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  1. I wrote this after being on the other topic that was made regarding the negative portrayal of a Sikh woman in a Pakistani drama. Here are some of my observations over the years: The portrayal of Sikhs in Pakistani cinema ranges from the sometimes positive to the rather often negative end of the spectrum. One of the first films to be a big hit in Pakistan was based on a fictional Sikh character during the times of partition: Kartar Singh (1959). While initially Kartar is shown as a rogue, he has a change of heart after the Muslim protagonist Umerdeen saves his life. Sikhs were generally shown as ill-mannered drunkards in many films, often without their turbans. Some other films with Sikh characters include Gabroo Putt Punjab De (1969), Balwant Kaur (1975), Chan Veryam (1981), Gernail Singh (1989) and so on. In Veryam (1981) they show the Muslim protagonist saving a Sikh girl from the British while all the Sikhs of the village failed to defend her (including the 'gyani'). Later she runs away to his house and converts to Islam. When her brother finds out and goes after her she gives him a whole speech of seeing the 'light' and inviting him to leave Sikhi as well, a rather demeaning scene that can be seen from 1:47:00 onwards here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XfkiHQViLc. One can't fail but see the constant subconscious need to show Sikh women converting to Islam, be it the films like Veryam (1981) & Larki Punjaban (2003, with a 'twist' in the end to please Sikhs) or TV Drama Bilqees Kaur (2012). Besides that the clear attempts to show the Hindus as scheming villain creating problems between Sikhs and Muslims is also seen in their films. You have to give them credit where its due though, they made a drama on the dark periods of fake police encounters in Indian Punjab. It is called Kesri Painday. A young Pakistani Sikh was also part of the cast.
  2. I guess it just goes on to prove that its loss of a religion when it is forced http://riyadhconnect.com/copies-of-holy-quran-found-in-street-drains-in-saudi-city/
  3. This is a thread created in relation to other threads and posts recently. I am quite interested to know what those who are wiser amongst us, believe is the 'plan' of the 'elite', with regards to the future of the world. E.g. what are the motivations for the unrest in the Middle-east, reasons for recent issues between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the antagonism of the West towards Iran and Russia, why there is uncontrolled immigration in Europe? Is this to benefit Jews and Christians? To benefit the bankers and big businesses How will Sikhs be affected in India and in the West? What collective stand can be take as a community in India, and in the West? Sorry if I am repeating much of what has been said before, but I feel this deserves its own thread
  4. ISIS in East Punjab

    The rise of radical Islam in Punjab is never touched upon within the Qaum but it is a pressing issue. With the restoration of hundreds of mosques, conversion of Sikhs to Islam in our Sikh home land, increase in religious riots involving Muslims and non-Muslims and the Muslim immigrants facilitating Jihadi activity and there have been talks about introducing Sharia Panchayats within Punjab. The Muslim population of East Punjab was 0.8 % in 1971 and was at 1.92% in 2011. We need to act proactively before it is too late. The Gujar immigrants from Kashmir have been known to harbor terrorists and store weapons for a while now. A consignment of weapons was found more than 10 years back near the Adampur town of Doaba. The Gujar deras of Gurdaspur were used as a refuge by the terrorists before they launched the 2015 Pathankot attacks. Now in April 2017 a Muslim immigrant from Uttar Pradesh who was living in Jalandhar for several years working as a tailor was arrested for his links to ISIS. These are the developments of dangerous trends for the future of Punjab.
  5. The ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack was a former Underground and KFC worker known for his extremist views. The 27-year-old attacker, who can only be identified as 'Abdul' at the request of police, was a home-grown jihadi who came to the UK from a village near Lahore in Pakistan as a child and spent his life in Barking, East London. But in recent years he had become increasingly radical and was twice reported to anti-terror authorities, it has been claimed. He even appeared in TV documentary about British jihadis and was questioned by police after an Islamic State flag was unfurled in a park. The revelations will put further pressure on Britain's security services after Manchester bomber Salman Abedi also appeared to have slipped through the net before carrying out the atrocity. A neighbour recognised this picture of the killer in an Arsenal away shirt (Photo: AFP) Police raided a number of addresses in barking, East London, on Sunday (Photo: PA) Abdul was well-known in his local community, with one mother claiming she confronted him for trying to brainwash her children with extremist religious views in a park. A neighbour said he immediately noticed the Arsenal away shirt Abdul was wearing after being shot dead by police outside the Wheatsheaf pub on Saturday night. He said: "I looked on Twitter and saw one of the terrorists who had been shot by police and he looked 90 per cent like my neighbour - he was even wearing the same Arsenal shirt that I had seen him in at 5pm that evening." A number of arrests have been made in the Barking area today (Photo: PA) Searches are still ongoing (Photo: REUTERS) Officers unleashed a hail of bullets after the trio used a hired van to mow down pedestrians on one of the capital's busiest bridges. They then leapt from the vehicle and began knifing people at random in bars and restaurants. According to The Times, Abdul is the only one of the Pakistani attackers positively identified so far. He lived in a block of flats with his wife and two young children which was raided by police early on Sunday. Ken Chigbo, 26, who lives in the same building, described him as "really sociable" and said the killer had invited him to a barbecue just last week. "I know he was quite a devout Muslim, I heard him talking about the Koran," said Mr Chigbo. "He would preach to young Muslims at the flat. "Sometimes up to six people quite regularly.” Twelve people have been taken into custody (Photo: PA) CLICK TO PLAY WATCH NEXTSecurity guards dance with the crowd at One Love THREE SUSPECTS SHOT AND KILLED BY ARMED POLICE An online CV suggests the attacker worked for Transport for London and took a course in teaching English as a foreign language. He also worked at fast-food chain KFC but quit around two years ago, according to a friend. "He began stopping his neighbours in the street and asking them if they had been saying their prayers and when they had been to the mosque." One man who knew the killer told the BBC he had become so concerned by his extremist views he rang the anti-terrorist hotline. He claimed the attacker was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. Locals in Barking said they had raised concerns about the killer (Photo: REUTERS) Erica Gasparri, 42, said she had also raised concerns. She said Pakistani terrorist Abdul would sit in a park opposite Northbury Primary School in Barking with two other men and talk to local children. The mum-of-three said he would offer the kids sweets in order to groom them and claimed to be "teaching them about religion".
  6. Human Rights in Islam

    The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights, vis-à-vis Islam, 1990 was nothing more than a sheer travesty. In the words of Abul A'la Mawdudi, a leading Islamist of the 20th century, "all the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'ah." Though apologists were out in full force spinning yarns regarding some golden age of Dhimmitude, the more erudite couldn't help but shake their heads; where was the objectivity in this so-called declaration of rights? Sarkar's words, written nearly a century back, lent a grim air to the proceedings in Cairo; non-conformism in a fully fledged Islamic state, which is essentially theocratic and run on the diktats of Shari'ah, is akin to treason and treason-Ipso facto- in the caliphate is punishable by death. Some of the more radiant facets of this declaration are quoted below: 'Call upon the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers to consider the possibility of establishing an independent permanent body to promote human rights in the Member States, in accordance with the provisions of the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam and to also call for the elaboration of an OIC Charter for Human Rights. Introduce changes to national laws and regulations in order to guarantee the respect of human rights in Member States...' followed further by the now infamous: 'Mandate the OIC General Secretariat to cooperate with other international and regional organizations to guarantee the rights of Muslim Minorities and Communities in non-OIC Member States, and promote close cooperation with the Governments of the States hosting Muslim communities.' Put simply, the preamble makes clear the OIC's desire to create and direct international organizations with the aim of preserving Muslim Rights (specifically the practice and promulgation of the Shari'ah as stated further in the charter) in non-Islamic nations even at the expense of the said nations' constitution and constitutional mandate. And: 'Believing that fundamental rights and freedoms according to Islam are an integral part of the Islamic religion and that no one shall have the right as a matter of principle to abolish them either in whole or in part or to violate or ignore them in as much as they are binding divine commands, which are contained in the Revealed Books of Allah and which were sent through the last of His Prophets to complete the preceding divine messages and that safeguarding those fundamental rights and freedoms is an act of worship whereas the neglect or violation thereof is an abominable sin, and that the safeguarding of those fundamental rights and freedom is an individual responsibility of every person and a collective responsibility of the entire Ummah...' It is to be noted here that only Islamic yardsticks are to be utilized to question the faith, any objectivity will not be tolerated on the grounds that it is blasphemy. Put simply apostasy, homosexuality, adultery and criticism of Islam will be severely punished etc etc: '(a) It is the duty of individuals, societies and states to safeguard this right [of life] against any violation, and it is prohibited to take away life except for a shari’ah prescribed reason.' More nefarious are the following: Article 9: '(a) The seeking of knowledge is an obligation and provision of education is the duty of the society and the State. The State shall ensure the availability of ways and means to acquire education and shall guarantee its diversity in the interest of the society so as to enable man to be acquainted with the religion of Islam and uncover the secrets of the Universe for the benefit of mankind.' This point is further clarified in Article 10: 'Islam is the religion of true unspoiled nature. It is prohibited to exercise any form of pressure on man or to exploit his poverty or ignorance in order to force him to change his religion to another religion or to atheism.' It should be remembered that conscious apostasy in Islam (by an adult) is punishable by death. Again, no parameters are ever set to assist in defining "pressure," "exploit," "poverty" and "ignorance." One cannot help but remember the words of Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cordozo here: 'Freedom of thought...is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly every other form of freedom...' -Palke vs. Connecticut (1937). Generally Muslims lie to deflect attention from such elements of their faith. The truth, however, stands. It must be remembered that because the 5th Guru had Sikhs who were ex-Muslims among his apostles, he was executed; in the words of the imbecile Adeeba: ‘The question that arises is how a community, enjoying sufficient freedom to achieve all that it had, could continue to increase its power establishment, move towards relative self-autonomy whilst impudently converting the Muslims from the truth of al-Islaam to the falsehood and disbelief of Sikhism...?' It becomes transparent to anyone reading this gross perversion of the UN Declaration of Rights that, vis-a-vis ideology, no separation of Church and State exists in the Islamic spectrum. In the words of Burckhardt: 'In Islam, where this fusion (between state and church took place), the whole culture was dominated, shaped and colored by it. Islam has only one form of polity, of necessity despotic, the consummation of power, secular, priestly and theocratic, which was transferred from the Caliphate to all dynasties. Thus all its pasts were mere replicas of the world empire on a small scale, hence Arabized (sic) and despotic...' -Burckhardt (1865-1885), 'Reflections on History,' Liberty Fund, 1979, pg. 141. *OIC- Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The Jihad against non-Muslims has already been declared. Where do you stand?
  7. Islam is the world's second-largest religion, after Christianity. But this could change if the current demographic trends continue, according to research published by the US-based Pew Research Center. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-39279631 Best to start educating your grandchildren and future generations on what the meaning and purpose of 'jizya' is, lol.
  8. Just saw this today and the thought was even the Gorey Canadians want our girls to stop getting involved with the Islamic guys:
  9. Mr. Tarikh Fateh

    An interesting view point of Islam
  10. Answering misconceptions regarding Miri-Piri: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/misconceptions/
  11. An article exploring the true genesis of the Sikh Warrior-Saint ideal. To quote the hypothesis: 'A creature of classic Indic thought, it was hard for Tagore to comprehend that in Nanakian philosophy spiritual freedom naturally leads to political liberty. The Guru criticized the Siddhs, of Tantric Buddhism, for acquiring some spiritual gains but not utilizing them for the betterment of society at large. (6) It is evident, however, that even centuries after the Guru’s edicts were in circulation the odium attached to force and politics were still in power and men like Tagore were their blind prey. What was Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s perspective on force and it’s utilization? In order to truly understand this query, and subsequently manifest an answer, we will approach it from several various directions.' To read more, visit: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/02/09/the-warrior-who-was-nanak/
  12. Alot of people have made the comparison on how the Islamic faith is doing so well in terms of numbers and people keeping to their faith. And other religions are going the opposite way. But that has alot to do with Islam being a compulsory religion in Islamic nations. In muslim countries people have to adhere to the shariah law and their faith in their laws. hence is it any wonder people are practicing Islam more, This is what is keeping Islam going. If it was not for their strict laws and rules in practicing the Islamic faith. Their religion would be under threat also. infact how many muslims would there be if it wasnt for the fact that they take over countries and turn them into Islamic ones and everyone has to follow Islamic ways or the highway? Take for example Pakistan it is a muslim country every part of life is governed by Islam. So is it any wonder these people stick and practice their faith more then other secular countries. the fact is their is nothing special about Islam. Its the fact that they have made it the law to follow Islam. people dont have a natural fondness for Islam in which they practice it. its the fact that its pushed down peoples throats. If there were no Islamic countries would Islam survive? lets not blame our leaders to much. We do not have any Sikh countries as a base to spread the faith. To keep Sikhism going we need to address the Islamic threat of taking over the world. All non muslims need to unite against the Islam fanatics who want to impose their faith on others. They will try to do this wherever they go. be it uk, canada, america india. The real threat is Islam. These people wish to oppress other religions.
  13. The Future of World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050 Why Muslims Are Rising Fastest and the Unaffiliated Are Shrinking as a Share of the World’s Population The religious profile of the world is rapidly changing, driven primarily by differences in fertility rates and the size of youth populations among the world’s major religions, as well as by people switching faiths. Over the next four decades, Christians will remain the largest religious group, but Islam will grow faster than any other major religion. If current trends continue, by 2050 … The number of Muslims will nearly equal the number of Christians around the world. Atheists, agnostics and other people who do not affiliate with any religion – though increasing in countries such as the United States and France – will make up a declining share of the world’s total population. The global Buddhist population will be about the same size it was in 2010, while the Hindu and Jewish populations will be larger than they are today. In Europe, Muslims will make up 10% of the overall population. India will retain a Hindu majority but also will have the largest Muslim population of any country in the world, surpassing Indonesia. In the United States, Christians will decline from more than three-quarters of the population in 2010 to two-thirds in 2050, and Judaism will no longer be the largest non-Christian religion. Muslims will be more numerous in the U.S. than people who identify as Jewish on the basis of religion. Four out of every 10 Christians in the world will live in sub-Saharan Africa. These are among the global religious trends highlighted in new demographic projections by the Pew Research Center. The projections take into account the current size and geographic distribution of the world’s major religions, age differences, fertility and mortality rates, international migration and patterns in conversion. Globally, Islam is the fastest growing religion in terms population growth, including net gains from conversions. Out of all the major religions studied in the research, Islam is projected to gain the most "net" conversions. And all other religions combined – an umbrella category that includes Baha’is, Jains, Sikhs, Taoists and many smaller faiths – are projected to increase 6%, from a total of approximately 58 million to more than 61 million over the same period. Complete Report: http://www.pewforum.org/2015/04/02/religious-projections-2010-2050/ =================== From the report, the entire "Other religions" block will increase by only 3 million, which means that for next 35 years, Sikhs will increase by--at best--1 million or so. This is very disheartening. There are lots of stupid, irrelevant threads on Muslims on this forum. But if there's one thing we should talk about when it comes to Muslims--it is this: Islamic discipline. Muslims are a global people and a global civilization (only one of the two global civilizations to have ever established by human race). They have huge resources, massive power, tens of nation-states, their own militaries, nuclear forces, global corporations, and large diasporas etc, with history of staying global superpowers of centuries and centuries. But they act and preserve themselves as if they are a "nascent religion" that can become extinct or something. They always spread their religion, culture, and civilization globally (even in West now!). Muslims, out of all the people existing on planet Earth, preserve and practice their culture/religion with most sincerity, discipline, and pride. Their girls are extremely loyal to their faith. International scientific studies have shown, consistently, that Muslims are least likely to engage in pre-marial sex, reject things like gay marriage most ferociously amongst all peoples, are least consumers of Alcohol, drugs are punishable by death!, and Muslims as a whole stick to their culture and civilization most ardently--and expand it globally when they move/migrate to far corners of Earth! Pew's survey (Portrait of American Muslims) in 2009 showed the 59% of Muslim girls in the United States observe Hijab "Often or all the times." Quite inspiring! And that's in the United States out of all places! Imagine the sincerity and dedicate Muslims (especially Muslim girls) have globally within their Islamic nations! While we Sikhs are a people with no state, no military, extremely small size, very few in numbers and so on--and yet we act as if we are big guns in world and make no effort to preserve (let alone spread) our religion/culture/way of life. Our apnay log are doing intermixing, inter-faith marriages, drugs, alcohol in punjab, just hedonism and fun...and lack of traditional moral code where getting married and having a family is considered a great thing. Lack of discipline has causing our already small community to shrink even further. Its mind boggling. Muslims should be "relaxed" and should enjoy their lives..while Sikhs should be disciplined and work to spread their culture. But its opposite! Our Sangat can learn a thing or two---even from those who aren't a "model" to follow in many other aspects.
  14. With Maharaj's Kirpa I aim to do more such pieces: http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2015/08/guardians-of-gobind_16.html?view=magazine
  15. I made some observations several times on this forum and facebook regarding the Islamization of our Punjab and some possible consequences. As we all know, unregulated migrant flow to Punjab of UP Muslims and especially Bangladeshi Muslims has had an immense effect on our demographics. Besides that Gujjars have migrated to Punjab in massive numbers, and being from areas such as Jammu and Kashmir they're close to militants. This is evident from the fact that I had mentioned some years ago regarding recorvery of a huge cash of illegal weapons in a Gujjar Dera in Jalandhar area. These Gujjar deras have become dens for terrorists, just see the following excerpt from the news regarding the Gurdaspur terror attack which re-affirms my view: These Gujjars have bhought a lot of land and well settled with houses and mosques in their Deras. The first incidents started happening a few years back when these Muslim immigrants tried to demolish a Gurdwara in Ludhiana. The once virtually empty mosque of Ludhiana is filled with lacs of sul-lay on friday evenings. The rising amount of acid attacks on cows in Malerkotla to provoke the Hindus. Incidents of communal violence have become much more common in recent years if one keeps a close eye on news coming from Punjab, and its mostly always Hindu-Muslim or Sikh-Muslim (barring the dera incidents). The Muslim ex police officers who are also part of the WAQF board have an active role in re-establishing mosques and regaining the land belonging to these mosques (some 480 mosques have been renovated and are active now). Izhar Alam and Mohd Mustapha are spearheading this movement and have even introduced Sharia Panchayats in our beloved Punjab. They have been actively converting poor Sikh children and other Sikhs as shown in the AISSF complaint to Akal Takht Jathedar some time back. We need to wake up before things get worse.
  16. Bhai Taru Singh

    The Episode about Taru Singh- the fearless martyr who refused to retreat from impeding death. Dohra: Oh devout acolyte heed to with firm devotion of heart and mind, This is the episode concerning Taru Singh who had Khan Bahadur damned, By relinquishing his scalp he forced Khan into eternal perdition. (1) In Majha, Punjab, is the village Poolha, In flawless peace and piety did Taru Singh reside there, Famed for his nature, known as Taru Singh Nihung he was. (2) Chaupai: As his demise heeded so did the Lahore Nawab's tether fray, Debauchery abounded and unholiness ran rife, It was in the year of Bikrami Samvat, 1802, that did Taru Singh earn his glory. (3) Dohra: Inquiring of his subjects did the Nawab make his fears plain, The Singhs possessed no business, nor did they till the land, thus from whence did they gain their financial prowess? (4) Chaupai: Royal decrees had forbidden any tithes or donations to be made to the Singhs*, The Nawab's own proclamations had forbidden financial cultivation of the Singhs, Why then did the pangs of hunger not wreck them? (5) All roads to and fro were picketed, Singhs were shot on sight and looted, A village sheltering a Singh was razed to the ground with it's inhabitants, Why then did the Singhs not perish? Were they disguised, now, as nomadic mendicants?**(6) He had laboriously slaughtered even the relations of the Singhs, As diligently as a falcon he had dragged and shredded them from their underground havens, His forces had slaughtered them left and right. (7) How long could humans breathe without food? How did the Singhs survive solely on wild mush? How did they even remain operational against him? (8) Dohra: A serpent's mouth unfurled the entire matter, Nor were the Singhs dying of starvation nor had they deserted the Nawab's domains, They relied upon those Sikhs who first ate themselves and then fed them. (9) Chaupai: The pseudo Guru, Harbhagat Niranjana, a self styled rival to Sri Kalgidhar***, confirmed this, There was no dearth of such Singhs in this nation, who after sustaining themselves, sustained their militant brethren. (10) Poverty, and starvation were accepted by these Singhs, A fellow Singh without comfort however was unbearable to them, Suffering only fires, they collated warm garments for their sword wielding siblings in faith. (11) Whatever they earned through labor, they dispatched to their warring brethren, Those among them who made mats and ropes also followed suite, With such support the Singhs of the wild resided and warred like monarchs. (12) Even those who resided at great distances served their militant brethren with devotion, Even those who breathed the air of foreign lands sent their earnings to these Singhs, These Singhs were very dear to them. (13) Upon hearing this the Nawab was distressed, Indeed the Khalsa panth was very onerous, Only Allah alone could annihilate it, man was but a straw in his efforts. (14) Reiterating his initial policies to efface the Singhs, He ordered his forces to prey upon all Singh sympathizers, With the deaths of them would the militant Singhs be deprived of their sustenance. (15) Chaupai: Niranjana's joy knew no bounds then, He disclosed the identity and whereabouts of Taru Singh Nihung, He also disclosed the Singh's means of concealment (16) Engaged in agriculture nothing demarcated the Nihung from his fellow villagers, Farming was his daily bread, Along with his fellows he paid the state tax (17) What remained after taxation, he sent to the Singhs, His mother and sister who performed menial tasks also emulated him, This was their means of serving the Khalsa Panth and earning merit in it's sights. (18) Surviving on the coarsest fare and minimum victuals, Taru Singh and his family reposed their faith solely in the Guru Panth Khalsa, Offering it their entire earnings. (19) The Azaan was inaudible to them, No Muslim or Sultani Pir was their solace, Salvation to them consisted solely of the Guru's word. Death was of no concern to them. (20) Ganga and Yamuna were not their shrines, Only the pool of the Guru would suffice, Jagganath to them was a deity with maimed limbs, Rama and Krishna did not concern them. (21) Dohra: Remaining inert during the day, all three traveled at night, Upon their heads they carried bundles for the Singhs, Unnoticed by foot patrols they so moved. (22) Chaupai: Mehtab Singh being another fellow Singh also resided in the wild, From Mirankot he had eluded capture since the day he had beheaded Massa the Ranghar, He had deserted his village and vanished in the jungles. Only fellows knew this. (23) Raiding local, and far paced hamlets, He supplied his 50 odd men and the Singhs with provisions, He waylaid the rich and deprived them of their goods. (24) At times requesting and at others demanding Mehtab Singh had begun collecting tax, His rates were fixed and his name was spread far and wide, Those who refused fell prey to loot and arson. (25) Dohra: Addressing Niranjana, the Nawab conferred upon him Imperial favor. Ordering him to take a battery he ordered the arrest of both Singhs, He was to engage and subdue Mehtab's band at all costs. (26) Chaupai: Taru Singh Nihung, devoid of armed support was to receive a warrant from the judiciary, The officer dispatched to arrest him was to be accompanied by a platoon of 20 men, Taru Singh was to be escorted back to Lahore. (27) Saluting the Nawab, both companies left Lahore, One proceeded towards the jungles where Mehtab Singh was said to reside, and another detained Taru Singh Nihung in his own village. (28) Encamping in the neighboring village of Bhardana, Taru Singh was produced in chains, Neighboring farmers and villagers alike rushed to see him for the Nihung was well famed, Offended and nervous, the Mughals lashed out with whips and fists. (29) Offering bribes, the villagers managed to secure the freedom of the Nihung's sister, For the Mughals possessed no courtesy, nor grace towards infidel women, The villagers glimpsed Taru Singh's tranquil complexion and felt distressed. (30) Dohra: The village of Bhardana was a village of Gursikhs, They felt enraged at the treatment of the Nihung, They resolved to slaughter the Mughals there and then, notwithstanding any retaliation. (31) Chaupai: Resolving to join the Singhs in the wild, the villagers conveyed their decision to the captive, The Mughals would cease to exist on the ends of their swords, And any after parties would discover a smoldering village. (32) The release and service of a Gursikh was deemed as a noble task in the Guru's house, It was more fruitful then saving a cow or protecting a Brahmin, Taru Singh however refused to grant his consent to the villagers. (33) He (Taru Singh) was the son of that Guru who had sacrificed his progeny but not his faith, If his Guru had not fled from the Mughals then why should he, the Guru's Sikh? Had not the Guru sacrificed his sons and grandsons for his Sikhs? (34) The glory and extrapolation of the Guru Panth Khalsa hinged on sacrifice and martyrdom, Taru Singh's own Guru had recognised this and exuberantly accepted it as a viable fact, He being a devout Sikh, how could he retreat from performing this sacrifice? (35) Dohra: It was for the Khalsa Panth that the Sikh Gurus had made so many sacrifices, The account in blood solely hinged on the malicious heads of the Mughals, The Guru not only sacrificed his family and followers but also joined them himself! (36) Chaupai: Whatever the Guru pledged, he fulfilled, His sacrifice was supreme and noble. Offering himself to the fourth Babur's wrath, he traded his life for keeping his word. (37) He had ordained that whenever the Sikhs (*) desired to regain sovereignty (**), They should valiantly discard their lives, Whenever the Mughals committed atrocities on the non-Muslims, the Sikhs should face up to them. (38) This message conveyed to Guru Angad Dev Ji, by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Had passed from Guru to Guru until the fifth Nanak, Who with his own blood had put it into play. (39) Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and Guru Har-Rai Ji were not ordained to make sacrifices, The eighth Nanak upon reaching Delhi solely placed the blood debt on Mughal heads, The very Mughals who reigned above all. (40) Dohra: Upon accepting the Divine crown, the ninth Nanak contemplated this fact, Recognizing the truth in this fact he marched to Delhi, There he offered his blood to sate the thirsty Mughal sword. (41) Chaupai: Then arrived the glorious Guru Gobind Singh! Fulfilling the mandate of the first Nanak, he sacrificed his entire progeny, As a final seal he pledged his own life in this cause. (42) Sacrificing his sons at the altar of war (***), The Guru ordained that faith and progeny cannot be preserved simultaneously, Two swords will never reside in one sheath. (43) The Guru ordained that Kal-Yug now held sway, In it's reign no two powers could co-exist, At this the villagers queried as to the underlying reason beyond the Gurus' sacrifices. (44) Dohra: Bhai Taru Singh answered that the veracity of the Guru can never be effaced, The Guru and the Guru's utterings were not the mere prattling of men, But the voice of the Supreme Divine. (45) The Sikh Gurus had performed Supreme sacrifices which no men could emulate, He being a Sikh was bound to remember that his Guru sacrificed his all for him, How then, could he even entertain the thought to save his own life? (46) Chaupai: Overawed at his will, the congregation wondered as to the unfortunate turn of events, What had possessed Guru Nanak Dev Ji to pledge such a vow? Begging from Taru Singh, they asked him to relate this Divine episode. (47) Why was temporal power made the abode of sacrifice? Did not the Gods and Goddesses of fortune reside at Guru Nanak Dev Ji's glorious feet? Did not sacred muses flock around him? (48) Did not Vishnu bring his own possessions to the Guru's keep? Did not Kuber serve as his treasurer? Did not Ganga and Saraswati answer to his voice? (49) Upon hearing this, the Nihung hushed his brethren, Mere mortals could not comprehend the Divine will, That was only for the Guru himself to know. (50) -End of Part I, continued in Part II. (Sri Gur Panth Prakash, Episode 106). From http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2015/07/relinquish-thy-scalp-but-not-thy-creed.html
  17. Out of interest was Muhammad a good logician? He established his own criterion (apparently from Allah) via which he commanded Muslims to recognize his so called divinity and integrity, but where is the subjectivity in that? What non-Islamic principles can prove his authenticity? Put simply, other then Muhammad's word what else is there to say Islam truly is the veracious path to God? Isn't it a defeatist mentality when da'wah givers penultimately proclaim that for not accepting Islam you will burn in hell?
  18. Here in the UK, there have been cases where British born non practicing Sikhs have taken the shahada and become practicing Muslims i.e. turned from their parent's religion Sikhi, to Islam. I've noted that in this cases, Gursikhs and Amritdharis find out about the person or are approached by the person's family and turn up to the newly converted person's house to make them see sense / see the light. But this response is reactive rather than pro-active. Person's converted now, heart, mind and soul, bit late for the Singhs to be turning up to the person's house to start their parchaar and try to convince them to turn back to Sikhi (when they were never in it in the first place) Shouldn't we be reaching these potentially vulnerable and impressionable people before they even take their first step away from Sikhi so to speak, rather than having no involvement in their lives, until they convert, at which point it's time to turn up lol? Might I suggest GurSikhs step out of their comfort zones and exclusive 'amritdhari-only' social circles, get their hands dirty and reach these people before their targeted, influenced by outside sources, and future generations are lost.
  19. http://10news.dk/?p=855 http://www.councilofexmuslims.com/index.php?topic=28037.msg818645;topicseen#new
  20. Blind Conversion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ0EeaJ65Yc Why do people just convert so easily? Are they a bit idiotic, do they not read before converting?
  21. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, A lot of modern Sikhs are very quick to extol their opinions that Sikhism equates all the major religions of the world to rivers flowing into a single ocean: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universalism#Sikhism In other words all religions, when properly followed, can lead one to God. Aside from this metaphor being nauseating for its sentimentality, the idea that two faiths with completely different and usually contradictory precepts can both yield the same spiritual pay dirt strikes me as being utterly fanciful. It also betrays an ignorance of the religions with which Sikhi is being equated. Take Muhammad, as an instance of a prophet from another religion. Some members of our Panth consider that both the Prophet of Islam and our own Gurus were all sent by the same God in order to enlighten the masses, that both these parties are composed of the messengers of God. However it is made explicitly clear in the Quran, which was supposedly revealed to Muhammad by Allah himself, that he would be the very last prophet in history to the exclusion of all others that came after him. This includes our own Guru Sahibaan: "Muhammad is... the Apostle of God, and the Seal of the Prophets (The Quran, Surah 33:40). As a "seal" closes a letter, so does Muhammad close the line of prophethood. Therefore if we accept Muhammad as a prophet we must by definition accept his revelation (all of which came directly from Allah through the supposed intercession of the Angel Gabriel), and in lending any credence to the idea that he is the last messenger of God, we are in effect denouncing our own Guru Sahibaan as pretenders. We cannot possibly believe in both the Gurus and Muhammad. Either Muhammad was right and our Gurus were liars, or our Gurus are right and Muhammad was a liar. I very much doubt that any of us inclines towards the former. Secondly, how can it be argued that both Islam and Sikhi both lead to salvation when the two of them advocate completely different and antithetical ways of attaining it? In Sikhism, as the members of the Sangat here will well know, one is instructed that rituals such as fasting, pilgrimages, circumcisions are wholly unimportant and of no consequence. One who wishes to attain Mukhta is counselled to avoid these things. But in Islam, fasts, pilgrimages and rituals are of the utmost importance, and are actually said to be necessary if one wishes to go to heaven (two of the so called five pillars of the faith being predicated on ritual). To summarise, is it possible for Muhammad to have been sent by the very same God who sent our own Guru Sahibaan, when the first party's message excludes and contradicts that of the latter?
  22. I recently came across this article, its worth a read and surprisingly brilliant. http://prints.iiap.res.in/bitstream/2248/5294/1/On%20the%20historical%20significance%20of%20the%20total%20solar%20eclipse
  23. Cartoon Shooting France

    Why did the newspaper draw a picture of mohammed? How would us sikhs feel if derogatory pictures of our gurus was drawn? Why did the newspaper target muslims?