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  1. A recording of Sant Mani Singh Ji talking about Sikhi, Naam and Gurbani. This very unique and special Enlightened being is the first brahmgyani to be born in England (outside of India). https://youtu.be/Swpq55f3msc
  3. Does anyone know how I can download all of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranwale di larrivaar katha in one download rather than separate files?
  4. Lecture 124 - What are the 8.4 Milliion Incarnation :
  5. You've heard Basics of Sikhi, Bhai Sukha Singh has always taken it to the next notch up and has immense knowledge of Gurbani and history and usually performs katha in both English and Punjabi. They have been active in various parchar roles from a pretty young age. Worth subscribing to the link if interested in the latest round of videos but you will find numerous more on YT. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1HimphRydk8JcCECKf-g5w/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd
  6. Katha At Gng-sb

    On Sunday 10th, there was katha by a group of young Sikhs who I've never seen nor heard of before. It took place at Guru Nanak Gurdwara South Birmingham (Stratford Rd). It was so amazing that I cried. I stayed for only an hour so I couldn't find out about them. I've heard that they might be from Baru Sahib. Does anyone know who they might be? I would love to hear more of their kirtan and katha.
  7. In Memory of Shahibzadey Shaheedi, Naam Simran Smagam is happening at Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Walsall, West-Midlands. Sangat Ji, We are fast approaching the 'festive season' again this year, but what does this time of the year really mean for Sikhs? This is the time of the year that one of the biggest sacrifices in history was given by our father Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. In the month of Poh Maharaj sacrificed his four sons, his mother and countless Sikhs in the name of dharam. This was the fulfilment of a promise Guru Gobind Singh Ji made in 1699 when he, as Guru, knelt down in front of the Panj Pyaare and begged them for the gift of Amrit. The Panj asked Guru Sahib what he will give to receive this Amrit and Maharaj said they will sacrifice their entire family to get this divine gift. In memory of this Baljit Singh will be doing a daily katha over 13 Days telling the full story. This is part of the Naam Simran Smagam being held at the Gurdwara. Full details are below please be sure to attend! 19th December to 31st December. Daily smagam program: morning Simran 5am-6am & evening simran 7am-8pm 13 Larivaar Shaheedi Katha 8pm-8.30pm Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Rollingmill Street, Walsall, WS2 9EQ Maharaj has given and today continues to give so much for us, this time of year is a perfect time for us all to reflect on what we have really sacrificed to Maharaj. Please make effort to attend and share with others, it is so important that we all know about this chapter in our history!
  8. Re-Launch: Sikhvibes.com

    (Request, please leave in general section) SikhVIbes.com A Sikh Multimedia Website with thousands of rare Audio recordings, Videos and Katha from Worldwide. We have recently redesigned our layout with links to the following: Gallery section - connected to our Instagram account. Videos section - connected to Youtube! Events section - updated of local Toronto area programs. Visit our website daily for updates! www.SikhVibes.com FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || YOUTUBE || TWITTER
  9. Downloads - Nitnem and katha keertan - http://www.gurdwarananaksar.com/english/media_e.html nanaksar_events_pjb_2015.pdf nanaksar_events_eng_2015.pdf
  10. What is your favorite Bir Ras media? For me sooraj parkash katha by Jungbir Singh Ji and http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mXQWxLz9aNY
  11. Any one knows who is this Giani ji . I think they are from canada and do katha at Darbar Sahib fews days in a year. I want to know his name name and if possible some links to his katha mp3 etc.
  12. there is a bani called pooranmashi katha by guru gobind singh ji. Where can i find this bani? thanks.
  13. Patti Likhi - Help Please

    Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh Piare Sangat ji A simple request for help finding resources, I would like to study and also teach Patti Likhi as a first Sikhia to my daughter and Sons when they start studying Gurmukhi again this time. I have found a site with translations etc. but I would love to know if there is Katha recorded online and perhaps Kirtan rendition to help absorption into Mann. Please Help and also give guidance how best to proceed introducing banis to them . Thank you Gyani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. PAANDHA JI ne GURU NANAK nu patti ute likh k ditta "URRA" ate keha - NANAK JI , is nu paddo "URRA" Maharaj kehnde is de pehle arth te daso... bina arth to kiwe parra... PAANDHA - NANAK ik akhar da koi matlab nai hunda, 2-4 akhar mil k koi shabad bnaun , usde arth hunde ne, NANAK- Par PAANDHA JI koi sanketak arth te honge, jo kuj ishaara karde hovan... PAANDHA - nai, ik akhar de koi arth nai hunde.. NANAK - Toh kya fer eh akhar bey-maine hai ??? PAANDHA- Haan, eh ik akhar Bey-maine hai. NANAK- Toh fer eh Bey-maine akhar GURU NANAK ne nai parrna... PANDHA - Dekho NANAK JI , tusi PATWAARI de puttar ho, sir khapaayi na karo, agar tuhanu arth pta hai to tusi hi dasdo, mainu te nai pta... Aap sun k hairaan hovoge, MAHARAJ ne is "URRE" Akhar to hi "ONKAAR" likh dita, "IK ONKAAR" sirf "URRA" hai vich... NANAK - PAANDHA JI , agar aunde hovan, ta ik ik akhar de v arth hunde ne, ik ik akhar di v vyaakhya hundi hai... Othe hi Maharaj ne baani uchaaran kiti... asa mahala 1 also if you know of the Bani that Kabir wrote about akhars also I would appreciate knowing more
  14. Cleaning Up Audio

    Have plenty of katha in not very high quality... So are there tech savy people present that can help out...? How do you guys clean up audio?... I know the standard audacity way... What else is there?.
  15. Cleaning Up Audio

    Have plenty of katha in not very high quality... So are there tech savy people present that can help out...? How do you guys clean up audio?... I know the standard audacity way... What else is there?.
  16. Need translation or katha on Malkaus ki vaar bhagauti astotra. Kalki avatar, bachitar natak.
  17. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh, I was wondering if anyone has full Guru Granth Sahib Ji Katha? I have tried to listen to Sant Giani Baba Gurbachan Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's but the audio is not not clean. So can anyone provide a link or download to Full Katha that is easy to hear and digitally clean.