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Found 5 results

  1. Help marriage issue

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh Sangat please help me with this problem i am having. I am from the UK, and my family is sikh. Although i do not believe in caste because i follow sikhi, my family is chamar. I met a girl while studying at university and we became friends, however this accidentally blossomed into love without meaning for it to. She is also sikh, but her family is Jatt, and they are very casteist. Although she herself does not believe in caste because she also tries to follow sikhi, her family believe in it strongly. Now we all know here that there is no jaat paat in Sikhi, is there a way to convince her family? I have met them before just as her friend and they assumed i am Jatt because they think I look like one. My and my family do not fall into any stereotypes they may have about lower castes for example: we are all fair skinned, we follow pure sikhi, we are relatively well off etc. I am very well educated, i have a good job and i get told that i am a very good natured and caring person. Another issue i have is her parents have said that she can marry a Jatt or a Tarkhan but not a Chamar. Surely marrying out of caste to any different caste should be treated the same. Please help with how to resolve this, and give me any advice you can. Thank you
  2. Intercaste Relations

    Hi guys, just looking for some advice on an awkward situation. :unsure2: I've been 'suffering' from depression for several years now alone, and recently found someone who was willing to listen to my concerns and help me through what was a very very hard time recently, which consisted of anxiety attack after anxiety attack, breakdowns and feeling very low and even considering suicide at times. It wasn't a pretty sight haha. I'm 18 and a Jatt, and he is 18 but Tarkhan. Obviously this raised a huge problem among my family when they realised of his existence. They got into contact with his family making threats etc. which was the wrong way to go about it in my eyes. My relationship with my family has not been very good for several years now, and I often isolate myself from them so it's been comforting to be able to talk to this boy, and his family are very understanding of the whole situation. I fear that cutting contact would have some drastic consequences on my mental function. Just wondering what I could possibly do? Appreciate your help
  3. Have you guys noticed the amount of biases on particularly Jatt articles. By Indian admins, presumably Hindus who favor more of a Hindu bias. For example just read the Jatt article, and then look in the discussion section to see the Indian admins favoring Indian editors and their revisionism. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jat_people They try to add things like: "non-elite, peasants, and tillers" none of these things are heard of in Pakistani Punjabi, the Jatts in Pakistan are considered powerful landlords a system kind of based similar to the feudal system, many Jatts in Pakistan don't necessarily till their own land, they get others to do it, they pay people maybe in crops or cash to do the work. From the above article you get a sense of Jatts being illiterate peasants, and their glory days were only during the time when Hindu Jatts were ruling, lol complete and utter nonsense. I have never read some much unfair and biased nonsense in my life. It would be more accurate to call Jatts, Zimidars (Land owners) rather than "non-elite tillers". This is what happens when a whole project like Wikipedia is taken over by one group.
  4. My family were originally Hindus who had shardha in Sikhi. But they officially became Sikhs during the Singh Sabha movement.
  5. http://sikhsangat.org/2013/jat-sikhs-seek-obc-status-in-punjab/