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  1. Pyajami

    My pyjama was inside out and I was day dreaming almost whole I put the pyjama on my arm and when I was pinching the pyjama to straighten it I felt a hair getting pulled, I've down path and ardass.
  2. I am very old like 17 and still havent learnt how to do my jooda or wear a parna ive searched on youtube many times and have tried to do it like the video says but it is too hard because i got really long hair, its getting very annoying because everyone else can do and i cant. Do you guys do jooda on the front of your head or at the back, people say its alots easier to do it at the back. If i do it at the back then how am i supposed to do the parna as it will look very unnatural as i got really long hair. And what happened to the security check thing, it wasnt working.
  3. Long hair problems

    I'm not trying to troll like some people on here talking about hair. I have a genuine question. My hair takes a long time to dry and I usually wash my hair during amritvela once every 2 days because My job is very physically demanding but this means it interferes with my nitnem because apparently you can't do nitnem without your head covered. So now I have a problem. Can I just cover my hair with a ramaal like mona Singhs do when they go gurdwara or does it have to be a dastaar while I do nitnem? if I'm not then can Anyone tell me some tips to dry hair super quick in like 15 minutes or so because I have to be out of the house pretty quick. Thanks so much
  4. Nail cutter

    So I was cutting my nails on my foot and the nail cutter slid of and hit the hair on my feet and I may have accidentally cut hair, will I be fine?
  5. Dastar and hair

    I was tieing dastaar and there were a lot of dead hair stuck on my dastaar as my dastaar hit the box that has all the dead hairs, I took them off and as I took carried on with tieing the dastaar I found more hairs but they were stuck so I pulled them, I suppose they were the dead hairs hence the reason why I pulled on them, would this require peshi?
  6. Soap

    I was putting saban (soap) with saban di tiki, when I was rubbing the soap on my chest, the hair got stuck between the soap (saban di tiki) and my hand in which I have pulled hair accidentally.
  7. Khanga arm

    While I was sleeping I was holding a big kanga in my hand and I was trying to move around to find a comfortable positions , but while I was moving I accidentally put the khanga up against my Kara (bent wrist, same hand) and while I was trying to move around the kangha pressed hard against the Kara and I felt some hair breaking I felt very bad about this happening, will this require peshi or am I fine, I am 100% confident that I didn't have any intention but I still feel bad about myself.
  8. Pimple hair

    I had a pimple on my beard and was pressing it really hard with a kangha, is it considered a kureit if I broke I kesh while I was pressing the pimple, I was pressing pretty hard because the pimple wouldn't pop.
  9. Here is a photo of the clips I use with my juura. A tight jura fastend tightly with these two or three locking clips under a dastar keeps even long kesh securely together if ever dastar gets knocked off.
  10. Feeling guilty

    wjkk wjkf sangat jee recently i had a minor accident and bandage guy needed to remove some hairs from the affected area though i am not amritdhari as of yet but i am being sabat soorat sikh all through this point of my life .... i am feeling guilty about it since then... and needed advice from you
  11. Accidentally

    Accidentally removed hair, I didn't know it was hair on my fore head as I thought it was blacks heads, but when I took it out I realised it was hair. Would I have to go for peshi or should I just do ardass? I wouldn't have poped the hair if had known it was hair.
  12. hi everyone i stopped cutting my hair a couple of months back, i think its been about 3 months. i still trim my dhari but i was getting this urge not to cut my hair for a while and then i finally stopped :-) this urge to not cut my hair came when i started doing simran and stopped eating meat. now the thing is my hair is just over 4inches long! how can i make it grow faster? i really want it to be longer. i wear a patka when i go out. the other day my laptop crashed so i took it to this singh who repairs laptops mobiles etc i had seen this singh out and about before and once went to get my phone repaired from him. this time he asked me if i have kesh or if i just randomly wore patka. i told him how im not cutting my hair and he was like very good etc. the thing is it made me really paranoid! like do i just look like a monah wearing patka! i asked him and he said yes and no both. he said because your wearing "flat" patka it looks like you could have kesh or be monah, both. im going india in december 22nd and i want my hair to be at least long enough so i can put an elastic band around them! this singh told me to put yogurt on my hair as it will make it grow faster. anyone know what else i can do! ?
  13. I was wondering don't you feel a bit uncomfortable for example under the armpits and in the private region. What about if you are very hairy near the back passage? You can't remove. In Islam we are told to remove / trim hair underarm and private regions. Looking forward to your replies. Peace.
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-37305050 Hi I was reading this article about this lady who has a condition where she grows facial hair and has grown a beard. What do the Sikh scholars view on this? Is it still not allowed to shave?
  15. Singhni with facial hair

    HONESTLY, what are the chances of myself, a Singhni with a little facial hair (not willing to remove or bleach), finding a decent Singh who will be fine with my Kes. Wherever my Kes is.
  16. Hair Issue

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am a kaur, I have been amritari since I was a child. Just a few years ago, I was clinically depressed, and at some point last year, I couldn't bring myself to showerv every day, or anything. I didn't comb my hair for about a year due to depression, and now my hair is matted and impossible to comb. I still wear a dastaar but my hair is so rough and big, It's bundled up I want my old hair back, when it was long, silky, and beautiful. I do NOT want to cut it, obviously. But I am looking for advice. I don't know how to get my old hair back. I wish to never cut it. I know I've made a terrible mistake and I do ardaas, but please help me. What do you think I should do?
  17. Hair Tying ?

    1. Are you allowed to twist the kapra with your hair when tying a dumala 2. are you allowed to twist your hair in a circle when tying a jura or is that against sikhi 3. are you allowed to wear rubber band on your joora
  18. Short Hair

    Hello, I have a problem with my joora. My hair is pretty short due to me not taking care of it when I was younger. I am 17 years old. My hair is about to my bellybutton. the problem is when I do a joora, the part after the knot is not long enough to wrap around tightly, so after i wrap it, it will get undone because it is loose. is there anyway to grow my hair longer soon?
  19. Why Yogis Have Kesh ?

    What is Sangat's opinion ....
  20. Guys, I have noticed that I have got shorter hair on my head compared to others which have got more longer hair nearly reaching their feet. Im so embarrassed of my short hair, please please please help me get longer hair
  21. I was curious - our religion asks both men and women to keep hair. However wherever I go I don't see women keeping hair (arm hair, leg hair, eyebrow hair, upper lip hair etc) Even the American white sikh women 3HO who are quite famous don't keep full body hair. You can clearly see in their videos that they do upper lip and eyebrow plucking. I was curious about whether the men like it this way and therefore haven't encouraged the women to keep their hair. Surely we should be raising our sikh boys with the view that they marry a sikh girl who keeps full body hair. Also I've noticed there is a huge emphasis on boys having the turban but none for the girls. No wonder many singhs remove turban when girls are cutting hair. Most don't want to be the Singh that settled for the 'one with facial hair' when there are other girls who remove their hair for them to choose from. Maybe if all Sikh girls kept their full body hair none of this hair thing would be an issue as everyone would be keepin it.
  22. Hello everyone I'm growing a beard again, I have trimmed it before. Its quite long now but doesn't look good, my hair are very thin and wiry. So what can I do to make it look good? Don't say let it remain as it is. Give me ideas.
  23. Quora Being Misused

    Gurfateh everyone. I hope most of the people on this site must also be using 'Quora.com'. Recenlty I came across the following question on Quora http://www.quora.com/Sikhism/Whats-it-like-for-a-Sikh-male-to-cut-his-hair-and-or-beard The Questions is "What is it like for a Sikh to cut his hair?" I do not know who asked this, but I did go through the answers. There are about 5-6 answers given by Sikh males themselves who got their hair cut at some point in their life. Yes, it did hurt me reading those answers, but I felt, as you all will feel that everyone has a right to express his/her story and there is not much wrong in that. However, let me describe some things here. If you look at the contents of the answers, you will find that mostly the people are describing that how difficult it was for them to maintain their hair, and how free they felt after getting it cut etc etc. They even mention that they felt 'proud' and 'free' after doing that. Now, tell me how many of us feel this way? Hair keeping is of course not difficult for us and we lovingly maintain it. Don;t you all feel that a wrong general idea is being circulated? I mean so many people read these answers; what information would they get? That all Sikhs are in great difficulty keeping their hair? I did have a one-one comment discussion also with one of those 'answerers'. Okay let us say that we ignore this and say that let people speak what they want to, we can't stop their mouths. But you know what is more disturbing??? I have seen answers there,in which the writer (a Sikh) addresses other Sikhs who want to cut their hair and narrates to them his act of bravery (of cutting his hair ) and even advises them to act!!! I have seen some Sikhs commenting and asking these people that even they want to cut their hair and how should they go about doing this? You know what reason a person was giving there? He writes that since he has cut his hair he has made many girlfriends , and before he had none. Such statements are being used to lure the youth to cut their hair? ( If you read one 'Jas Anand's' answer, you'll find this). Shouldn't we do something? I mean those people are advising other Sikhs that how to cut their hair/ how to convince their parents /how they will get girlfriends after that etc etc? What can we do? Atleast : 1)We should comment in opposition, that keeping hair has great benefits and we take pride in it, so that the readers are not misled. 2)We should report abuse the question( We never know if the answers are actually coming from fake accounts to demean the Sikh practices) 3) We should message the Quora admin in large numbers and ask him/her to remove the question as it is hurting religious sentiments. Here is the list of the admins (their names are mentioned in the answer http://www.quora.com/Who-are-the-current-site-admins-of-Quora Or we can send a mail to moderation@quora.com asking to do the same. Please everyone discuss and decide upon this.
  24. Gray Hair

    Gur Fateh! I am 24 years old and have quite a bit gray hair in the front. I am hesitant to dye it as I have been blessed with amrit recently. Our rehat says we are not to dye our beard, but doesn't that also mean we cannot dye any of hair? I am asking because I'm in the midst of a marriage proposal. Our side is about to meet the guy's family, and of course I am being asked by many, to just dye my hair. Or at least, do something temporarily, like put mascara on the few hairs. I do wear makeup, so in my mind, that should be ok. But for some reason, i am still hesitant and had to ask my sangat. I am aware that ultimately, it is my connection with Guru ji that matters. I am aware that focusing on petty things like this aren't really of any real value, as this world is just a play. Yet still, Waheguru ji is watching us in each and every moment, watching all of our choices no matter how big or small. If some say sure, find a temporary fix, no problem-what do you suggest? If some say don't dare do it, stay strong-how would you answer to those sikhs/non sikhs that don't understand why it is important? Guide me please! Bhul Chuk Maaf.
  25. Accidental Hair Removal

    WJKK WJKF Do you have to go pesh for accidentally removing hair? For example cleaning the inside of your nose with a tissue and hair being scraped out. Or beard hair being pulled by accident.