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  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5163281/84-men-convicted-grooming-young-white-girls-Asian.html The vast majority of men convicted of grooming young white girls – 84 per cent – are of Asian origin, according to a report to be published this week. The study by the renowned counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam says that of these, seven in ten are believed to be of Pakistani-Muslim heritage.
  2. Although this article says: The men, mostly aged in their 30s and 40s and from Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi backgrounds, were found guilty of offences including rape, sexual assaults, drug crime and trafficking for sexual exploitation a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court. Have a look at the conviction list: Nashir Uddin, 35, pleaded guilty to three counts of drug possession and four counts of drug supply. He was convicted of one count of sexual assault, one count of allowing a premises to be used for drug supply and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain. He is awaiting sentence Saiful Islam, 35, was convicted of one count of rape and sentenced to 10 years in prison Yasser Hussain, 28, was convicted of one count of allowing a premises to be used for drug supply, one count of assault by beating, one count of intimidation and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain. He was sentenced to two years in prison Mohammed Azram, 35, pleaded guilty to five charges of drug supply and was convicted of one sexual assault, plus one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain. He is awaiting sentence Jahangir Zaman, 44, was convicted of one count of drug supply, one count of rape and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain. He is awaiting sentence. Separately convicted of two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs as part of Operation Emerald Mohammed Hassan Ali, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of drug supply. He was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of drug possession with intent to supply, and jailed for seven years Badrul Hussain, 37, was convicted of three counts of drug supply and three counts of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs. He is awaiting sentence Abdul Sabe, age 40, pleaded guilty to one count of drug possession. He was convicted of one count of conspiring to sexually assault, one count of trafficking for sexual exploitation, two counts of drug supply and one count of conspiring to incite prostitution for gain. He is awaiting sentence Mohibur Rahman, 44, pleaded guilty to two counts of drug supply and two counts of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs. He is awaiting sentence Habibur Rahim, 34, pleaded guilty to one count of drug supply and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution. He was convicted of one count of rape, six counts of drug supply, three counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, one count of human trafficking and two counts of conspiring to incite prostitution for gain. He is awaiting sentence Carol Ann Gallon, 22, pleaded guilty to three counts of trafficking and is awaiting sentence Abdulhamid Minoyee, 34, pleaded guilty entered to one count of drug supply and was convicted of one count of rape and one count of sexual assault. He is awaiting sentence Taherul Alam, 32, was convicted of two counts of drug supply, one count of attempted sexual assault, one count of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution. He is awaiting sentence Monjur Choudhury, 33, was convicted of one count of drug supply, one count of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution. He is awaiting sentence Nadeem Aslam, 43, pleaded guilty to one count of drug possession. He was convicted of two counts of drug supply, one count of drug possession and one count of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs. He is awaiting sentence. Separately convicted of two counts of conspiracy to supply class A drugs as part of Operation Emerald Prabhat Nelli, 33, was convicted of two counts of drug supply and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution. He is awaiting sentence Eisa Mousavi, 42, was convicted of three counts of rape, two counts of drug supply, one count of allowing a premises to be used for the supply of drugs and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution. He is awaiting sentence Redwan Siddique, 32, pleaded guilty before trial to one count of drug supply and was sentenced to 16 months in prison http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/grooming-gang-convicted-newcastle-police-paid-child-rapist-10000-spy-sex-parties-operation-sanctuary-a7884561.html
  3. Here's the full video. I strongly recommend that all sangat in the UK watch this, especially the bibian and those of our brothers and sisters who lead quite sheltered lives, even if the content may be somewhat disturbing. Arm yourselves with knowledge about this insidious problem around us.
  4. The ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack was a former Underground and KFC worker known for his extremist views. The 27-year-old attacker, who can only be identified as 'Abdul' at the request of police, was a home-grown jihadi who came to the UK from a village near Lahore in Pakistan as a child and spent his life in Barking, East London. But in recent years he had become increasingly radical and was twice reported to anti-terror authorities, it has been claimed. He even appeared in TV documentary about British jihadis and was questioned by police after an Islamic State flag was unfurled in a park. The revelations will put further pressure on Britain's security services after Manchester bomber Salman Abedi also appeared to have slipped through the net before carrying out the atrocity. A neighbour recognised this picture of the killer in an Arsenal away shirt (Photo: AFP) Police raided a number of addresses in barking, East London, on Sunday (Photo: PA) Abdul was well-known in his local community, with one mother claiming she confronted him for trying to brainwash her children with extremist religious views in a park. A neighbour said he immediately noticed the Arsenal away shirt Abdul was wearing after being shot dead by police outside the Wheatsheaf pub on Saturday night. He said: "I looked on Twitter and saw one of the terrorists who had been shot by police and he looked 90 per cent like my neighbour - he was even wearing the same Arsenal shirt that I had seen him in at 5pm that evening." A number of arrests have been made in the Barking area today (Photo: PA) Searches are still ongoing (Photo: REUTERS) Officers unleashed a hail of bullets after the trio used a hired van to mow down pedestrians on one of the capital's busiest bridges. They then leapt from the vehicle and began knifing people at random in bars and restaurants. According to The Times, Abdul is the only one of the Pakistani attackers positively identified so far. He lived in a block of flats with his wife and two young children which was raided by police early on Sunday. Ken Chigbo, 26, who lives in the same building, described him as "really sociable" and said the killer had invited him to a barbecue just last week. "I know he was quite a devout Muslim, I heard him talking about the Koran," said Mr Chigbo. "He would preach to young Muslims at the flat. "Sometimes up to six people quite regularly.” Twelve people have been taken into custody (Photo: PA) CLICK TO PLAY WATCH NEXTSecurity guards dance with the crowd at One Love THREE SUSPECTS SHOT AND KILLED BY ARMED POLICE An online CV suggests the attacker worked for Transport for London and took a course in teaching English as a foreign language. He also worked at fast-food chain KFC but quit around two years ago, according to a friend. "He began stopping his neighbours in the street and asking them if they had been saying their prayers and when they had been to the mosque." One man who knew the killer told the BBC he had become so concerned by his extremist views he rang the anti-terrorist hotline. He claimed the attacker was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. Locals in Barking said they had raised concerns about the killer (Photo: REUTERS) Erica Gasparri, 42, said she had also raised concerns. She said Pakistani terrorist Abdul would sit in a park opposite Northbury Primary School in Barking with two other men and talk to local children. The mum-of-three said he would offer the kids sweets in order to groom them and claimed to be "teaching them about religion".
  5. Wheguru je ka khalsa Wheguru ji ke fateh. More sad news as a case of a rape is committed of a sikh girl by a Pakistani. While in the act of rape he calls for her a sikh bi### and Says she is not human. It's what we have come to expect from this scum. People like jagsaw, so called turban campaign and left wing groups should all hold their heads in shame. Bhai Mohan Singh explains https://mobile.twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/868889383327477762/video/1
  6. http://www.examiner.co.uk/news/west-yorkshire-news/24-huddersfield-men-2-women-12787499 We're usually really quick to share this sort of news when the culprits belong to other communities but now that the issue has come home, we've conveniently brushed it under the carpet. I see that "sikh youth birmingham" (usually the first to share such posts) is all hush hush about this too- yes they've received the article from yours truly. Guess who got the gold medal for groomer/rapist/peado/drug dealer?! Yes, Mr Singh. Names below and in article. Name and shame these dirty scum. Hope they drop their soap many a time in jail. Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 34, of Huddersfield. He is charged with rape (x21), supply of Class A drugs (x4), supply of Class B drugs, supply of controlled substances with intention to engage in sexual activity, trafficking female within the UK with a view to her sexual exploitation (x14), Incite a child to engage in sexual activity (x5), sexual assault by penetration, sexual touching (x3), possession of indecent images of a child (x3), racially aggravated assault and incite a child into prostitution. Raj Singh Barsran, 33, of Huddersfield. He is charged with sexual touching (x2) and rape.
  7. Eight men have been jailed for up to 19 years for sexually exploiting teenage girls in Rotherham. The eight men were sentenced after the court heard they “sexualised” their victims and, in some instances, subjected them to acts of a “degrading and violent nature”. They were convicted on 17 October after the jury found them guilty of all 19 charges including rape and false imprisonment. One victim, now 27, told police and their MP and then home secretary David Blunkett about the abuse, before her family eventually moved to Spain to get away from the men. (Just shows you how how much the government cared/cares about these things....dally) The court heard this victim had gone to the police in 2003, saying she had been repeatedly raped by Sageer Hussain when she was 13. Judge Sarah Wright, who jailed Mr Hussain for 19 years, said he had conducted a “campaign of violent rape” against the vulnerable 13-year-old. The men jailed on Friday were Sageer Hussain, 30; Mohammed Whied, 32; Ishtiaq Khaliq, 33; Waleed Ali, 34; Asif Ali, 30; Masoued Malik, 32; Basharat Hussain, 40; and Naeem Rafiq, 33. The National Crime Agency has since said it is separately investigating more than 11,100 lines of inquiry relating to non-familial child sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2003. Professor Alexis Jay's 2014 inquiry, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, found at least 1,400 children were subjected to sexual exploitation in the town between 1997 and 2013. If that's the scale of things in just one town...God knows what's happening nationally. God know how many gullible Sikh girls have been involved too. Dally
  8. Do these pendu punjabi families not know how to bring up their scummy daughters? And do these girls not know to marry a muslim and increase Islamic demographics means more terrorism and persecution of non-muslims (ie their own families). Whats wrong with these idiots. It's like they are begging for their own oppression and persecution in coming future. http://www.afrizap.com/en/rita-mahrez
  9. https://twitter.com/amiiidonalon This rat has been using al-taqiya (deception) very slyly he operates a few "british asian" facebook pages where its all pro-islamic propaganda and jokes against non-muslim religions. If you analyse his tweets he has been following hindu and sikh girls on twitter for a 2-3years and pretended to be a Sikh chatting dirty to girls and then all of a sudden start of last year he started to show his true colours and islamification agenda by posting pro-islamic tweets pretending to have "reverted" to islam. We need to make Sikh girls aware of such tactics.
  10. who are these clowns? Seems like another group trina shove the blame elsewhere?
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/law/2015/sep/17/asian-child-sex-victims-suffer-more-than-white-children-court-rules
  12. Some one called vikram singh was in the grooming gang, but non sikhs have the name singh, his first name suggests he maybe non sikh, if he is not then bbc should state what he Is to avoid confusion
  13. For those among you who believe that child grooming can only ever be committed by Muslims - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3086387/Girl-victim-Asian-abuse-gang-sex-60-men-approached-Woolworths-aged-just-12.html It would appear the corruption is spreading.
  14. Hi there, I am a freelance journalist looking into the issue of CSE in Slough. I am seeking anyone who has experienced this or knows of someone who has experienced this, and who wants to get their story out to help other victims at risk or in the same situation. It can of course be anonymous. Also, if you live in Slough or know more about the issue, please do get in touch. Thanks, T
  15. Tommy Robinson

    Listen I know this is a controversial subject but I just wonder what people think about this, if this thread is removed I will fully understand why. http://allevents.in/sheffield/is-child-sexual-exploitation-a-muslim-problem/1418653318444464# http://allevents.in/sheffield/is-child-sexual-exploitation-a-muslim-problem/1418653318444464#
  16. what the... http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/streetly-teacher-who-groomed-sex-8463297 Streetly teacher who groomed and had sex with underage pupil jailed Jan 16, 2015 19:00 By Ross McCarthy Amardip Bhopari groomed boy who had ADHD and dyslexia at academy for youngsters with learning difficulties in Birmingham 1575 Shares Share Tweet +1 Email Amardip Bhopar at Birmingham Crown Court A teacher has been jailed for two years for having sex with a pupil with learning difficulties at a Birmingham school. Amardip Bhopari showered gifts on the 16-year-old boy and also plied him with drink while she groomed him. The 28 year-old, of Foley Road East, Streetly, who admitted three charges of sexual activity with a child, was also ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years. Judge James Burbidge QC said “I do not suggest you sought him out as vulnerable. “However as a teacher you owed him a duty of care that all teachers must owe to a child. “You had sex with him in public places, on an industrial estate and hotels and you also provided him with experiences that, as a 16-year-old, meant that he would be attached to you.” Hugh O’Brien Quinn, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the defendant started working at the academy school, which catered for pupils with learning difficulties or behavioural problems, in December 2012. He said there was an occasion when the victim, who was in the teacher’s art class, wrote his phone number on the back of a piece of paper and she subsequently rang him. Mr O’Brien Quinn that the conversation was “sexual” and over the next few nights there were further calls. He said the first physical contact took place just before Valentine’s day in 2013, when Bhopari texted the boy and told him to meet her in the art room before classes began, where she performed a sexual act on him. Further sexual activity took place at an industrial estate near the school and they went on to have sexual intercourse in the teacher’s car on a number of occasions while they also had sex at her home. Bhopari also took the victim, who suffered from ADHD and dyslexia, to a Formula 1 hotel on his birthday where they stayed all day and where the defendant gave him vodka. Mr O’Brien Quinn said although the boy had indicated he was not looking for any kind of relationship Bhopari continued to contact him frequently and ask him to meet up. He said Bhopari had also taken the teenager to Drayton Manor Park where she “paid for everything he wanted” and that she had also allowed him to drive her car even though he did not have a licence. There came a stage when the victim began a relationship with a girl more appropriate to his age, but when he told Bhopari they should end their relationship she made it plain she wanted it to go on. Matters came to light in December 2013 and Bhopari was arrested. John Smitheman, defending, said Bhopari, who had left the academy as a result of the matters being discovered, was full of remorse. She had got a job at the school without any teaching qualifications where it appeared she was a great success. He said “She fell in love with this young man, they had a relationship. She knew that it was wrong but it happened.” Promoted Stories
  17. Alright. I am going to start a potentially controversial thread here so all those who feel offended by it please accept my apologies in advance. Obviously, the intent is not to offend anybody here. Over the years,I have been reading about all the reports and articles about the muzzies targeting Sikh girls for conversion and sexual assault. This is not something new and has been happening for nearly twenty years now. You can find these dirty camel jockeys bragging openly about how many Sikh girls they have "scored with". You would be surprised to know that this has started in Punjab too while our people sit ideally with their heads buried in sand. I was recently on a flight from Amritsar to Dubai when a dirty musla swine from Malerkotla from sitting in the seat behind me started having a conversation with his Hindi speaking co-religionist, He bragged how beautiful the women in Punjab are and how easy it is to get a Sikh girl. He kept on before I turned around said to him " B****C**** tun vapas mur ke Punja hi aona, kehra tera katte hoye bharawan ne tainu pakka rakh laina Dubai vich? Mera naam yaad rakh la te main Patiale ton te tera Malerkotla mere shahron 70 km hi door a. A ke tainu te tere tabbar nu hala kar deyange, vekhda tera allah kiddan bachaonda tainu" Dirty malecch could not utter a word. His name is Tausif Iqbal and he is working as a labourer in Sharjah UAE and I am keeping tabs on him. Sacche patshah di kirpa nal ehda vi soda la dena ikk na ikk din. Now back to the point- what is stopping Sikh guys from responding to these camel jockeys in the UK? Why cant you lost just hit them back? They are bunch of wimps and retreat easily when dealt with force. Hit them back. Attack them. Chop a few of them down and they will see the light. Of course,, blood will be shed but then sometimes it is necessary to shed blood when your survival is at stake. Now here is the can of worms- just like mulleh target our girls, we should target theirs too. Yes, I am advocating this and yes I am a Sikh. Now before the liberals, apologists for secularism, pseudo-Sikhs, supporters of universal brotherhood etc get on their high horses and start condemning me from a moral high ground, I would like to say that I am sorry that I offended your sensibilities but I stand by what I say. Unlike you lost, I am not going to hide behind the curtain of morality, equality etc and start quoting bani to hide my unwillingness to take action. We are in the middle of a war. Yes these onslaughts are a part of a war against declared by these camel jockeys. In war everything is ethical- nothing is immoral or wrong. Surely they see it this way and so should we. It is time to pay these b******* back in the same coin. This is where our monay brother can help the community. They should start targeting their girls and start dating them and slowly introducing them to the pleasures of material world. Once you sow seeds of doubts in the minds of their women, it is easy to break them away. Use them just like they use our girls. Let our boys give them a new generation of kids. Don't worry about morality friends because you committed the biggest sin the day you shed your hair but you can still do the community a great service by using your current appearance to target the women of the enemy. Now I don care if the moralist/apologists for secularism delete my thread or ban me. It wont change anything in my life but it would definitely convince me that members of community have now become self serving hypocrites who like to conceal their cowardice behind a veil of morality.
  18. Ok so ive started this thread as i didnt want to clog up big_tera's topic on his circumcision crazy theory with my thread. Here it is pretty clear and simple why do girls go for particular type of guys and islamic grooming cases. It's nothing to do with big_tera's nonsense theory of circumcision its all to do with physical attraction and Islamic ideology of conquest over the kufr (non believer). If we look at muslim women who date Sikh men or find them attractive, we need to look at why they are dating them is it because of their Sikh religion? no is it because of their shaved face / trimmed hair / clean cut looks? yes is it to do with their personality? yes Similarly if we look at the sikh/hindu girls who get groomed by muslim men they are mostly shaved face clean cut guys. Using fake love and attention techniques of the end goal is either getting sex from the non-muslim kafir "inferior" female or conversion and therefore guaranteeing automatic ticket to fake islamic heaven. So understanding how females brains operate and how to counter conquesting islamic ideology is the key to the solution
  19. Pyare Sadh Sangat Ji, Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Oxford MP Nicola Blackwood has started a petition with the support of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, Pace, ECPAT, Save the Children, OXCAT and others, to call on the Prime Minister to implement a 6-point action plan to stop child sexual exploitation in the UK. The petition has gathered almost 100,000 signatures and is looking for a total of 150,000. Please support. Further information on the 6-point action plan and a plea for support by a victim's mother is given below. Link to petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/prime-minister-david-cameron-take-action-to-help-stop-child-sexual-exploitation?utm_source=action_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=32540&alert_id=SyyuxbyDaA_cFtYctCmKP Information on the 6-point action plan: ‘Hidden in plain view within their communities, thousands of vulnerable children across the UK are being cynically targeted, groomed and subjected to appalling sexual abuse by paedophiles and organised gangs. These children have irrevocably lost their childhood. As an Oxford MP, I saw for myself the appalling devastation caused by child sexual exploitation when it emerged that a violent gang had been grooming and sexually abusing children in Oxford for at least eight years. Even after all those years of abuse, six victims bravely appeared as witnesses in the five-month trial at the Old Bailey earlier this year. Groomed to be sold for sex from as young as eleven years old, the victims’ evidence included graphic detail about being plied with drugs and repeatedly raped by strangers. All victims described violent treatment at the hands of their abusers including being tied up, bitten, scratched, assaulted with instruments and being threatened and humiliated. The victims’ courageous testimony led to the conviction of seven men. Five of them were sentenced to life imprisonment. Sadly though, this case was far from unique. Many cities across the country - Rochdale, Rotherham, Telford, Coventry, Leicester, High Wycombe - have seen their own tragic cases of child sexual exploitation. That it why, with the support of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, Pace, ECPAT, Save the Children, OXCAT and others, I am calling on the Prime Minister to implement a 6-point action plan to stop child sexual exploitation in the UK. STEP 1: Introduce new child sexual abuse prevention orders to give police the power to prevent sex offenders abusing children STEP 2: Make sure local areas set up the specialist child sexual exploitation centres needed to identify and protect victims STEP 3: Give judges clear guidance on sentencing complex child sexual exploitation cases STEP 4: Reform courts so that very vulnerable witnesses in child sexual abuse cases are no longer traumatised by giving evidence STEP 5: Give the Education Secretary the power to order the publication of Serious Case Reviews STEP 6: End the postcode lottery of support for victims of child sexual exploitation Please sign the petition and add your voice to those of us calling for action to drive child sexual exploitation from our streets. This petition is part of the CHILDHOOD LOST campaign. Find out more at www.childhoodlost.co.uk and @childhood_lost A plea for petition support by a victim's mother: A group of men I didn’t know befriended my 14 year old daughter, Alice, and started to sexually exploit her. They gave her gifts, took her to ‘parties’ and gave her drugs and alcohol -- all the time with the real threat of actual violence hanging over her. There were rules at the ‘parties’ and girls were beaten if they did not have sex with the men. I knew something was wrong. I tried to stop it but she feared the men more than she feared me. The police kept finding Alice at different properties with these men. On my daughter’s Facebook page and mobile phone I found names and numbers of the men all of which I supplied to the police. But I was told it was not enough for action to be taken. 
Police should have had the power to prevent these men contacting and abusing my daughter. That's why I am supporting a petition calling on the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to introduce new measures, including prevention orders, to tackle child sexual exploitation. Please sign the petition here. I believe that if the police had been able to use a prevention order children would not have been raped by these men. It is terrifying that these men got away with so much for so long and that other children are still trapped in similar situations. Now I'm working with the MP, Nicola Blackwood, and a number of children and parent charities to convince David Cameron to do everything in his power to stop this happening again. 
Please support our campaign and sign the petition. I never want this to happen to another child. Thank you, Kate 
*Names have been changed to protect identities
  20. This is my impression of our Shaheeds speaking to those who leave Sikhi as a result of inappropriate pre-marital relationships. I have written this in a very painful state of mind reading news of Sikh girls (and boys) destroying their lives, especially after reading all those grooming news articles about what has been happening in UK. Gurmukh pyaareyo, we now speak to you This one small thing we want to get through Just so you woke up in freedom at dawn We smiled while we were brutally sawn Just so you had joys that were high priced We didn't care if our scalp was sliced Just so you relished celebrations that were grand We fought with our severed heads on our hands Just so you could thrive on this planet, although scattered We mounted those wheels to get ourselves shattered We went through that agony, we went through that pain Just so you wouldn't face them again We got ourselves boiled, bruised and burnt But can you tell us what have you learnt? You decide to quit Sikhi in the blink of an eye You shame our blood before every passerby The pleasures of the flesh have made you blind What species are you? Oh what is your kind? We held to our faith inspite of being blown We roared the Jakaare as bombs were thrown In came the enemy, and their huge tanks rode In our dying moments we defended Guru's abode Bullets hit us bad and our skin was torn Delighted we died, coz we don't know how to mourn Our foes bowed their heads seeing our determination We faced them head on, not fearing extermination But today you kids have brought us shame Please tell us this much, who do we blame? You first ruin your bodies, and then you soil your souls Your brains have become rotten, and mind is full of holes Are you really those, for whom we smiled at death? Smiled as we were losing our very last breath? Are you really those who would make us proud? Or forget about us as a passing rain cloud? For you we saw our babies getting ripped apart We didn't act clever, cunning or smart For you we happily had our skin peeled But your choices today have your fate sealed If you still have honor in the least bit Then listen to this message if you think you are fit Sikhi is what made us into all that you read We were not mere sheep, we were a lion's breed You proudly hang our images instead What use are they? To bang your head? You shame our blood, you shame our names! Your false pride will soon go up in flames! Today we are hurt, today we are ashamed This generation is spiritually maimed Gurmukh pyaareyo, we now speak to you This one small thing we want to get through You've fallen in our eyes, you've fallen from grace We wait for you to come and show us that face Mehtab Singh September 3, 2013
  21. http://www.sasorg.co.uk/men-exploited-vulnerable-sikh-teenager-leicester-court-told/ Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39), Rakib Iacub (20), Wajid Usman (22) accused of exploiting Sikh teenager, a Leicester court is told. ARTICLE FROM LEICESTER MERCURY Three men exploited a vulnerable 16-year-old girl by offering her money for sex, a jury has been told. The teenager was sometimes picked up from college and taken to flats or a guest house to act as a prostitute, Leicester Crown Court heard. ​ Leicester Crown Court, where the men are on trial She shared cannabis and alcohol during several meetings, when a variety of sexual activity, including group encounters, was engaged in, it was claimed. It is an offence to pay anyone under 18 for sexual services, the court was told. The defendants, who went on trial today, claim they were unaware the girl was under 18. Aabidali Mubarak Ali (39), of Guthlaxton Street, Highfields, Leicester, denies five counts of paying for the sexual services of a child, five of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation and one of facilitating child prostitution. Rakib Iacub (20), of Maynard Road, Highfields, denies four counts of paying or promising to pay for sexual services of a child, two of facilitating child prostitution and one of trafficking within the UK for sexual exploitation. Wajid Usman (22), of no fixed address, has pleaded not guilty to one count of paying for sexual services of a child and two of inciting child pornography, by encouraging the teenager send him indecent images of herself. The jury were told three other men have admitted similar offences relating to the same girl. Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said: “She was emotionally damaged young woman with significant problems that pre-date these allegations. “She smoked cannabis, drank alcohol to excess and self-harmed. “These defendants and others took advantage of her vulnerability and knowing her age, or turning a blind eye to it, they’ve either promised to pay, or paid, for sex. “They were prepared to overlook her vulnerabilities and her age to satisfy their sexual desires.” By November last year, the girl was raising money by offering sex for £20 a time. Mr Lowe said: “Between November 13 to early January this year, the sex that took place between her and the defendants occurred at various locations.” He said a couple of encounters took place at a flat Kashmir Road, St Matthews, and a flat in East Park Road, above the Moghul Durbar restaurant, where Usman was then staying. He had worked on an informal basis at the restaurant, the court heard. Mr Lowe said that over time the situation came to be known by the girl’s family and the Sikh community, of which she is a member. “On January 14 there was an attack by members of the community on the Moghul Durbar restaurant,” he said. Giving some background to the case, Mr Lowe said the alleged victim came into contact with the defendants after first meeting Iacub by chance at a Diwali festival. They exchanged numbers and shared text messages. She allegedly told him her age and let him know she would have sex for money, the court heard. Iacub requested and received “a free sample” in Abbey Park, Leicester, which is not subject to any charge. He then introduced her to Ali, it was claimed. They both went to bed with her at a B&B in Saxby Street, Highfields, when Ali allegedly paid her £30. Mr Lowe said: “She was then bombarded with texts and calls from men she didn’t know. “Word had gone out there was a young girl prepared to offer sex for a low price.” Ali allegedly picked her up and dropped her back off at college in his car after encounters. The trafficking offences relate to her being driven to rendezvous for sex. The jury was told that three other men, who pleaded guilty to counts involving the same girl at an earlier hearing, are Bharat Modhwadia (25), of Wycombe Road, Humberstone, Leicester, Hamza Imtiazali (25), of Kashmir Road, and Chandresh Mistry (37), of Berridge Lane, Belgrave, Leicester. The trial continues.
  22. Grooming Programme C4

    Please watch. Lets hope they get right pakistani not asaian