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  1. Drinking the purest water which is free from toxic chemicals is what we should all be doing, but sadly this isn't the case. People in the West Midlands and other areas have had their water supplies compromised with Fluoride which is an industrial waste byproduct. Fl is a potent neurotoxin,carcinogen, endocrine disruptor. Even in non-fluoridated areas, tap water is laced with toxins like Al, Pb, Cl, Hg, As, pesticides, PCBs, aromatic hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals etc. So what are the solutions? 1. The best thing to do, if you are able to, is to collect water from a natural spring. e.g. http://www.findaspring.com/ Or dig a well in your garden (the initial cost is outweighed by the low running costs and within 1 year it becomes a lot cheaper than buying mineral water, so it is an investment worth considering). 2. The next best option is to buy mineral water with the lowest TDS and which doesn't contain fluoride. Use this database http://www.wmaf.org.uk/index.php?content=content&parent=41&read=41&keyword= The only downside is that the water is packaged in plastic but this is the only negative -the best one based on the water analysis is Tesco Ashbeck Water. Mineral water packaged in plastic, is much better than tap water and even filtered water which does not remove all toxins and may also leach chemicals from the membranes/materials used. However, pure, unfluoridated mineral water packaged in glass is better, i.e. Waitrose Deeside water, since plastic bottles can leach chemicals into the water. The downside of the glass water is the price and availability, so most people will have to buy the Tesco Ashbeck water which has virtually the same composition/analysis as the Waitrose Deeside water...the only difference being the packaging. So in summary, ideally one would source water from a pure natural spring or from a well- this is the best water to drink. If not, then buy the purest mineral water (using the water analysis database) and if you can afford it prefer glass over plastic bottles. Avoid tap water wherever you live, even for cooking/boiling purposes and avoid drinking filtered tap water. You can also consider getting a filter for your baths/showers to at least reduce some of the chemicals you may otherwise be absorbing through the skin. Hope this helps people.