in a world where politics are being shifted on their head and nationalist movements and leaders are coming to power like in the west. We have seen Sikhs of punjab are very pro-khalistan even after many genocides and schemes by the state to silence them by fear, they still come out in huge numbers such as rajoana protest and sarbat khalsa 2015. So it is up to the Sikh leaders to put aside their ego's and come on one platform and fight for the panth. We know badals are dogs who are only interested in hindustan and punjabiyat, they dont see votes in Sikh causes any more. But as brexit has proved the votes are still there its just there needs to be enough motivation, awareness and anger from the people to rise up against the status quo and change the system by electing a pro-khalistan party, who will have a democratic and political mandate to create a Khalistan.
  9. Some exceptional excerpts from a rare interview with Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji Manochahl (BTFK):- Q. Is there any hope of the militants joining Akali leaders? A. Frankly Akali Dal leaders are irrelevant and most of them want the militants to be exterminated. Those who speak for us, do it only out of for fear of the bullet. Q. But Simranjit Singh Mann has been speaking for the militants. A. Mann is mentally bankrupt and keeps contradicting himself, which could be due to his torture in jail. I have met him and I have been disappointed. His bankruptcy is indicated by the people in his group. One of them sells opium and another used to refer to Sant Bhindranwale as a Chambal dacoit and Congress(I) agent. Yet Mann claims to uphold the ideals of Sant Bhindranwale. He thinks no end of himself just because he spent four years in jail. Read more at:
  10. 'The present day Sikh disillusionment with Indian politics, and their ever expanding anger in the Punjab, is a portent sign of events yet to manifest. Astute observers have often noted that the Punjab, in North India, has always been a hotbed of passion and political variation. Stretching back to the days of the initial Aryan Invasions, the residents of Punjab have often manifested a distinct and divergent course of action from that of their counterparts. (8) The Sikhs, a product of this turmoil, have only recently in the 80’s lead a deadly and crushing militancy which attempted to sunder the nation. The callous attitude adopted towards their demands, and the present day attempts to suppress their voice in the world’s largest democracy threatens to re-ignite the militancy of the 80’s and this time in a more volatile form. It would do well for the incumbent mandarins of the modern Indian state, and their regional cronies, to leaf through a few pages of Sikh history and understand that despite being oppressed the Sikhs can never be effaced. Those who have attempted to do so have been repaid back in their own coin. Whether Islamic rulers, representing the best spirit of their Prophet, or Hindu Caste Supremacists; all have fallen before the sword of the Khalsa and it’s current dormancy does not necessarily indicate it’s defeat.'
  11. Or our todays sikhs to weak in sikhi to be able to handle there own country In punjab today sikhs elect corrupt poliicians an accept corrupt practises. How would khalistan change that I wish people focused on strengthening the sikh faith by educating the younger generation about sikhi an raising a generation of smart saint soldiers before we can focus n khalistan Its like people want to skip steps.2 to.9 an jump.straight to step 10 If punjab is strong in sikh faith then corruption would collapse If people are weak in sikhi an given a khalistan it would collapse
  12. If you came across a Sikh and a non-sikh in india who is skeptical about khalistan and wondering why they would need it. What would be your arguments to convience them yes an independent khalistan is a good idea as opposed to them living in the Indian union? India is a major world power now and has a space program. It has long established trade, diplomatic and military ties with countries around the world. The simple and generic argument that sikhs need a country are not really going to help deliver results. People need to know economically they would be better of and how, their rights protected and how, their daily daal roti protected and how, their security protected and how,etc.
  13. Was the radical Hindu plan to march or expose the Sikh youth ~ intelligence agencies having a field day after yesterday's events Having recorded the faces of those who gathered at Beas to face down the fascist radical Shiv Sena and its threat to march through Panjab, the Panjab police has today begun arresting young Sikhs under false charges and cases. According to latest news reports, Panjab Police yesterday arrested two Sikhs; Arvinder Singh (alias Mitha Singh) from the village of Pallia Khurd near Rahon in Nawanshahar and Mandeep Singh from Jagraon. According to police, the two men supposedly belong to the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) and Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and they further allege they were preparing to target different dera (cult) heads, retired top-ranking police officers, and activists of fanatical Hindu organisations. In the past few months, Mandeep Singh who lives in Canada, had returned to India and Arvinder Singh had arrived from Doha in Qatar, where he works. But investigators have also admitted that both men travelled on valid documents and have no history or involvement in any crime. As the police story goes, "Arvinder and Mandeep Singh were further luring Sikh youths with a clean image and no criminal record to fox the security agencies and to launch strikes. Furthermore, police teams are now conducting raids at different places to arrest other members of these 'sleeper cells'. However, experience shows that Panjab police work hand in glove with political agents and these type of arrests and subsequent fabricated charges, are designed by people from 'high above' and used to threaten and terrorise the innocent. The Sikh Relief team are closely following these latest arrests and for further updates see their page at Sikh Relief.
  14. All Sikhs need to do now is organize a central Sikh body government of Khalistan, a disciplined military force and start issuing currency and they will have the much promised area of freedom within the Indian union as Nehru had assured the Sikhs in 1946. Sikhs had 6 independent kingdoms prior 1947 and the most active armies was the Sikh kingdoms of patiala, jind and faridkot. When the Raja's of those kingdoms gave their lot in with the Indian union thinking they can have high positions of power in the indian government. They gave away Sikh autonomy by disbanding their armies and merging them with the Indian national army. Sikhs in punjab need to start thinking about organising themselves in the Khalistan national army and police force.
  15. I've come across quite a few muslim girls ripe for conversion since they are only culturally muslim but hate practising the islamic faith. I need idea's how to get them to reject the arab abrahmic cult of islam and embrace sikhi. Also I want to help brahminwad hindu punjabi hindni's leave their stupid superstitious rituals and foolish idol worshiping ways and become sikh women and supporters of Khalistan. What in your views would be the best strategies to convert these 2 types of women any idea's?
  16. is khalistan needed an why? how would trade policies work with khalistan having no ports no ocean for trade forcing it to rely on Pakistan an india for trade in a democracy like Punjab Sikhs still elect such corrupt politicians how would this change under khalistan if we can't do it now in punjab what type of country should it be should it be a democracy or run by religious leaders only would there be freedom of speech allowed an with freedom of speech you have to accept people saying things that will anger you
  17. 20 years ago the Akali Dal represented by Surjit Singh Baranala comprising of what is now Badals Akali Dal and Capt Amarinder Singh then being an Akali signed the statement below that they would push for an independent state if Sikh demands were not met. They signed this publicaly at Siri Akal Takht. The exact wording of Amritsar Declaration Shiromani Akali Dal The Amritsar Declaration (At Sri Akal Takht, May 1st, 1994) The Shiromani Akali Dal, championing the cause of Guru Granth Sahib -based Punjabi culture, reiterates its commitment to pursue a democratic struggle for the creation of a separate region for the Sikhs, where they can enjoy freedom. Prior to partition, the Congress promised to create such a region, which promise has so far not been fulfilled. The aspirations of the Sikh nation and the Punjabis can be realised only with the creation of such a region. Such a region can help in fulfilling the needs and desires of minorities. At this juncture in history, on the one hand we have unrest in southeast Asia, and on the other, western nations are exploring new value models to determine their destiny. These nations are also in the process of reidentifying with their distinctive cultural identities. In these circumstances, in such a region, the practice of ideals enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib of universal brotherhood and unity, humility, corruption-free politics and peaceful coexistence, can be a beacon light for other cultural entities. In this territory, religious, economic, political and social institutions based on the Sikh way of life will uphold moral awareness, and also provide the Sikh people a place in history, hitherto unavailable. With this achievement, the Sikhs and Panjabiat will be able to make a laudable contribution to enrich world culture. The Shiromani Akali Dal is of the view that India is a sub-continent of various nations and cultures, each with a distinct legacy and status. The sub-continent needs to be restructured with a confederal constitution, enabling participating entities to prosper and flourish according to their own aspirations and to establish their special position in the comity of nations and cultures. In case such a new confederal structure is not accepted by Indian rulers, then the Shiromani Akali Dal has no option but to demand and struggle for an independent and sovereign Sikh state. --Signed- Amarinder Singh Jagdev Singh Talwandi Simranjit Singh Mann Jasmer Singh Bala, Col. (Retd.) Surjit Singh Barnala Bhai Manjit Singh
  18. Would it be better for a possible Khalistan to be an anarchist style society? I don't think a single politician has ever helped Panjab. What is there was no government?. Instead you can just have separate small villages with their own leaders. If you really think about it, government in Panjab hasn't ever done anything good. I think it could work very well in Panjab. It will also get rid of the problem where the politicians corrupt Sikhism for example Akal Takht Sahib. Can anyone point out some flaws in this system?
  19. What we already know is now so official even the Hindus can't deny it although the India loving Sikhs will still erase it from their mind. Some of them (India supporting Sikhs) still hang on to outdated notions of the position of a Sikh, not realising what the reality actually is. For example, they often like to quote these 3 misconcptions: Misconception: Punjab is the richest state in India. We're doing great there. Fact: Punjab stopped being the richest state in India many many years ago. Over the last 5 or 6 years it has been slipping lower and lower at an alarming rate and is now at a danger of slipping into the lower half of the table. Misconception: Sikhs have respect in India. The dastar has respect in India. Fact: Sikhs, are the national joke. That 'fact' is so inbedded and into the culture of India that it is absolutely 100% ok for children, TV stars, news, work managers etc to make these remarks about "how thick in the brain dept the sikh is". If thats 'respect', then please god give me disrespect anyday. Misconception: India is a free secular country in which Sikhs are equal 1st class citizens. Fact; Officially wrong !!! The following was published in India a couple of days ago. It shows that Sikhs in India suffer from exactly the same institutionalised prejudice within the system that blacks in America suffer from. Exactly the same. Now, bearing in mind how a Sikh is far less likely than a Hindu to be a member of a criminal tribe, far less likely than a Hindu to be homeless and thus desperate to steal etc the following results are absolutely startling. There are many institutions and over the years we, as Sikhs, have been handed example after example of how that institution sees Sikhs as little more than animals. For example within education the Indians keep telling us how much they dislike us in the way that they send our kids home from exams for wearing the 5 k's, send kids home for wearing the dastar etc. It keeps happening but we've remained asleep. But the recently released statistics about the Indian criminal justice system are damning beyond words. The stats show clearly what kind of a life, freedom and future a Sikh and his children have in India. The stats show clearly what India officialy thinks of his and his children's value as a human being. From arrest, to charge, to trial, to imprisonment.....the official Indian stats show clearly how the Sikhs are most persecuted community in India. The community MOST likely to have his freedom taken away from him and 3 times more likely to be imprisoned than a Hindu !!!!!!!!
  20. WJKK WJKF Forgive me if you are just completely tired of talking about Khalistan because I know the subject has been discussed to death. Just wanted to get some numbers on what people think, because I was thinking about working on a project in the future If you think I should add another choice to the questions, please let me know
  21. Fateh ji. Could someone clarify if the singhs back in the 80's killed innocent Hindus in busses etc as portrayed in many films or were these paid by government to dress as Sikhs to make the singhs appear bad?