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Found 16 results

  1. Thakur Dalip Singh Namdhari present head challenged RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on his face and said bluntly “ We Sikhs have independent separate identity and it must remain independent. “ This one sentence clearly shows Dalip Singh’s stand about separate Sikh religion. In words, He told Mohan Bhagwat we are not Hindus and cannot be merged in Hindus.
  2. Notice the gora 3Ho sikh trying to shut up the protest, first threatening arrest, then surrounding him and even putting hands on him and one buddi starts hitting him
  3. Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I was wondering if anyone has travelled, lived or spent some time in Anandpur Sahib from the UK? I have been wanting to go and experience Sikhi life out there but do not know how to go about it. Any advise? Where do people stay? (Hotels, Gurdvara) How about work - if any? Travelling? How to do sangat or get in touch with Singh's/Nihung Singh's there? Any help or tips would be great. Also just to mention, I have no relatives or friends out there. I went to Punjab around 15 years ago for a couple of months. Thank you. Gurfateh Ji.
  4. I wanted to know why many manmukhs just started the hatred towards Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani? (What is it with these people?) Many Mahapurukhs from a variety of Jathas followed Guru Sahib to the end, and know many Pakhands are getting popular for denouncing Guru Sahib, when was that the direction people were going?
  5. I've seen from time to time different threads pertaining to the Israel-Palestine conflict. Some have supported Israel. Others Palestine. Some say neither is. But Guru Gobind Singh told us already. Every question is answered by Guru Sahib Ji (I'm sorry I don't know the ang., but it is from Krishna Avtar): Kou kise ko rajnade hai Jo lai hai nij bal sit lai hai No people can have self-rule as a gift from another. It has to be seized through their own strength. After Zionist revolts began in Palestine for a Jewish state (Israel) and for a while created devastation, the United Nations (UN) jumped in and split Palestine into two countries: Palestine and Israel. In wars, not much later, Israel took over Palestinian land and kept it for their own. So...who is right? Well...Israel,,,right? Wrong. Yes, they took over land, but the United Nations (UN) gave Israel land for free, and the right to being its own country. Israel got 55% of land and Palestine got the other 45%. It was completly disproportional. Becoming an internationally recognized nation gave Israel the ability to having stability, which Palestine had to, but without the UN, Israel wouldn't have had much of it. And even though the UN's purpose of giving land to Israel was "to stop violence", it is more than likely that by now the conflict would have been cleared up without the UN, but since the original Palestinian land was split up, it has taken many more lives. For those who have given up on figuring out who is right and who is wrong, the Tenth King gives us the answer plain and simple. Dhan Dhan Sri Satguru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaja!
  6. In the month of April, Sikh world celebrates Vaisakhi - the day when foundation of Khalsa was laid by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Here is a beautiful Infographic by Sikh Stage that shows the basics of Vaisakhi and its history. For more Sikh Infographics, follow Sikh Stage on facebook - facebook.com/SikhStage Click here to read - http://on.fb.me/1CK1u0V
  7. there is a bani called pooranmashi katha by guru gobind singh ji. Where can i find this bani? thanks.
  8. This is the Sakhi of Pir Buddhu Shah's meeting with Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as told by Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale. It had a profound effect on me when I first read it and I think it will be of some benefit to the Sangat: A rich landlord and Sufi saint, Pir Buddhu Shah, lived in Sadhaura. He was both householder and saint, a perfect man of the world and of religion. He possessed many occult powers, including the faculty of knowing other peoples' thoughts and to grant the wishes of his followers. He had everything, except full inner realization. He heard the Hindu scriptures recited as well and was unprejudiced in religious maters, He served fried vegetarian food to the Hindus and different food to the Muslims. He rendered voluntary service and organized religious congregations, at which saints and sages delivered discourse on both the Vedas and the Koran. But despite this, inner spiritual awakening had not come and there was darkness within. He heard of the miracles of the Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, how he had brought the sage Kalsi and blessed him with divine knowledge. So Pir Buddhu Shah was filled with a keen desire to meet him. Seeing Guru Sahib's demeanour he thought that it was that of kings and warriors, while on the other hand, Guru Sahib was perfect in the realm of spirituality. He became convinced in his mind that although Guru Sahib was younger than he in age - hardly 20 or 22 years - he was perfect. He set out to see Guru Sahib. He was accompanied by a large number of followers. Reaching there, he was highly impressed by the Guru's grand court, his sense of devotion was heightened further still. Seeing the Guru, he felt drawn to him, he felt like falling at his feet and holding on to them. But as he advanced further towards the Guru, he was filled with ego. He thought that he was a 'Pir' with many followers, and that if he fell at the Guru's feet, his followers would criticize him for submitting to another, a non-Muslim. He thought that his actions would give him a bad name. Guru Sahib also saw that the Pir, though he had arrived in the spirit of devotion, now had his ego, his 'I-ness' awakened within him. The Pir greeted the Guru and extended his hands towards him. Guru Sahib shook hands with him and bade him sit down, inquiring after his health: "Pir Ji, what has brought you here?" "Maharaj, how can I unite with Allah? I have a very keen desire to meet God. Maharaj, there is darkness within my mind because I hear two ideas expressed - one is that Waheguru is someone else and we are different from him. Secondly, we also hear saints and sages say that God manifests himself everywhere and in everyone. Maharaj, I am confused and cannot understand the truth. Unite me with God. Please tell me how to seek union with the Lord" And Maharaj replied, "As day and night unite". The Pir was silent. He did not understand. After a pause, and some moments of intense thought, he replied, "True Sovereign, I do not understand. When the day dawns, night ceases to be." To which Guru Sahib replied, "Yes! It is as you have said! Buddhu Shah, so long as 'I' or 'ego' is there, it is night. When the day dawns, God comes to abide in man and at that very instant 'I' disappears. Then God alone remains. This is the meeting with Him." "Then Maharaj, are we not souls?" "We are souls, but your conception of the soul is false, you are clinging to the false one and the true on you cannot recognize. God abides within you. The false soul which has become yours, this false 'I' is the creation of your ego and it does not exist." "Maharaj, I still cannot understand. How shall I destroy the ego?" "Buddhu Shah, you have observed 'chilas' (40 day period of solitary prayer); you have performed charitable deeds; you have run free kitchens and studied the scriptures of the Muslim and the Hindu. But this has all been in vain. This has not rid of you of ego, rather another sense of pride has come into you that you are well-versed in the Koran and the Vedas, and devout. All these things only add to impurities within you rather than purify you. After having done everything, a man should say he has done nothing. Some say this superficially, others from the core of their being. It is that man who should say "True Sovereign, you have been very kind to bestow upon me the service of the langar and of Kirtan and of reading Gurbani. None in the world can rid themselves of their ego alone, rather, only through the grace of the Guru. Only when you realize this truth will you succeed in your aim of uniting with Allah." On hearing Guru Sahib's words, Pir Buddhu Shah was rid of the filth of egoism. Buddhua Shah was thus purified, he was enlightened and all darkness was ended. He said, "Maharaj, Buddhu Shah is dead. Pride is dead". The painting had been scrubbed blank, leaving only the canvas. Guru Sahib remarked, "You have become God. When the ego dies, all that is left is God". At this moment, Buddhu Shah began to dance in a state of spiritual ecstasy. He came near Guru Sahib, who held him by the hand looked into his eyes and broke all shackles. He saw one and only one God. The veil of untruth had been torn asunder.
  9. carinder

    Guru Gobind Singh

    is the Sikh confused because this birthday on December 22 1666 not on 5th so why we celb on 5th and not on 22
  10. The Kavi Durbar of Guru Gobind Singh A insight into rare manuscripts scribed in the Court of Guru Gobind Singh See the link here: http://www.sikhscholar.co.uk/2013/04/the-kavi-durbar-of-guru-gobind-singh.html
  11. I AM SO HAPPY TO TELL YOU....TODAY HISTORY WAS MADE!!!!!! When I turned on the TV.....Guess who I saw doing Katha at Bangla Sahib??? GIANI SHER SINGH AMBALA!!!!!!!! VAHIGURU!!!!!!!! These past few weeks have been very amazing in Delhi Gurdwaras Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jee did Katha there Bhai Jasvant Singh Parvana Jee did Katha there Giani Sher Singh Ambala Jee did Katha there Bhai Balbir Singh Jee did Keertan there Darbar Sahib Granthi did Katha there other Panthic Parchaaraks and Keertania did Katha and Keertan there This is further proof that it's all politics when people try and make blanket statements and say that SGPC is RSS, Jathedars are RSS, Badal is RSS, Makkar is RSS, etc. Reminds me of how Darshan and Dhunda call everyone RSS as well....hmm.... The biggest RSS is GONE. That was Sarna/Missionaries/Darshan/Kala-Afghana.....they are gone from Delhi Gurdwaras!!! It was only because of Sarna that they became famous in the first place. RSS and Sarna did massive advertisement and promotion of RSS agents (missionaries). Those who say that missionaries don't cause divisions in Sangat.....how come none of you haters have any answer when I ask that why are missionaries silent on Sarna's faults and major disgraceful acts committed in Delhi Gurdwaras, like Lakhi Shah Vanjara Hall for example? Also, the same missionaries speak against Bhai Pinderpal Singh Jee, Giani Sant Singh Maskeen Jee, Bhai Balbir Singh (stopped him from doing Keertan), etc. Sarna/Darshan/Missionaries are the biggest Sangat dividers and trouble makers....PERIOD. Here is the link to listen to the Katha: http://gurbani.co/katha_bs.php ^ It comes in two parts. To get to the second part, in the player click on the upwards facing arrow with the line underneath it and click on #2. ^If someone could record it somehow, it would be great, because this is historical and rare moment. Please put it on youtube! Thanks! VAHIGURU.
  12. With Guru Sahibs kirpa, sevadaars from 1G, have ripped the audio of some of Giani Sher Singhs Katha and made available for the sangat to download in audio form from here: http://www.1guk.com/multimedia/audio Giani Sher Singh is a fantastic kathavaachak, who talks openly with great passion and love about the Guru's Message and Bani. Please download and share. More Katha of Giani Ji comming soon on www.1guk.com Add us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oneGseva Like our page!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/1G/161177807278807?ref=hl Contact us: info@1guk.com Vist www.1guk.com for tons of english talks and katha!!!
  13. Just for Share, http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Dasam_Granth_Sahib_on_Idol_Worship I was pasting text here but i get text as codes: ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਪਾਹਨ ਪੂਜ ਧਰਯੋ ਸਿਰ ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਲਿੰਗ ਗਰੇ ਲਟਕਾਇਓ ॥ Someone worshipped stone and placed it on his head. Someone hung the phallus (lingam) from his neck. ਕਾਹੂ ਲਖਿਓ ਹਰਿ ਅਵਾਚੀ ਦਿਸਾ ਮਹਿ ਕਾਹੂ ਪਛਾਹ ਕੋ ਸੀਸੁ ਨਿਵਾਇਓ ॥ Someone visualized God in the South and someone bowed his head towards the West. ਕੋਉ ਬੁਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਤ ਹੈ ਪਸੁ ਕੋਉ ਮ੍ਰਿਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਨ ਧਾਇਓ ॥ Some fool worships the idols and someone goes to worship the dead. ਕੂਰ ਕ੍ਰਿਆ ਉਰਿਝਓ ਸਭ ਹੀ ਜਗ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਭਗਵਾਨ ਕੋ ਭੇਦੁ ਨ ਪਾਇਓ ॥੧੦॥੩੦॥ The whole world is entangled in false rituals and has not known the secret of Lord-God 10.30. (Akaal Ustat, Dasam Granth Sahib, Guru Gobind Singh)
  14. please also view this this article on adishakti.orgwhich shows that without referencing the rest of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani how Guru's words are taken out of context and words have diferent meanings to the Khalsa and Guru Gobind Singh Ji this article was originally published here with gurmukhi text and links - (the gurmukhi came out jumbled on the forum any ideas?) Here are some quotes from Nidar's Website www.<banned site filter activated> a well known preacher of Snatan Sikhi On Nidars website he likes to equate Mahakaal, Kaal and Akaal with Hindu misrepresentations. Even the designation 'Akal' was after all another designation of 'Shiva'. (Nidar Singh, ShastarVidiya, http://www.shastarvi...g/history14.jsp ) This is very similar to the arguments used by RSS and Arya Samajist Hindu's on their website like adishakti.orgsaying that Guru Gobind Singh ji worshipped Kalika Devi, because they have a different interpretation to the words that Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave us. Further clarification is within the same scriptures they use and quote from. But if we ask Guru Gobind Singh Ji then what does he say.... In due time Brahma appeared in physical form; in due time Shiva incarnated; In due time Vishnu manifested himself; all this is the play of the Temporal Lord.383. The Temporal Lord, who created Shiva, the Yogi; who created Brahma, the Master of the Vedas; The Temporal Lord who fashioned the entire world; I salute the same Lord.384. The Temporal Lord, who created the whole world; who created gods, demons and yakshas; He is the only one form the beginning to the end; I consider Him only my Guru.385. (Kabeyo Bach Benti Chaupai, 2259, Sri Dasam Granth) how can they be Mahakaal or Akaal if they were subject to death(Kaal)? On this page of Nidars Website http://www.shastarvi...g/history18.jsp Nidar quotes from Bachitar Natak (100, Sri Dasam Granth) and claims that Guru Gobind Singh ji personified Mahakaal in the same manner as the Shivite worshippers did of Shiva Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh personified 'Mahakaal', in the same manner as the above mentioned Shivite warrior ascetics: "“In Mahakaal's hand gleams the great terrifying sword and when he walks his ankle bells jingle. He has four beautiful arms. [On his head] is a beautiful topknot. His club is of good reputation...." Nidar Singh (http://www.shastarvi...g/history18.jsp ) Yet if you go back to Bachittar Natak and read the next Stanza from the one which he quotes from says the following; The moon is bearning on his head, seeing which the god Shiva feels shy. (101, Sri Dasam Granth) So how can Nidar claim this preposterous notion that Guru is describing or personifying Shiva? If Guru Gobind Singh categorically states that Shiva felt ashamed by the Beauty of Akaal). And if you go a few stanzas back Guru Gobind Singh ji says it again. The rosary of heads glorified his neck, seeing which the god Shiva feels abashed. (98 Sri Dasam Granth) These are all from the section of the Bachittar natak called "SRI KAAL JI KI USTAT" (the Euology of the Great Death) which also says the following He hath effaced many and then made (created) others. He destroys the created ones and then creates after effacing. None could comprehend the working of Death (KAL). Many have experienced it and many will experience it.26. Somewhere He hath created millions of the servants like Krishna. Somewhere He hath effaced and then created (many) like Rama. Many Muhammads had been on the earth. They were born and then died in their own times. 27. All the Prophets and saints of the past were conquered by Death (KAL), but none could conquer it (him). All the incarnations of Vishnu like Rama and Krishan were destroyed by KAL, but they could not destroy him. 28. All the indras and Chandras (moons) who came into being were destroyed by KAL, but they could not destroy him. All those Prophets, saints and hermits, who came into being, were all ultimately crushed under the grinder tooth of KAL.29. All the glorious kings like Mandhata were all bound down and thrown in the noose of KAL. Those who have remembered the Name of the Lord, have been saved, without coming under His refuge, millions are considered as having been killed by KAL.30. (Bachittar Natak, Sri Dasam Granth) But Nidar fails to make this known to the reader who is duped into thinking Guru Gobind Singh ji was actually describing Shiva by picking a few verses out of context. An interesting thing to note for others who want to be careful of mis-interpretation of words by Hindutva and arya samaj activists who seek to twist the message of Guru Gobind Singh ji and Dasam Granth In Chaupai Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji clearly states..... In due time Brahma appeared in physical form; in due time Shiva incarnated; In due time Vishnu manifested himself; all this is the play of the Temporal Lord.383. The Temporal Lord, who created Shiva, the Yogi; who created Brahma, the Master of the Vedas; The Temporal Lord who fashioned the entire world; I salute the same Lord.384. The Temporal Lord, who created the whole world; who created gods, demons and yakshas; He is the only one form the beginning to the end; I consider Him only my Guru.385. (Kabeyo Bach Benti Chaupai, 2259, Sri Dasam Granth) Guru Gobind Singh Ji only saw the one who's avtar was one and only is the Guru he accepts, The Mahakaal above all. All other deities where subject to reincarnation and rebirth, as is evident from the same Guru Gobind Singh ji's writings that Nidar quotes from. There inumerous other parts of Dasam Granth that can also provide clarification on who Guru Gobind Singh Ji is and is not talking about.... Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Consort of Sachi (Indra) would ultimately fall in the noose of death. (41, Sri Dasam Granth) how can the Devtey be desingated to Mahakaal or Akaal if they were subject to death(Kaal) But the Vedas, Shiva, Rudra and Brahma could not Know His mystery and the secret of His notions. (75, Sri Dasam Granth) Guru Gobind Singh Ji also clarifies his use of terms by saying The fool claims boastfully about the knowledge of His secrets, which even the Vedas do not know.391. The fool considers Him a stone, but the great fool does not know any secret; He calls Shiva "The Eternal Lord, "but he does not know the secret of the Formless Lord.392. (Kabeyo Bach Benti Chaupai, 2261, Sri Dasam Granth) Guru Gobind Singh ji clearly says they call Mahadev(who Hindus call shiva) the eternal lord yet they knothing of Nirankar. Other Hindutva fundamentalists also claim the following refers to Devi Mata. Kirpa Karee Hum par Jag mata, Granth Kara Pooran Sabh Rata The Mother of the world has been kind towards me and I have completed the book this auspicious night; (Kabeyo Bach Benti Chaupai, 2263, Sri Dasam Granth) But if we ask Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, the clarification is in this shabad. qUM myrw ipqw qUMhY myrw mwqw ] thoo maeraa pithaa thoo(n)hai maeraa maathaa || You are my Father, and You are my Mother. qUM myrw bMDpu qUM myrw BRwqw ] thoo maeraa ba(n)dhhap thoo maeraa bhraathaa || You are my Relative, and You are my Brother. qUM myrw rwKw sBnI QweI qw Bau kyhw kwVw jIau ]1] thoo maeraa raakhaa sabhanee thhaaee thaa bho kaehaa kaarraa jeeo ||1|| You are my Protector everywhere; why should I feel any fear or anxiety? ||1|| qumrI ik®pw qy quDu pCwxw ] thumaree kirapaa thae thudhh pashhaanaa || By Your Grace, I recognize You. qUM myrI Et qUMhY myrw mwxw ] thoo maeree outt thoo(n)hai maeraa maanaa || You are my Shelter, and You are my Honor. quJ ibnu dUjw Avru n koeI sBu qyrw Kylu AKwVw jIau ]2] thujh bin dhoojaa avar n koee sabh thaeraa khael akhaarraa jeeo ||2|| Without You, there is no other; the entire Universe is the Arena of Your Play. ||2|| (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Maajh on Pannaa 103 ) Guru Gobind Singh ji adds in Jaap Sahib... NAMO PARAM GYATA, NAMO LOK MATA ॥52॥ Salutation to Thee O Supreme Knower Lord! Salutation to Thee O Universal Mother Lord! ||52|| (Jaap Sahib, Sri Dasam Granth) I would urge everyone to start reading Bachittar Natak for themselves so they can get a clear and honest view of Guru Gobind Singh Jis message, you will see that he bowed to no one but Akaal Purkh Vaheguru, and whoever reads this bani will also feel this profoundly and deeply - the timeless nature of vaheguru and the futile nature of all who are subject to his Natak (play). I leave you with this last passage from Bachittar Natak from the Paviter Mukhvak of Satguru Gobind Singh ji. RASAAVAL STANZA All the Ramas who incarnated, ultimately passed away. All the Krishnas, who had incarnated, have all passed away.70. All the gods who will come into being in future, they will all ultimately expire. Alll the Buddhas, who came into being, expired ultimately.71. All the god-kings, who came into being, ultimately passed away. All the demon-kings, who came into being, they were all destroyed by KAL.72. The incarnation Narsingh was also killed by KAL. The incarnation with grinder teeth (i.e. Boar) was killed by mighty KAL.73. Vaman, the Brahmin incarnation, was killed by KAL. The Fish incarnation of spatious mouth, was entrapped by KAL.74. All those who had come into being, they were all conquered by KAL. Those who will go under His Refuge, they will all be saved by him.75. (105, Bachittar Natak, Sri Dasam Granth) FURTHER REFERENCE > Giani Sant Singh Maskeen If you listen to katha of Panth Rattan Giani Sant Singh Maskeen, he explains in sikhi what Kaal, Akaal and Mahakaal terms mean in Sikhi. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Clarifies the meaning of Mahakaal Kalika Aradhi mahakaalsantjarnail Audio File Guru Sahib and Kalika and Bhagauti Article on Sikhsearch
  15. Recently an article was posted on Sikhnet regarding the authenticity of Akal Ustat. This is a response to it: http://www.scribd.com/doc/81731415/The-Traditional-View-About-the-Sri-Dasam-Granth-Sahib-the-Global-Vision-of-Guru-Gobind-Singh-That-Is The traditional view about the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib.The Global Vision of Guru Gobind Singh that is.pdf