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  1. With Jagmeet Singh this week publishing photographs of him and his bride to be something struck me: If an Amritdhari girl with a dastar started parading around photos of herself with her boyfriend / soon to be husband and that husband happened to be a fella with a jazzy b type stylized hair cut would any of us have the same reaction we are displaying towards Jagmeet ? Would we be saying "aahh...what a lovely couple" ? or would we be saying "<banned word filter activated> ???". So why no fuss over Jagmeet's bride who is not only not amritdhari but also not long -haired as she keeps it cut and styled to just below shoulder level ? Where's the outcry ?? Doesn't anything mean anything anymore? Does gender, money and power buy you priveledges from your faith's rules ?
  2. *** Jagmeet Singh's weekend at Kids Camp *** Sangat Ji, As part of his busy weekend schedule Jagmeet Singh was blessed to be invited to the childrens' Sikhi camp at Gurdwara Khalsa Mera Roop Hai Khas (South Shields). With Maharaj's Kirpa he also gave a talk at the main evening diwan of the Gurdwara Sahib on the current state of affairs in Punjab and the issues our Panth is facing. We hope you enjoy these snapshots of his time there.
  3. *** Jagmeet Singh on BBC London Radio - Sunny & Shay *** Sangat Ji, Jagmeet Singh was blessed to be invited on the BBC London Radio's Sunny & Shay program Sunday evening talking about the current state of affairs in Punjab. Thank you to Sunny & Shay for bringing awareness to the terrible situation and having Jagmeet Singh on their show. If you missed it you can listen to the recording (from 17 minutes onwards) via the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00cvgfd
  4. Jagmeet Singh explains 'Sunday Morning Live' protest on Points of View with Jeremy Vine #SikhLivesMa
  5. ‎JagmeetSingh‬ on BBC Radio London this morning at 8.45am discussion the protest at Indian High Commission yesterday. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=972769909427743&id=245721062132635
  6. Do one on wifi and one on your mobile network with a different name/email as due to different ip addresses it will be logged as complaints from two different individuals. I have already done so and posted it below as a guide for you: https://ssl.bbc.co.u.../?reset=#anchor --> Complaint website My Complaint: I would like to express my anger and frustration with an incident that occurred during Sunday Morning Live. My anger is divided into three parts: the clear misrepresentation of the Sikh faith and its principles by the BBC, the constant undermining of Jagmeet Singh by Sian Williams and the severe lack of reporting by the BBC regarding the ongoing crisis in Panjab. During the programme, the issue of interfaith marriages was discussed. This is a topic which has caused a large amount of distress in the Sikh community. For many people, such as myself, we feel that the media has not allowed us to articulate our reasoning for being against a Sikh and a non-Sikh partaking in the Anand Karaj ceremony in a Gurdwara. Jagmeet Singh from Basics of Sikhi, who was one of the panelists discussing this, tried very hard to explain this issue. He was constantly interrupted by Sian Williams and Edwina Currie before being allowed to finish his point. I found this very unpleasant as it played directly into the narrative that the media is not interested in hearing the Sikh point of view. Jagmeet Singh also tried to raise the issue of the recent killing of three Sikhs in Panjab during the last three days of which the BBC has reported next to nothing. In raising awareness, he was belittled by Sian Williams. WHY IS THE BBC TREATING SIKHS LIKE THIS? WHY DO DEATHS IN ISRAEL OR TURKEY MATTER BUT NOT THOSE IN PANJAB? DO SIKH LIVES NOT MATTER TO YOU?