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Found 9 results

  1. Where can I buy a longer Kachera (Kachera for Chola) Online??
  2. I study religions as I find they all have valuable lessons and during one of those periods I recognized that the bracelet a certain client of mine wears on his right wrist is a kara. I asked him if that was indeed what it was, and he said yes and told me the meaning of it. I told him that was what I heard it meant and that the idea of it is utterly beautiful to me, even though I am Christian. He said that Sikhs generally do not mind if others wear the kara respectfully and that the next time I saw him he would give me my own, which really touched me- he wears the really thick iron type In light of that, I was wondering what the best way to get familiar enough with Sikhism to honor his gesture. I'm not sure where to start with the scripture or if I should attend a temple service. Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated, everything I've heard of Sikhism has sounded wonderful, but I'd like to go deeper
  3. WJKK WJKF, Does any one work in metal? I need a kara made. I just want a kara which in cross-section is an equilateral triangle, no rims, no ridges, no grooves, large but not too large and just plain smooth all round.
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I don't know if I understand this correctly or not, but from what I understand, a beadbi is an insult to a kakar, the saroop of Guru Sahib, kesh, etc. Am I correct in this understanding? If I am, I was just wondering what would constitute a beadbi to the kara? I'm asking this so that when I do decide to wear a kara, I will know what not to do (I already don't smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, gamble, etc.). Thank you for your replies. Gurfateh, Justin
  5. WJKK WJKFateh, I'll be starting a new job at the end of February in a hospital. They need you to be bare below the elbows. If I'm told to take my kara off (for safety or hygiene), is there any reason I can give for keeping it on? Thank youuu
  6. My friend is Chinese Buddhist, but he doesn't practice. I've known him since middle school. I've been teaching him about Sikhi, and I took him to gurdwara. He said he wouldn't mind becoming a Sikh, but I don't know how serious he is because he is not a very religious person in general. He's been asking me for a Kara, so he can wear it. Is there anything wrong with this?
  7. Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh, Does anyone know the history behind Jamdhaar Karas? When were they first produced? Were they in use prior to 1469? Is their a specific rehat regarding them? Are they widely available or are they simply custom made? Wahegurujikakhalsawahegurujikifateh
  8. How does Rehat make one Sikh? Many people argue that if u do not keep rehat it does not make u less of a Sikh. How do we refute such people? Does Rehat make us distinct? How does it help in this life and the next? Please can anyone elaborate and explain why Rehat is set for a Sikh? What it's purposes are etc.
  9. Working with many Sikh children, I have noticed that they are still taking off there Kara's for PE at school and then forgetting to put them back on / losing them etc. I have decided to have manufactured SINGH and KAUR sweatbands, so that the Kara is protected at schools when doing PE, the children are being encouraged to use and be proud of there Surnames, and by being orange in colour, raising awareness of the issues happening around Bhai Rajoana Ji. Firstly, any objections to the idea of these sweatbands by anyone ? Secondly, if you wish to order for camps / prizes / gifts etc, then only £2 each - email or call 07968 143546. All profits to local charity. Thanks.