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Found 4 results

  1. Shaheedi Degh...?

    VJKK VJF Sangat Ji, I'm hearing that Nihang Singhs put 5 leaves of cannabis in degh. What is this for and why is this? I mean cannabis... cannabis. I'm kind of (not) getting to grips what jhatka meat is about but cannabis? Someone please enlighten me. VJKK VJKF
  2. S

    Vaheguroo Jee Ka khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fateh Jio Is it beadbi or against maryada if i leave the gurdwara without taking degh prashad? Is the any rehitnama on this? I ask this because i went to do a quick namaskar to Maharaj, before work. I was in a hurry and the granthi Singh called me back and said started getting angry that I didnt go get degh off him and started saying shall we just stop giving degh if you think its ok not to have it etc
  3. Making Degh

    Dear Sangat For making degh: The rehat says 3 parts the same by weight (sugar, flour, ghee)then 4 times water. As far as I have heard the water is not weighed. So then how do come up with the 4 parts water? Is it the amount of sugar that is in the baata you just eye ball it and make then add the same amount of water *4?
  4. Making Degh In Canada

    Sangat Ji, So as far as I have been able to fing out about making degh: Flour, Sugar and Ghee should be in equal quantities and water 4 times the amount. So 1 bowl each of flour, sugar and ghee and water would be 4 bowls. I am using Sher Atta (used for making rotis), unsalted butter and sugar (the regular kind as used in tea, etc). I do find find however that the quantities do not mix properly - the 4 times water amounts makes the degh to "slushy" and it does not become 1 mass. Also the flour compared to ghee also seems off. Ghee ends up being not enugh, so when the flour is mixed with the ghee it is not liquidy it becomes crumbly. Am I measuring wrong here? Is it supposed to be weight or quanity of the ingridients? Or are the ingridients we use here in canada need to be of a different amount? Pls provide some guidance.....